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Dr. Fauci went on the news and infuriated Americans with his latest statement



Dr. Anthony Fauci has been allowed to put the nation under his thumb.

Fauci is at the head of the COVID regime that is arbitrarily making up the rules for the country.

Now Fauci went on the news and infuriated Americans with his latest statement.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has flip-flopped on nearly every single COVID position.

But still the entire country is hanging on the whims of Dr. Fauci.

And the anointed COVID public health official went on Face the Nation on CBS where he told host Margaret Brennan that Americans might not be able to gather for Christmas.

This would mark the second year in a row where Americans are being told not to congregate for the holidays.

Meanwhile, elites in the political and expert class were caught violating their own orders.

Disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo was forced to cancel his holiday plans after he let it slip that he was planning to spend time with his daughters and his mother.

Cuomo was one of many Democrat politicians busted for his blatant hypocrisy.

Fauci also made the pitch used by every authoritarian since the 20th Century: give up your freedoms for the greater good.

It’s becoming clear that the COVID regime is never going away.

The crisis has been too useful for Democrats to relinquish the dubious emergency powers they seized.

The crackdowns will not stop until a majority of Americans decide that they’ve had enough.

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Don Lemon just got called out for hypocrisy in the most hilarious way possible



Don Lemon is one of the most obnoxious leftists in the entire corporate-controlled media.

Lemon finally got his just desserts.

And Don Lemon just got called out for hypocrisy in the most hilarious way possible.

Lemon spent the last several months ranting and raving about how Trump supporters are terrible people for not taking the vaccine and that they must submit to government mandated vaccines.

Don Lemon also criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for not buying into Dr. Fauci’s COVID hysteria and mandating masks in schools.

That strident COVID fear mongering came back to bite Lemon when Lemon and his boyfriend traveled to Florida.

A visibly angry Lemon recounted how the homosexual couple was sitting outside by a pool when a woman began mocking them for not wearing masks outside.

“I had to go on for a personal matter, go down to Florida for a few hours,” said Lemon. “Tim and I were out by the pool, and this woman started harassing us. ‘Why aren’t you wearing a mask?’ I’m like, ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ No, you don’t have to wear a mask anywhere in America outdoors. What the hell are you talking about? So people don’t believe in–they don’t understand nuance, they don’t understand what the rules are. Everything is a gotcha,” Lemon told fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo.

Lemon complained incessantly about Governor DeSantis not forcing school kids into masks and not mandating vaccines.

But at the first opportunity, Lemon could not wait to take advantage of the fact that Florida is a free state not subject to Dr. Fauci’s every whim.

That’s been typical of leftists during COVID.

Elected Democrats and members of the corporate-controlled media were often caught ignoring the lockdowns and mandates they demanded everyone else obey.

However, Don Lemon did not count on getting called out for his hypocrisy.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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A CNN contributor admitted something about the network that will make leftists furious



CNN is suffering from a ratings decline since Donald Trump left office.

The left-wing propaganda channel has lost the main draw to attract left-wing viewers.

And a CNN contributor admitted something about the network that will make leftists furious.

Joe Rogan is the most popular podcaster in America attracting an audience of 10 million for every episode.

Rogan is also a fierce critic of vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions comparing them to Nazi Germany.

Recently, Rogan tested positive for coronavirus, upon which Rogan released a video telling his fans that he took a series of drugs for treatment including Ivermectin, a drug that millions of people took around the world under a doctor’s prescription to treat parasites.

When Rogan made the announcement CNN immediately denounced him with multiple hosts falsely claiming Rogan took a horse dewormer.

CNN leads the corporate-controlled media campaign to force everyone in America to get the vaccine and CNN fears if there is an effective treatment that people will protest vaccine mandates and refuse to “get the jab.”

Rogan threatened to sue CNN, but eventually invited Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the network’s chief medical correspondent on his show where Rogan confronted Gupta about the network’s hosts lying about Rogan taking a horse dewormer.

Under questioning, Gupta eventually admitted CNN’s anchors should not have said Rogan had taken horse dewormer.

CNN contributor Mary Katharine Ham slammed CNN for its dishonest coverage and lying about Joe Rogan.

CNN claims it is the “facts first” network.

But even people who work at CNN know the network works in service of a particular left-wing narrative as opposed to reporting the truth.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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These CNN frauds told one disgusting lie about Joe Rogan



The corporate-controlled press has fallen to even lower depths.

Just when it seemed impossible for the so-called “mainstream” to get worse, they did exactly that.

And these CNN frauds told one disgusting lie about Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan has the most popular podcast in the world, and the corporate-controlled press cannot stand it.

They want legacy media institutions to have monopoly control of the dissemination of information.

But Rogan and other commentators are gradually taking over the space.

And the reason why became apparent when CNN’s medical expert Dr. Sanjay Gupta appeared on Rogan’s podcast for a three-hour interview.

Rogan challenged Gupta on his network’s repeated lie that he took “horse dewormer” as a treatment for COVID-19.

Rogan took Ivermectin, a drug that has been in use for decades and even won a Nobel Prize in 2015 for curing river blindness.

The drug also has a version used for livestock, but Rogan took the human form that was prescribed by a doctor.

That didn’t stop CNN and other propagandists from willingly spreading a lie.

Ivermectin has not been approved for COVID by the FDA, but it’s a safe drug and some physicians have reported positive results, particularly in developing countries like India.

Despite these facts, the corporate-controlled press has unleashed a relentless smear campaign against the drug.

After getting skewered on Rogan’s podcast, Gupta ran back to his safe space at CNN and wrote a piece where he suggested Rogan might be violent.

Gupta wrote for CNN:

Many friends cautioned me against accepting Joe’s invitation. “There is little room for reasonable conversations anymore,” one person told me. “He is a brawler and doesn’t play fair,” another warned. In fact, when I told Joe early in the podcast that I didn’t agree with his apparent views on vaccines against COVID, Ivermectin and many things in between, part of me thought the MMA, former Taekwondo champion might hurtle himself across the table and throttle my neck.

The idea that Rogan “doesn’t play fair” or that he would physically assault Gupta is absurd.

One of the reasons his podcast is so popular is because he gets into the weeds and allows guests to make nuanced points during their lengthy dialogue.

That’s a far cry from a 42-minute propaganda show on CNN where Democrat operatives spout their talking points as the hosts feign surprise and nod along.

CNN picked a fight with the wrong person, and now millions have seen just how disgusting the corporate-controlled press is.

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