James Carville demanded Jen Psaki and other Democrats in the media do one jaw-dropping thing

Democrats are panicking that the 2024 election is not going according to plan.

Joe Biden currently trails Donald Trump in all seven battleground states.

And James Carville demanded Jen Psaki and other Democrats in the media do one jaw-dropping thing.

Joe Biden is on track to lose his re-election bid come November.

Democrats did not believe that this was a possibility.

Dems created an orange monster

In fact, early on in the race, Democrats and their media allies were viciously attacking Ron DeSantis because they believed the Florida Governor would be more difficult to defeat than Donald Trump.

The thinking was that the lawfare against Trump made him more vulnerable.

What the Democrats could not predict is that the lawfare against Trump made him more popular.

After Alvin Bragg’s sham conviction in Manhattan, small-dollar donations came pouring in for Trump so rapidly that the website crashed.

And panic is setting in for longtime Democrat strategist James Carville.

He believes that the problem for the Democrats is that the coverage is not biased enough in Biden’s favor.

Imagine that.

Democrat-controlled media outlets need to be even more biased in order to drag Biden across the finish line.

Carville wants more Pravda news coverage

Carville ranted on his podcast, “Now you have Joe Kahn, the new editor or publisher, whatever he is at The New York Times, saying, ‘We’re just got to cover this down the middle. We’re going to cover what it is.’ I don’t think that’s the role of the news media at a time when the entire Constitution is in peril.”

In other words, democracy is at stake, therefore the American public needs blatant propaganda from legacy media institutions.

That’s what people are getting anyway, but Carville wants it to be even more overt.

Carville continued, “I don’t have anything against slanted coverage. I really don’t. I would have something against it at most other times in American history, but not right now. F*** your objectivity. The real objectivity in this country right now is we’re either going to have a Constitution or we’re not.”

Carville does not seem to grasp that this type of dishonesty is why Trump has gained in popularity.

People can see how untrustworthy corporate-controlled media companies have become.

For example, the press behaved shamefully during COVID.

The New York Times wrote that it was a racist conspiracy theory that the virus possibly came from a lab in Wuhan.

Tom Cotton was smeared in The Times for even broaching the subject.

The press also urged everyone to stay inside to prevent the spread of COVID, then encouraged people to go into the streets and protest George Floyd’s death.

After weeks of protests where people flooded the streets, the talking heads in the media implored people to go inside again.

So going to Trump rallies or anti-government protests was dangerous, but burning down buildings during “fiery but mostly peaceful” protests for George Floyd was heroic.

Carville and other prominent Democrats have deluded themselves into thinking that The New York Times and other legacy outlets are objective.

They are light years behind.

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