Fani Willis got protected by the Democrat-controlled media with one mind-boggling defense

Scandal-ridden District Attorney Fani Willis is on a crusade to take down Donald Trump.

Her own misconduct has gotten in the way of her witch hunt.

And Willis got protected by the Democrat-controlled media with one mind-boggling defense.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is determined to put Donald Trump and his lawyers behind bars with her Georgia RICO case.

But Willis’ alleged malfeasance has weakened the case against Trump.

Prosecutors on trial

Willis hired special prosecutor Nathan Wade to the team and paid him over $600,000 for his work on the case, even though he had almost no criminal trial experience.

It turned out that Willis and Wade had been carrying on an affair.

The two even went on vacations together, including a cruise trip, with taxpayer money.

Judge Scott McAfee ruled that both Willis and Wade could not remain on the case, so Wade martyred himself to keep the RICO case alive.

Now the Democrat-controlled media are pretending as if Willis has been vindicated.

Defending Willis

ABC’s Good Morning America characterized the hearing into Willis’ behavior as simply a “rather bizarre detour through her personal life.”

Senior investigative correspondent Aaron Katersky reported that Willis’s “ex-boyfriend is now off the case, but the district attorney who is prosecuting Donald Trump in Georgia for election interference remains after a rather bizarre detour through her personal life and a really unflattering report from the judge.”

Her personal life was made public because of her actions and alleged misuse of state funds.

Katersky added, “This morning, Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis survives a two-month attempt by Donald Trump and some of his co-defendants to get her disqualified. They argued her romance with another prosecutor she hired for the case created a conflict of interest. Judge Scott McAfee decided ‘Georgia law does not permit the finding of an actual conflict for simply making bad choices,’ but made clear he thought Willis dating Nathan Wade showed a ‘tremendous lapse in judgment’ and created such ‘a significant appearance of impropriety’ he required Wade to withdraw if Willis wanted to stay. Hours later, Wade resigned ‘to move this case forward as quickly as possible.’ But there is no trial date set and defense attorney Scott Grubman told ABC affiliate WSB there could be an appeal.”

Trump and his co-defendants have obvious grounds for appeal, which would jam up the Democrats’ election timeline.

They want to stop Trump from being able to run for President.

That is the whole point of the lawfare against him.

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