Former Trump staffer made one revelation about Biden that left Brian Stelter gobsmacked

Joe Biden’s debate performance against Donald Trump was worse than anyone expected.

Democrats and their media allies are freaking out as a result.

And a former Trump staffer made one revelation about Biden that left Brian Stelter gobsmacked.

Former CNN host Brian Stelter is yet another member of the Democrat-controlled media raising concerns about Joe Biden’s obvious cognitive decline.

And Stelter’s confidence in Biden was further shaken by a surprising source, Anthony Scaramucci.

The Mooch stuns Stelter

“The Mooch,” who was Donald Trump’s White House Press Secretary for 11 days, has spent the last seven years cozying up to the Democrats.

He tried to allay concerns about Biden’s performance in the debate with a post on social media, but he ended up doing the opposite.

Scaramucci wrote, “I went to President Biden’s fundraiser in East Hampton and I thought he did quite well reading the teleprompter today and meeting with people. However, that is not going to be enough to prove to the American people that he’s up for another 4 years.”

Stelter responded, “He uses a teleprompter at a fundraiser?”

Biden cannot keep it together in controlled private events where he is not expected to do more than wave and have other people say how great he is.

He refuses to sit for long-form interviews, does not take questions at press gaggles, and requires massive editing for campaign videos.

Scaramucci continued, “This is an excellent evaluation from close friend Whitney Tilson and something the campaign should consider: President Biden needs to appear in unscripted settings and handle fair but tough questioning (further demonstrations of his ability to read from a teleprompter will not assuage my concerns).”

That is the problem Democrats have.

People are catching onto the fact that Biden has nothing in the tank when cannot read statements that are prepared for him.

Biden reclamation project checklist

Scaramucci’s warning to Biden added:

“Four ideas come to mind:

  • Hold an hour-long press conference at the White House (and continue holding them every week until the election);
  • Do an interview with 60 Minutes this week, to be aired next Sunday;
  • Meet with the editorial board of the New York Times so that they can see that they were wrong to call for his resignation; and
  • Do another appearance on a late-night show, similar to the one four months ago with Seth Meyers.”

Democrats are fully in damage control mode.

If Biden really wanted to assuage concerns, he would sit for a hardball interview with a Republican for an hour, but he would never do that.

“This can all be done in the next week – there is no time to waste,” declared Scaramucci.

Stelter and other so-called mainstream journalists all have egg on their faces.

They knew Biden was a dud, but pretended he was “sharp as a tack” behind closed doors nonetheless.

Now they have to appear shocked that Biden is clearly deteriorating mentally.

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