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CNN silenced a guest for merely asking this question about Bill Clinton



It turns out the Fake News Media has a double-standard when it comes to former President Bill Clinton.

While they ruthlessly attack Donald Trump for his alleged past bad behavior, they aren’t as consistent when it comes to Democrats.

That’s why CNN silenced a guest contributor who merely asked this simple question about Bill Clinton.

There is no doubt the Fake News Media is nothing more than a public relations firm for the Democrats and their Antifa stormtroopers.

Each and every day the major networks prove this fact through both what “news” they report, and in what they don’t cover.

Take former President Bill Clinton for example.

A CNN panel just proved this point with an exclamation after a guest dared to ask why former President Bill Clinton has yet to be “cancelled” for all of his past treatment of women, his alleged multiple affairs, and even accusations of sexual assault and rape.

Shortly after Clinton gave his speech at the Democratic National Convention, CNN commentators Van Jones and Jennifer Granholm heaped praises on the former President known for soiling the Oval Office with a young staffer, Monica Lewinsky.

However, to their horror and visible disgust, their colleague CNN contributor Scott Jennings, who worked in the George W. Bush White House, refused to kneel down and worship the disgraced former President.

Instead, Jennings asked how it is possible that Clinton hasn’t been cancelled in this new #MeToo era.

In fact, Jennings asked his CNN cohorts, “I have to say . . . I am dumbfounded by this. How is it that Bill Clinton has not been canceled by the Democratic — how has he survived all of these waves of cancellations when he has been one of the biggest violators of these rules all these years?”

“We believe in redemption, brother,” Jones shot back at him defensively.

Obviously, the liberal host means they believe in redemption for Democrats. And, of course Clinton has never admitted to most of the things he’s been accused of, and even caught doing, so redemption isn’t even possible.

So Jennings refused to back down.

“We talk about the use of character to try and say ‘Donald Trump is a man of lower character than Joe Biden’ . . . he’s fair game. That’s totally fine,” Jennings said. “So you’re gonna say that in one breath and then say, ‘Character matters. Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Clinton!’”

“I mean, does this make sense to anyone?” he went on. “If you want Republicans to vote for Joe Biden, having Bill Clinton talk about character and not hav[ing] drama in the Oval Office- is that the right answer?”

Granholm quickly defended Clinton, saying that Jennings’ concerns were “answered decades ago.”

Jones then said that what he “admires” about Clinton is that he “acknowledged his wrongdoing” and “apologized,” trying to then say that apologies “don’t come as easy” from Donald Trump.

“I don’t think we have to say that everything that Bill Clinton has done is great, but I do think that when he has made mistakes, he’s acknowledged them and I admire him for that,” Jones said.

Of course, neither Jones nor Granholm remember, or want to remember, that Clinton repeatedly lied about Monica Lewinsky, lied about his abuse of the Oval Office and never really apologized for that, or for any of his other sexual trysts.

That is likely why host Anderson Cooper quickly and rather awkwardly changed the subject.

If Clinton were a Republican of course, he would have been cancelled by the Fake News Media and by the Left decades ago.

The hypocrisy and double-standard of the Left and their media lap dogs continues to boggle the mind of any thinking person.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any development to this ongoing story.


This MSNBC host was red with rage over what Ted Cruz said about Thanksgiving




The Fake News Media is all in on using coronavirus to cancel Thanksgiving.

So-called journalists want to shame Americans into staying alone, isolated, and angry for the holiday.

And now this MSNBC host was red with rage over what Ted Cruz said about Thanksgiving.

Democrat Governors across the country are canceling Thanksgiving by putting limits on the number of people that can gather in a household.

Some are even encouraging neighbors to spy on each other and report “illegal” Thanksgiving gatherings.

Over the weekend, Ted Cruz trolled these Orwellian tyrants by posting a “come and take it” meme.

This meme is popular with gun owners, but Cruz’s meme featured a Thanksgiving Day Turkey.

This enraged MSNBC host Chris Hayes who accused Cruz and childish trolling.

