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Ilhan Omar has a new best friend in Congress, and the media just covered up her big secret



Ilhan Omar may be the most radical Congressperson we’ve ever seen.

But that is all changing.

That’s because Ilhan Omar has a new best friend in Congress, and the media just covered up her big secret. 

Ilhan Omar has become more well known in her first term in Congress than very few have been able to be in their entire careers. 

But she isn’t known for anything good. 

From evidence that she married her brother to help him commit immigration fraud, to cheating on her then-husband with her married political consultant, to getting banned from traveling to Israel, she has racked up quite a rap sheet. 

She supports every radical far-left position on the table, and has made her hatred for America clear, even downplaying the 9/11 terrorist attacks by referring to it simply as “some people” doing “something.” 

But there is somebody new on her way into Congress that could prove to be far more extreme, and she is expected to join up with Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in their self-described “squad.” 

Rep.-elect Cori Bush beat out long-time Democrat Congressman William Lacy Clay in St. Louis, Missouri, in an upset that nobody saw coming. 

Bush, who was formerly homeless, first became known in the Ferguson, Missouri riots following the justified police killing of Michael Brown.

She promoted the false “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative, which birthed the Black Lives Matter movement. 

And she latched onto the newest round of BLM riots following the death of George Floyd, taking a leading role in the so-called “peaceful” protests in St. Louis. 

In fact, she was responsible for the protest that marched onto the private property of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who became world-famous for arming themselves on their front lawn to stop the crowd from invading their home.

Bush also called for defunding the Pentagon, which is a position so extreme that many Democrats distanced themselves from. 

But in a profile from the Washington Post, none of this is mentioned. 

Their profile, in their “Style” section, is titled “Cori Bush marched on the streets in Ferguson. Now she’s about to take her seat in Congress.”

The profile features glamour shots of Rep.-elect, and paints her as a social justice hero who came up from nothing to become a leader in the fight against racism. 

They also paint her as a victim after the crowd stormed onto the McCloskey’s property, complaining about them posting her picture from the event. 

The destruction her “protests” caused are completely ignored, and her radical positions, like defunding the Pentagon, are completely ignored. 

They would never run such a puff piece on a Republican, especially one with views outside the mainstream of their Party like she has.

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Black Lives Matter

Joe Biden stood up to take questions from reporters. You won’t believe what happened next




Joe Biden emerged from hiding to present himself as the President-Elect.

As part of this PR campaign, Biden delivered a speech on the economy.

But then Joe Biden stood up to take questions from reporters. And you won’t believe what happened next.

During a short chat with reporters, Biden took 12 questions from his fans in the traveling press.

NBC’s Geoff Bennett set the tone for the softball session by asking Biden why Donald Trump was so terrible.

“What do you see as the biggest threat to your transition right now, given President Trump’s unprecedented attempt to obstruct and delay a smooth transfer of power?” Bennett asked.

Reporter after reporter followed up with patty cake style questions asking Biden to condemn Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Former Bush Administration Press Secretary blasted the adoring reporters for not asking Biden one question about the roving gangs of Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs who terrorized Trump supporters after the Trump supporters staged a peaceful protest march in Washington, D.C. this past Saturday.

Even though Donald Trump condemned white supremacy countless times, the Fake News Media billed the President supposedly failing to condemn the obscure group known as the Proud Boys during the first debate as a turning point in the election.

To this day, no one in the media asked Joe Biden to condemn Black Lives Matter terrorists or Antifa goons by name for their acts of violence.

And the press won’t ask those questions because they work on behalf of the Democrat Party.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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