Former ESPN host went on MSNBC and trashed Americans for watching one sports star

Democrats want to politicize every facet of American life.

That includes all forms of entertainment.

Now, a former ESPN host went on MSNBC and trashed Americans for watching one sports star.

Basketball star Caitlin Clark has generated an unprecedented level of enthusiasm in women’s hoops.

“Woke” activists have been calling for the WNBA to get more attention for years, but now that it’s here, these same activists are upset.

The Left doesn’t want that kind of attention

Clark is white and heterosexual, which is “problematic” for the leftists who want the WNBA to be the preservation of left-wing activism.

Former ESPN host Jemele Hill appeared on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show to trash the WNBA’s new fans brought in by Clark.

Reid asked, “You know, somebody very smart said to me recently the challenge with women’s basketball is most of the stars are black, but—I mean most of the great players are black, but most of the stars are white. Whether it’s who’s getting awarded by the ESPYs, who is getting noticed by the magazines and like you said, if there were charter flights, Brittney Griner would not have ended up in a gulag, right?”

This is not even true.

Players like Cynthia Cooper, Sheryl Swoopes, Lisa Leslie, Chamique Holdsclaw, and Candace Parker, among others, are black players who have been the faces of women’s basketball.

But the “woke” narrative must always persist.

As for Griner, the WNBA has not turned a profit in 25 years of existence.

The NBA is just expected to subsidize the league in perpetuity. 

Reid continued, “These ladies are flying commercial and they’re not treated like the men are. How much of this do you think, though, is the marketing potential of a Caitlin Clark? Because quite frankly, this is a league that is largely, as you said, largely black women. It’s largely also LGBTQ. She’s a white heterosexual woman and so if you’re trying to get white dads to go spend their money and buy season tickets, she seems like a marketing opportunity. How much of it is that?”

WNBA media ambassadors hate money

Again, the Left is complaining about the lack of resources, but when the potential for big money comes, they are repellant. 

Hill answered, “I don’t know why people find that to be controversial to think about that. We know that marketing is about ability, talent, all those things. And nobody is saying that Caitlin Clark doesn’t have those things. She’s incredibly talented. She’s broken records, she’s playing a playing style that people love that is very representative of what we see today particularly on the men’s side.”

Hill at least acknowledged that Clark is a great player in her own right.

She left Iowa as the all-time leading scorer in NCAA history.

Hill continued, “But yes, it helps that she’s white, straight, and from Iowa in a league that has faced marketing challenges throughout the history over the last three decades that it’s been in existence. It’s faced marketing challenges because of the things you mention.”

The biggest marketing challenge right now is that the gatekeepers of the WNBA do not like their new fans.

Hill added, “Because seventy percent of the players are black women. Because a third of them identify as LGBTQ+. Yes, it has faced challenges.”

The WNBA has the public’s attention, but it could quickly lose that attention because of jealousy and “woke” politics.

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