Former MSNBC host made one prediction about Trump that will have you pulling out your hair

Democrats know that Joe Biden is an incredibly weak candidate.

So their 2024 election strategy is to crank up the Orange Man Bad rhetoric to 11.

And a former MSNBC host made one prediction about Donald Trump that will have you pulling out your hair.

Chris Matthews, the former host of Hardball on MSNBC, was forced out of the network amid tepid #MeToo allegations.

The unhinged Joy Reid took over his time slot.

But Matthews occasionally slinks back to the network to give his analysis.

Matthews returns 

He recently appeared on Morning Joe and made a ridiculous prediction about Donald Trump.

Matthews said that it was reasonable to assume that Trump would be a dictator if elected.

The former host said, “This is the opposite of Donald Trump, who wants to put them before firing squads basically. He wants to put them all in jail. He’s unbelievable the way he talks about his opponents. This is exactly the choice we have: a dictatorship, or a democracy. We have to choose.”

Democrats are hoping this kind of fear-mongering will lead them to victory in the 2024 election.

They can’t run on Biden’s dismal record, so they’re hoping to scare the hell out of the American people.

The gall of the Democrats to excoriate Trump for railing against his political opponents when the Democrats are trying to put him in jail is truly astonishing.

After being the most investigated man in political history, the best the Democrats had was a made-up process crime in Manhattan.

Matthews continued, “This election is about more than abortion. It is about the whole question of what kind of government we’re going to have. What kind of country do we want to live in? Do we have a dictator who tells the U.S. Congress don’t do anything about the border, don’t do anything, let it rock ‘n’ roll, let thousands come through between now and election day, it doesn’t matter if they stay here forever, as long as we win the election.”

Masters of projection

The levels of projection are amazing.

The Democrats do not want border security.

They have become an open borders policy.

They only pretend to care about the border because their position has become so unpopular, even among Democrat leaders.

Matthews added, “He’s going to talk like that to the Supreme Court. He would love to see them give him immunity. He would love to get that. He’s probably counting on it in this trial in New York, too, about the hush money. He’s probably working on some back room plan to somehow speed this to the Supreme Court and let Alito and that incredible coup they pulled off there against Judge Roberts. Alito is running the show. So you never know what can happen with his five members. I’m telling you, Trump could end up rolling the score. ‘I’ve got the Congress and the Supreme Court, I own it all, I am a dictator.’ It is very reasonable to assume that’s where he’s headed.”

This is a purported serious reporter making up a nonsensical doomsday scenario where Trump just does whatever he wants.

His own intelligence agencies tried to frame him as a Russian spy.

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