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Ilhan Omar has a new best friend in Congress, and the media just covered up her big secret



Ilhan Omar may be the most radical Congressperson we’ve ever seen.

But that is all changing.

That’s because Ilhan Omar has a new best friend in Congress, and the media just covered up her big secret. 

Ilhan Omar has become more well known in her first term in Congress than very few have been able to be in their entire careers. 

But she isn’t known for anything good. 

From evidence that she married her brother to help him commit immigration fraud, to cheating on her then-husband with her married political consultant, to getting banned from traveling to Israel, she has racked up quite a rap sheet. 

She supports every radical far-left position on the table, and has made her hatred for America clear, even downplaying the 9/11 terrorist attacks by referring to it simply as “some people” doing “something.” 

But there is somebody new on her way into Congress that could prove to be far more extreme, and she is expected to join up with Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in their self-described “squad.” 

Rep.-elect Cori Bush beat out long-time Democrat Congressman William Lacy Clay in St. Louis, Missouri, in an upset that nobody saw coming. 

Bush, who was formerly homeless, first became known in the Ferguson, Missouri riots following the justified police killing of Michael Brown.

She promoted the false “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative, which birthed the Black Lives Matter movement. 

And she latched onto the newest round of BLM riots following the death of George Floyd, taking a leading role in the so-called “peaceful” protests in St. Louis. 

In fact, she was responsible for the protest that marched onto the private property of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who became world-famous for arming themselves on their front lawn to stop the crowd from invading their home.

Bush also called for defunding the Pentagon, which is a position so extreme that many Democrats distanced themselves from. 

But in a profile from the Washington Post, none of this is mentioned. 

Their profile, in their “Style” section, is titled “Cori Bush marched on the streets in Ferguson. Now she’s about to take her seat in Congress.”

The profile features glamour shots of Rep.-elect, and paints her as a social justice hero who came up from nothing to become a leader in the fight against racism. 

They also paint her as a victim after the crowd stormed onto the McCloskey’s property, complaining about them posting her picture from the event. 

The destruction her “protests” caused are completely ignored, and her radical positions, like defunding the Pentagon, are completely ignored. 

They would never run such a puff piece on a Republican, especially one with views outside the mainstream of their Party like she has.

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NPR tried to hide the dark truth about one radical left group



The Democrat Media Complex has been captured by leftists.

Traditional liberals are happily jumping on board.

And NPR tried to hide the dark truth about one radical Left group.

NPR has been given the cachet of a trustworthy left-of-center news source.

But NPR has moved closer to the fringe Left along with the rest of the Democrat Party.

NPR reporter Cheryl Corley recently tried to clean up the Black Lives Matter movement’s association with Marxism.

BLM Co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors explicitly said “we’re trained Marxists” and doubled down on that assertion during a video posted to her own YouTube page.

Yet Corley believes accurate characterizations of BLM as Marxist is somehow disinformation.

She said, “And then right-wing pundits like Rudy Giuliani, Candace Owens and Carol Swain amplify often baseless anti-BLM messages to wider audiences . . . Khan-Cullors says she does believe in Marxism but laughs at the online comments that say she’s pushing a communist agenda.”

NPR is really trying to split hairs between being a “trained Marxist” and “pushing a communist agenda.”

It’s obvious that a trained Marxist is indeed attempting to actualize the goals of Karl Marx, which is a the communist state.

The Black Lives Matter website had to edit its “about” page because too many people caught wind of their radical beliefs, including their goal to undermine the nuclear family and western values.

For years, radical organizations like BLM have masqueraded as mainstream liberal groups, but in reality they’re filled with militants.

Conservatives have finally gotten hip to the game, and they’re calling out these fraudulent institutions.

And like all good socialists, the BLM bigwigs are raking in money for themselves and not sharing any of it with local BLM chapters.

Some activists have called out the organization for financial malfeasance.

BLM has received billions of dollars in donations, and nobody is quite clear where the money is going.

Meanwhile, Khan-Cullors recently went on a real estate shopping binge where she spent $3.2 million on multiple properties.

In addition to spoils for the members of leadership, BLM has an abysmal track record.

Cities where BLM has had a strong presence have seen an uptick in violence.

Last year represented the largest jump in the violent crime rate ever recorded.

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Black Lives Matter rioters issued this scary threat to Fox News



The media treats Black Lives Matter rioters like modern day American Revolutionary War freedom fighters.

But the protesting mobs do not always return the media’s respect.

And now Black Lives Matter rioters issued this scary threat to Fox News.

Black Lives Matter rioters caused a fourth straight night of unrest in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota following a police officer accidentally shooting and killing Daunte Wright.

The officer is facing second degree manslaughter charges, but Black Lives Matter protesters are still taking to the streets.

And some in the mob are beginning to attack and threaten journalists.

Fox News correspondent Lauren Blanchard reported that a Black Lives Matter mob began menacing the Fox News crew – as well as other media outlets – on the scene covering a growing demonstration outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Earlier in the day, video footage on social media showed someone in the mob firing a bottle of water at a CNN team and hitting a crew member in the head with the projectile knocking the man down.

Other footage showed Black Lives Matter activists chasing media members off the scene.

These videos came days after a jaw-dropping moment on CNN where reporter Sara Sidner tried to interview a man during a riot where the man demanded CNN and the rest of the media get out of Brooklyn Center claiming the media only seeks to divide people by telling a false story about what is going on.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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The New York Times pushed one disturbing terrorist narrative that left readers stunned




Censorship is ramping up in light of the horrific Capitol Hill riot.

All Republicans and conservatives have been grouped in with the people who breached the building.

But The New York Times pushed one disturbing terrorist narrative.

Democrats and their media comrades have been attempting to brand all conservatives as terrorists because of the incident at the Capitol building.

However, the Democrat Media Complex is perfectly willing to either promote or ignore left-wing rhetoric and acts of violence.

The New York Times promoted environmental activist books as “Three Books Offer New Ways to Think About Environmental Disaster.”

One of the books was titled How to Blow Up a Pipeline by far-left Swedish author Andreas Malm.

The book was published by Verso Books, which bills itself as “the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world.”

The promotional blurb for the book writes:

“In this lyrical manifesto, noted climate scholar (and saboteur of SUV tires and coal mines) Andreas Malm makes an impassioned call for the climate movement to escalate its tactics in the face of ecological collapse . . . We need, he argues, to force fossil fuel extraction to stop – with our actions, with our bodies, and by defusing and destroying its tools. We need, in short, to start blowing up some oil pipelines.”

Republicans have no problem denouncing right-wing ideological criminals, but the same cannot be said for the Left.

The Times book reviewer simply called the eco-terrorist manifesto “a compelling but frustrating treatise.”

She also gave a mealy-mouthed denunciation of political violence, writing, “[T]he problem with violence, even if it’s meant only to destroy ‘fossil capital,’ is that ultimately it’s impossible to control.”

So in the view of The Times, the problem with terrorism isn’t that it’s morally wrong, it’s that the violence cannot be properly tempered even when directed at a righteous target, i.e. “fossil capital.”

The Left has a long history of refusing to repudiate its radicals.

Domestic terrorists like Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers have transitioned into respectable positions without ever having to denounce their actions or views for decades.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa tore cities to the ground for months with hardly any pushback from Democrats.

Democrat Representative Jerry Nadler even went so far as to call the riots a “myth.”

Extremists on the Left have a wide berth to commit all kinds of heinous crimes so long as their cause is “just.”

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