CNN’s Jim Acosta pulled the plug on one interview after getting schooled on this hot-button issue

Democrat-controlled media outlets have to lie to their viewers.

That’s why they tightly guard the information that goes out to the masses.

And CNN’s Jim Acosta pulled the plug on one interview after getting schooled on this hot-button issue.

Democrats are terrified about the November election after Joe Biden’s horrifying debate performance.

After the nation saw Biden’s clear cognitive decline, running on “Orange Man Bad” just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Expect a hard pivot toward abortion

Democrats will likely run on fear-mongering about abortion.

But Democrats have become an extremist party on the issue; former DNC Chair Tom Perez declared that pro-lifers no longer had a place in the party.

CNN host Jim Acosta brought on pro-life advocate Kristan Hawkins to discuss the abortion pill Mifepristone, and things did not go well for him.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that ER doctors in Idaho can perform abortions in narrow medical cases, which drew cheers from the Left.

Acosta asked Hawkins, “What’s your reaction to this decision?”

She did not give the response he wanted.

Hawkins answered, “Well, I think President Trump and the GOP needs to take note. The Biden administration continues to make the case to weaponize federal agencies to make abortion a federal issue. But we also see a silver lining in this decision today. If Idaho, while this is tragic—saying Idaho must allow for abortions to prevent infertility, future infertility, the FDA must now change its policy too to do the same. Given their no-test online distribution scheme of chemical abortion pills, which we know harm women’s future fertility, as 15 percent of women of our population are Rh negative, and there is no testing now because of the Biden administration and their FDA on these dangerous chemical abortion pills that she’s having these pill abortions. She’s not being tested for Rh negative status—”

“Haven’t the experts said that Mifepristone is safe for women to use?” Acosta interjected.

“Safe and effective”

Big Pharma reps likely had a heart attack when Hawkins said what she did.

She replied, “Ask any woman who’s Rh negative.”

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists explained, “The Rh factor is a protein that can be found on the surface of red blood cells. If your blood cells have this protein, you are Rh positive. If your blood cells do not have this protein, you are Rh negative. The ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ part of your blood type, such as O positive or A negative, refers to your Rh status. During pregnancy, problems can occur if you are Rh negative and your fetus is Rh positive.”

If a woman is Rh negative and the fetus is Rh positive, her antibodies will attack the fetus, and it could result in a miscarriage.

“But haven’t the experts said—” Acosta shot back.

Yes, the omnipresent medical “experts” that have destroyed their credibility over the past four years.

Hawkins continued, “Ask someone who’s been pregnant, sir. When you’re pregnant, one of the first things they do is they test for Rh negative status. Because if you have a miscarriage, if you give birth—”

Acosta cut her off, then began talking over her.

He quickly ended the segment by saying, “I’m sorry, Mifepristone has been proven to be safe. It’s been that way for years. But thank you for coming on. We appreciate it.”

“No, it actually hasn’t—” Hawkins got in before Acosta went to commercial.

Democrats do not want anything disrupting their abortion industry.

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