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Jake Tapper tried to humiliate Trump’s lawyers. This is how it blew up in his face



CNN executives are watching the network’s ratings plummet.

Without Donald Trump on the scene, liberals are not addicted to watching cable news outrage porn.

That’s why after impeachment wrapped up, CNN’s Jake Tapper tried to humiliate Donald Trump’s lawyers. This is how it blew up in his face.

The second impeachment trial for Donald Trump ended with an embarrassing defeat for Democrats.

Senators acquitted Donald Trump of the charge he incited insurrection with his January 6 speech.

Before the trial began, the outcome was set in stone and members of the media vented their rage that Democrats would fail to convict Donald Trump and bar him from ever holding office again.

One of the media personalities most infuriated by Donald Trump’s impeachment victory was CNN’s Jake Tapper.

During the impeachment trial, Tapper attacked Trump lawyer David Schoen for his Jewish faith.

Schoen left the trial on Friday to observe the Sabbath and attend Temple.

Jake Tapper ripped into Schoen, claiming that at Temple Schoen would be confronted with scripture that called him a liar for defending Donald Trump.

This was low even by CNN standards.

But it was not surprising.

Impeachment was the last hurrah for CNN hosts and reporters to preen as defenders of truth and justice while delivering moralizing sermons about how Donald Trump was supposedly a threat to democracy.

And Jake Tapper was not about to let that moment pass without getting his final shots in.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Fake News Media

One journalist dropped the hammer on CNN with this truth about Fox News



CNN constantly attacks Fox News in an effort to destroy the channel.

But now CNN’s campaign is crossing a line.

And one journalist dropped the hammer on CNN with this truth about Fox News.

CNN’s “media team” – largely consisting of Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy obsessively watch Fox News all day and complain when Fox does not bombard viewers with the pro-Democrat narrative that CNN eagerly promotes on a daily basis.

The latest example was when Fox News ignored the corporate-controlled media hobby horse story of Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 committee voting to hold former Trump strategist Steve Bannon in criminal contempt over Bannon’s refusal to cooperate with the politically motivated fishing expedition.

Corporate-controlled media outlets like CNN gave this event wall to wall coverage despite the vast majority of Americans having moved on because CNN and other corporate-controlled media outlets believe Pelosi’s committee can stop Donald Trump’s expected 2024 Presidential campaign.

Darcy whined that Fox ignored this corporate-controlled media obsession and independent journalist Glenn Greenwald mocked Darcy by noting that CNN is a failing entity that nobody watches and that media outlets which succeed do the opposite of everything CNN does.

As evidence, Greenwald cited statistics showing not one CNN show even reaches a share of 20 percent of the audience.

In the first two weeks of October, not one CNN program reached one million viewers.

CNN’s beef with Fox News is that there is a media outlet that does not serve as a propaganda mouthpiece for the American Left.

But as Glenn Greenwald points out, the public hates CNN and few people watch it so why would anyone want to copy their coverage and business model?

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Fake News Media

ABC News’ top Democrat operative just conducted one jaw-dropping interview



The corporate-controlled press will do anything to protect the Democratic establishment.

Donald Trump’s Presidency made that abundantly clear to people who were unconvinced about media bias.

And ABC News’ top Democrat operative just conducted one jaw-dropping interview.

ABC News’ chief anchor George Stephanopoulos somehow gets to pretend to be an objective reporter.

Stephanopoulos sat for an interview with discredited former British spy Christopher Steele as part of a Hulu documentary that serves as state propaganda.

Steele, who composed the infamous “Steele dossier” that was recklessly used by the intelligence community and the corporate-controlled press, was given latitude to defend the Hillary Clinton-funded opposition research.

Steele even defended the absurd “Russian pee tape.”

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of the interview is that both men worked for the Clintons – Hillary paid for Steeles’ “research,” and Stephanopoulos ran communications for Bill Clinton.

In an old documentary about the Clinton White House, Stephanopoulos is shown triumphantly strong-arming a reporter into spiking a story by telling her she would never work in Democrat politics ever again if she published it.

This is the “objective” newsman running ABC’s “news” division.

ABC News is also responsible for spiking the Jeffrey Epstein story in 2015, which would’ve been devastating for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

It’s absurd that the corporate-controlled press is attempting to rehabilitate Steele after two years of Robert Mueller’s investigation proved his dossier was rubbish.

Members of the intelligence community knew the dossier was nonsense and loose gossip, but they used it anyway as a pretext to spy on the Trump campaign.

The Steele dossier was the linchpin in one of the worst scandals in American history, and the corporate-controlled press is attempting to frame Steele as a rakish spy doing good work.

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Fake News Media

The Fake News Media hated admitting this fact about Donald Trump and Joe Biden



The corporate-controlled media hates Donald Trump and loves Joe Biden.

But attitudes are changing.

But the Fake News Media hated admitting this fact about Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Playboy’s White House correspondent Brian Karem – who also worked for CNN – made a nuisance of himself during the Trump administration.

Karem threatened to start a fight with Trump aide Sebastian Gorka at one White House event and did not treat Trump’s female Press Secretaries with professional respect.

But Karem’s finding Joe Biden not much of a joy to cover.

In an essay for the left-wing website Salon, Karem complained that Biden’s handlers hid Joe Biden from the press and rarely granted access to reporters to ask questions.

Biden’s only held one press conference and Biden typically delivers brief remarks in public from his fake White House TV set before turning around shuffling off the stage instead of answering questions.

Karem hinted that reporters knew Biden’s handlers were hiding Biden’s cognitive decline.

“The president needs to answer questions before the press. A full press corps needs to be present on a regular basis to see if the president can handle the rigors of his job,” Karem wrote.

Karem was so fed up with Biden’s refusal to answer questions that Karem admitted even the corporate-controlled press was tired of Biden’s act with Karem writing the “honeymoon [between President Biden and the press] indeed over.”

And in what must have been a bitter pill for Karem to swallow, Karem admitted that Biden’s refusal to answer questions from reporters did more to erode freedom of the press than all of Donald Trump’s mean Tweets combined.

“One byproduct of this that’s invisible from the outside is that by making the press pool and a few others feel special by their proximity and access, the Biden administration has been far more successful in stifling free speech than Trump ever was with his bullying,” Karem concluded.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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