“Say your 13-year-old libertarian nephew from Texas made that image, you might think ‘kind of clever,’ before rolling your eyes. But this is a United States Senator.”

“The people of Texas in every other state need sober-minded leaders doing their best to educate people about the risk,” Hayes added.
The American people do need sober-minded leaders educating them about the risk of the coronavirus.

But they won’t find accurate and clear information from Fake News Media members and so-called public health “experts” who are hyping doom and gloom scenarios over a virus with a 99.8% survival rate.

The American people want to be told the accurate risks from the virus so they can make their own decisions about gathering for Thanksgiving Dinner instead of having Stalinist dictators canceling the holiday.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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You won’t believe why Fox News took this host off the air after the election




On Election Night, Fox News turned on Donald Trump.

Fox News’ “straight news” programming took on a decidedly anti-Trump and pro-Joe Biden framing.

And you won’t believe why Fox News took this host off the air after the election.

Justice with Judge Jeanine was one of Fox News Channel’s most popular weekend programs.

Jeanine Pirro was a stalwart supporter of President Trump and Fox News viewers looked forward to her election analysis.

But when viewers tuned in, Judge Jeanine Piro was not on the air.

And reports surfaced that Fox News benched Piro because Piro intended to support Donald Trump’s legal fight to contest the results of the election due to voter fraud and other irregularities.

Newsmax exclusively reported:

Sources close to the network tell Newsmax, because she made a very staunch defense of President Trump and wanted to expose the vote fraud that took place in the election, Fox News decided not to air her show. It had extended coverage of Democrat Joe Biden’s acceptance speech of a contested election.

The sources gave no inclination of whether the network is going to keep the show going, but we hear she was suspended at least for this weekend.

On Election Night, Fox News prematurely called Arizona for Joe Biden.

Chris Wallace has been on air criticizing the President and his supporters for contesting the election.

And now Fox News allegedly benched one of their most popular hosts to censor President Trump’s message.

Many fear that Fox News is moving left to accommodate the incoming Biden administration.

The rest of the media already went into the tank for Biden during the campaign.

And if Fox News refuses to question Biden or aggressively report on his administration given the track record of Biden’s corruption as Obama’s Vice President, then there will be no major media outlets in America fairly covering a Biden administration.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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This top reporter lost his job for reporting on Hunter Biden’s emails




The Fake News Media and Big Tech gatekeepers tried to suppress the story of Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s alleged influence peddling scheme through a campaign of censorship and suppression.

But no one knew how far they would go.

And now this top reporter lost his job for reporting on Hunter Biden’s emails.

Glenn Greenwald is a world famous journalist that broke the story when Edward Snowden revealed that Barack Obama illegally spied on every American’s electronic communications.

Greenwald – who is now a frequent guest on Tucker Carlson’s show – is one of the few prominent reporters who goes after the Left as much as the Right.

But Greenwald found out there are limits to what media executives are willing to tolerate when his New York editors at The Intercept – a publication he co-founded in 2013 – spiked a story he wrote about questions Joe Biden needed to answer regarding the allegations Biden was involved in an alleged influence peddling scheme run by his son.

Greenwald resigned from The Intercept because he was fed up with media organizations refusing to report on Joe Biden because they feared it would hurt his political prospects.

His resignation letter read:

The final, precipitating cause is that The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all New-York-based Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression . . .

. . . I had no objection to their disagreement with my views of what this Biden evidence shows: as a last-ditch attempt to avoid being censored, I encouraged them to air their disagreements with me by writing their own articles that critique my perspectives and letting readers decide who is right, the way any confident and healthy media outlet would. But modern media outlets do not air dissent; they quash it.

No institution in America debased itself more over the course of the last four years than the so-called “mainstream” media.

Reporters no longer pretend to be objective observers and instead think it’s their moral duty to defeat Donald Trump.

There are some honest journalists like Glenn Greenwald, but they are finding out that their bosses only want pro-Joe Biden activism and not real reporting.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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