Far-left actress torched Hollywood in one scathing interview

Nothing can ever be “woke” enough for the hard Left.

That includes the uber-liberal entertainment industry.

And a far-left actress torched Hollywood in one interview.

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has been one of the most outspoken leftists in Hollywood over the past eight years.

And she recently complained that Tinseltown is not “woke” enough for her tastes.

Phony Hollywood

She told Grazia magazine that Hollywood’s “progressive” image is a façade.

Longoria said, “You know, people think Hollywood is a liberal, progressive industry, but it’s not. It would be great to have gender equity in all positions, we just don’t. We have fewer female directors and fewer Latinos in front of the camera than we did a couple of years ago. So, we’re actually going in the wrong direction, even though the perception is that we’re doing so great.”

Leftists are obsessed with identity politics bean-counting.

It is impossible to get proportional representation across an entire industry—let alone an entire country—but Left will never let go of that neo-Marxist dream.

Longoria added, “Women are still not getting the same opportunities as our male counterparts. What we do [in the industry] matters, it can change culture and, when you change culture, you can change policy, perception. You can change a lot of things with storytelling.”

This has been the Left’s mindset for decades, which is why society has moved in such a “woke” direction over the past decade.

But there are limits on “wokeness.”

Just because Longoria wants more female directors does not mean there are enough qualified female directors for the jobs.

Forced “diversity” does not work

Also, she discounts the agency of the people in the industry.

For example, maybe experienced female directors are turning down gigs for other opportunities in the independent film world.

Not everyone wants to work for a giant studio.

Indie director Jim Jarmusch, who broke into the industry in the 1980s, turned down the opportunity to direct a buddy cop movie for a major studio.

Ironically, Longoria’s worldview is sapping the creativity out of the business.

Activist groups are now involved in the storytelling process.

For instance, production companies consult with organizations like GLAAD on scripts.

And people inside the industry are finally getting fed up.

In 2022, Hawk Koch, producer and former president of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, declared, “I’m all for LGBT and Native Americans, blacks, females, whatever minorities that have not been served correctly in the making of content, whether it’s television or movies or whatever, but I think it’s gone too far. I know a lot of very talented people that can’t get work because they’re not black, Native American, female or LGBTQ.” 

Worse yet, the quotas are not bringing in diverse viewpoints; they’re just bringing in leftists of a different shade.

Far-left actor John Leguizamo recently urged people not to vote for white people for the Emmys.

He took out a full-page ad in The New York Times to spread his message.

Activists like Longoria and Leguizamo are choking the life out of the film industry.

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