Democrat-controlled media came up with the most insane excuse for Biden’s pathetic debate performance

Joe Biden’s campaign went up in smoke after his debate with Donald Trump.

He was so bad that the end of his first term might be in peril.

And Democrat-controlled media came up with the most insane excuse for Biden’s pathetic debate performance.

If the Democrats were not panicking before, they most certainly are now after Joe Biden’s horrific showing in the first 2024 Presidential debate.

This is not part of the plan.

Democrats thought that they had vanquished Donald Trump for good after January 6.

However, Democrats and their media allies overplayed the Capitol Hill riot and tried to turn it into an “armed insurrection.”

Then the Democrats unleashed a torrent of unprecedented lawfare against Trump, which only made him more popular.

They thought that Biden would be far enough ahead in the polls that he could refuse to debate Trump, but he was actually trailing.

Biden had no choice but to challenge Trump to two debates as if it were his plan all along.

People on the Right have been saying for years that Biden is in obvious cognitive decline, but even they expected Biden to properly be fueled up to get through at least part of a 90-minute debate with Trump.

Biden was far worse than anyone expected.

The narrative on why Biden struggled

In the middle of the train wreck, NBC News dropped the motherlode of excuses for Biden’s performance: he had a cold.

Does this look like a man who simply had a cold?

The next day, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reinforced the “cold” talking point.

During a press gaggle, a reporter asked, “Can you tell us more about his cold? When did he contract it? What — did it affect his performance last night?”

White House pushing “cold” talking point

Jean-Pierre said, “So, yes, and I think we shared this with many people yesterday. The president had a cold; he had a sore throat. That happens.  And — and that’s what you heard last night.  And, you know, I’ll — I’ll leave it there. I don’t have anything else to add. . .But, yes, he had a cold. He had a sore throat. Once he knew that he — he had a cold and a sore throat, he tested — he certainly tested for COVID. It was negative. And then we moved on from there.”

She then asked, “Why did the White House wait until the middle of the debate to release that information?”

Obviously it was because Biden was getting destroyed in the debate.

Jean-Pierre answered, “Look, I’ll tell you this. Look, he had a strong debate-prep week. And — and he got a cold, which happens. It happens. It’s not unusual. It’s not something — you know — I mean, you don’t share every time, you know, the president has a cold. It happened. And once — once he had the cold and had a sore throat, again, he tested negative for COVID. And then we moved on.”

Biden had such a bad cold that he stopped by Waffle House after the debate.

It must have been one of those 90-minute bugs.

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