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Jake Tapper proves CNN’s blatant bias with one question to this former Congressman



There is no doubt the neocons and liberal RINO grifters are settling back in the Democrat Party where they belong.

Of course, the media doesn’t understand that, or even politics in general, and they let their bias rule the day.

And Jake Tapper just proved CNN’s blatant bias with one disgusting question to this former GOP Congressman.

In some ways it’s just human nature.

When people don’t understand something, they fear – even despise – it.

CNNs Jake Tapper is a prime example of this.

The “respected journalist” blathers on day after day about politics, public policy, and elections.

Unfortunately, for his ever-shrinking number of viewers, he knows next to nothing about any of it.

And he knows nothing at all about the American people and their disgust with Congress, the courts, Democrat and socialist elected officials, Antifa, and of course their public relations arm, the corporate Fake News Media.

If Tapper knew anything at all about the American people and politics, he would not have even asked his disgusting question to neocon RINO Congressman Charlie Dent.

On Wednesday, in the midst of the Socialist (Democrat) National Convention, Tapper asked former Dent (PA-15) whether he thinks Republicans are “now the party of deranged bigots.”

Tapper’s bigoted and deranged question came shortly after Dent joined other neocon and liberal former RINOs in announcing his endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden.

“At the end of the day, this really isn’t about Right or Left. It’s not about ideology. […] For me it’s about right or wrong. Stability versus instability,” the neocon RINO Dent told Tapper on CNN’s “The Lead.”

Dent’s comments proved that for him, issues and conservative principles don’t matter, and that he was never really a Republican anyway.

Dent served as a neocon member of Congress from 2005 to 2018, spending most of his time cutting deals with Democrats to strip constitutional rights from Americans before thankfully retiring.

Dent’s endorsement of Biden follows several other former “GOP” officials who have joined in endorsing Biden’s run for president.

Among these so-called former Republicans are liberal former N.Y. Congresswoman Susan Molinari and former New Jersey Governor Christie Whitman.

Another supposedly high-profile left-wing Republican, former Ohio Governor John Kasich, actually spoke at the Democrat National Convention this week to voice his support for Biden’s campaign.

Of course, Jake Tapper, who is too enthralled with the anti-Trump efforts to even do basic research, doesn’t even realize that for actual conservatives, these former GOP has-beens were never held in high regard by anyone in the Party, or the conservative movement.

Tapper would rather promote the leftist agenda than be an actual journalist.

His so-called journalistic integrity is about as real as John Kasich’s conservative principles.

And Tapper, just by asking the question seems to be out to prove to all that he doesn’t understand the American people and therefore he fears them.

Tapper and his media comrades fear the American people and their conservative views so much that he resorts to name-calling and slander.

This, for the media, is much easier than trying to do their actual jobs.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.


Fake news CNN just got called out by the last place they would ever expect



CNN is once again under fire.

But it’s not conservatives or the Trump campaign exposing fake news CNN to harsh scrutiny.

And Fake news CNN just got called out by the last place they would ever expect.

Former top Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos ambushed Donald Trump at a town hall with supposedly undecided voters.

In reality, the voters were mainly a bunch of angry leftists who just wanted to yell at Trump.

On Thursday, it was Joe Biden’s turn in a town hall in Pennsylvania hosted by fake news CNN.

Going in, everyone expected CNN not to challenge Biden.

But the town hall featured such pathetically weak questions that even left-wing POLITICO called out CNN for a “kid gloves” event.

POLITICO reports:

For the second time this week, a presidential candidate fielded questions from voters in a town hall setting. But if ABC’s event with President Donald Trump was an icy grilling, CNN’s drive-in conversation with Joe Biden Thursday was more like an affable reunion of old acquaintances . . .

. . . Biden, by comparison, got a “total pass,” the Trump campaign complained afterward, in a typical lashing of the media. The Democratic nominee made the most of the friendly confines, relaying feel-your-pain anecdotes in mostly grammatical syntax and, until the last half-hour, with high-energy.

CNN stacked the audience with friendly Democrats including one man who previously posed for a photograph with Biden.

The New York Post reported that Biden faced such softball questions as, “how he would keep American workplaces safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether he’d benefited from white privilege, and how he would bring the nation together, with little follow up from moderator Anderson Cooper.”

The difference in treatment between Joe Biden’s town hall and Donald Trump’s town hall is because the Fake News Media wants to help Joe Biden win the election.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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CNN got slapped with a $300 million lawsuit by this prominent Democrat



Donald Trump has called CNN fake news for years.

Now even some on the Left are beginning to agree.

That’s because CNN got slapped with a $300 million lawsuit by this prominent Democrat.

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz was a major Clinton supporter and one of the biggest names in the liberal legal community.

But the Left turned on Dershowitz because Dershowitz did not believe that Donald Trump committed impeachable offenses in the Ukraine hoax Adam Schiff and a bunch of Deep State leakers cooked up.

On January 29, Dershowitz appeared on Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s podcast and described why even if Donald Trump set up a quid pro quo with Ukraine to benefit his re-election efforts it would not be an impeachable offense so long as it was not illegal.

“The only thing that would make the quid pro quo unlawful would be if the quo were in some way illegal,” Dershowitz began.

“If a president does something, which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment,” Dershowitz added.

Fake news CNN smeared Dershowitz by doctoring the quote to leave off the first part to make it sound like anything a President did in the name of re-election meant he could never commit an impeachable offense.

Professor Dershowitz considered this a smear and filed a lawsuit against fake news CNN to hold them accountable for trying to destroy his name over political differences.

Dershowitz used to be a regular guest on CNN.

That stopped when out of principle he opposed the impeachment hoax.

But cutting off his TV appearances was not enough for fake news CNN, so they tried to destroy professor Dershowtiz’s reputation.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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CNN played a secret audio tape of Trump that caused this big change



Fake news CNN is waging all-out war ahead of Donald Trump this election season.

They are throwing everything against the wall in the hopes enough will stick and cause votes to oust Trump in November.

And now CNN played a secret audio tape of Trump that caused this big change.

On Anderson Cooper’s show Monday night, reporter Jamie Gangel played new excerpts from Bob Woodward’s conversations with President Trump.

Fake news CNN used them to push the lie that Donald Trump lied to the American people by downplaying the threat to the coronavirus.

Ganegl played a clip from April 5th where the President warned Woodward that the coronavirus is a “real killer” if it infects the wrong person.

“These audio tapes show an ongoing pattern by Trump of misleading and playing down Covid to the public as you said while privately telling Woodward how dangerous the virus was,” Gangel explained. “And it wasn’t just the February call or the March call. On April 5th, before we get to our audio, Trump tells Woodward it’s a horrible thing. It’s unbelievable. And then a week later on April 13th, he tells Woodward this . . .”

“This thing is a killer if it gets you. If you’re the wrong person, you don’t have a chance,” Trump told Woodward.

Fake news CNN is lying to the people.

In late March, when President Trump announced a 30 day extension of the lockdown, he explained it was necessary because without mitigation over two million people would die.

The President told the public that a lockdown would save up to two million lives.

President Trump was upfront about what he perceived the danger to the coronavirus to be from the very start.

CNN is lying when they claim the April 5 conversation shows a President misleading the public.

It’s simply false and the President’s words and actions prove CNN to be liars.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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