Fox News turned into MSNBC when one guest was completely shouted down

The Democrat-controlled media despise any entity that threatens their monopoly.

That’s why Fox News has been vilified by the Left for decades.

But Fox News turned into MSNBC when one guest was completely shouted down.

In the minds of Democrats and their media allies, Fox News is the epitome of evil.

Other than conservative talk radio, Fox News was the only widely available news outlet for right-of-center Americans.

Boogeyman News

For decades, the Left has demonized Fox News and attacked its sponsors, all to put pressure on the network to fire certain opinion hosts.

Some Democrats even tried to draft legislation to deep-six Fox News altogether.

The great irony of the Democrats’ war on Fox News is that it is not the fire-breathing right-wing network that the Left believes it to be.

For instance, former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines was shut down by a Fox News host for saying something true.

Gaines was asked by host Arthel Neville if WNBA rookie sensation Caitlin Clark was snubbed by being left off the women’s Olympic team.

Neville asked, “So, Riley, how do you see it? Caitlin does not have a gold medal, and the rest of the team, they had seven practices while Caitlin was still playing with the WNBA. So does this make the decision fair?”

Gaines responded, “Yeah. To your point, the USA basketball chair, the governing board. . .their job is to win. It’s not about popularity — as it shouldn’t be. So let’s look at the facts here. Caitlin Clark was the number one overall draft pick this year. She holds many Big Ten NCAA records for collegiate women’s basketball.”

Number one overall picks have been invited onto Team USA before, so there is precedent.

Gaines added that “the USA basketball chair actually said it would be ‘irresponsible’ to put Caitlin Clark on the U.S. women’s Olympic basketball team, all while putting Brittney Griner on the team. But she’s been out since the second game of the season with a toe fracture. She might not even be playing again for another month. So I think with the extreme controversy that she brings, the exclusion of Clark. Women’s basketball has likely cost itself many millions of viewers.”

This comment set off Neville.

Gaines chastised by Fox News host

Neville replied, “I’m not sure what you mean by the controversy that Brittney Griner brings to the game. I mean, that’s kind of not fair to say without explanation.”

Griner was imprisoned in Russia and eventually released in a prisoner exchange for Viktor Bout, also known as “The Merchant of Death.”

The Nicolas Cage movie Lord of War was based on him.

Gaines continued, “Well, I mean, I think given everything that happened overseas, given that she was put in jail. I mean, the controversy is certainly there whether we want it there or not.”

Neville interrupted, “Not her fault! And wrongly accused! . . . Not fair to bring that up! So we’re going to delete that! Okay? Let’s you and I continue. Again, I like you a lot.”

Neville clearly did not know what she was talking about.

Griner was not wrongly accused.

She got caught with drug paraphernalia at the airport, and Russia has strict drug laws.

One could argue that Griner was excessively charged and held as a political prisoner, but she was not “wrongly accused.”

And as Gaines pointed out, her inclusion on the team is undoubtedly controversial.

This is not the first time Fox News went full MSNBC.

Newt Gingrich once got shut down for invoking George Soros’ name.

Fox News also aired a segment promoting gender transition for minors.

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