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CNN just found this crazy new reason to attack Ron DeSantis



The corporate-controlled media’s never-ending crusade to smear Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one of the most bizarre media stories in recent years.

As usual, CNN was at the tip of the spear.

And now CNN just found this crazy new reason to attack Ron DeSantis.

CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner attacked Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo – who Ron DeSantis recently appointed – for Dr. Ladapo’s declaration that it was time to wind down the mass testing hysteria in America as part of a return to normal life.

Dr. Ladapo argued constant testing only succeeded in picking up large numbers of cases from asymptomatic and/or barely sick people with nothing more than the equivalent of the common cold.

As long as the country focused on testing and case counts, society would never get over the mandates and restrictions.

“We’re going to be working to unwind the, sort of, testing psychology that our federal leadership has managed to – unfortunately – get most of the country in over the last two years,” Dr. Ladapo. “We need to unwind this testing, sort of, planning on living one’s life around testing. Without it, we’re gonna be sort of stuck in the same cycle.”

This – of course – appalled CNN and Dr. Reiner, who dubiously claimed mass testing millions of Americans every day is the only way to keep schools and the economy open.

“One of the major things you would do is test even more – to find people, find kids, find teachers who are positive, isolate them for a few days and keep the rest of the school open. The problem is that when you have so much virus in the community, and you’re trying to keep businesses open without testing, you’re allowing the virus to continue to spread unabated. So, if anything, we need to do much more testing, not bury our heads in the sands of Florida and hope for the best,” Dr. Reiner claimed.

This is really about attacking Ron DeSantis because DeSantis actually believes in following science and data.

The science and the data shows that mask and vaccine mandates as well as lockdowns failed to slow the spread of the virus, which is why Governor DeSantis rejected them.

Governor DeSantis also sees the foolishness in mass testing when vaccines and early treatments are widely available to pick up case counts of individuals that are not sick only prolongs the cycle of permanent pandemic.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


The Associated Press just issued these shocking and unethical orders to its editors and writers to help Democrats




The Left knows it’s losing the COVID war and it’s desperately trying to hold on.

People have woken up to the lies and are sick of hearing Joe Biden peddle fear.

Now The Associated Press just issued these shocking and unethical orders to its editors and writers to help Democrats.

The left-wing media has finally come to its senses about COVID.

But if you think that means they’ll stop lying – you’re wrong.

The corporate-controlled media knows it’s losing the public’s attention and that the constant fear mongering isn’t working anymore, so they have a new tactic.

Flip the script.

Yup, the media is going to start downplaying COVID counts and complaining about the constant fear mongering that is happening all in hopes of giving Joe Biden and the Democrat Party a boost.

News has leaked that The Associated Press (AP) has instructed its editors to start leaving out or even downplaying case counts in stories about COVID.

According to sources, the AP believes that many of the counts being released don’t reflect proper information – nice of them to get on board, but it’s a little too late.

Since the AP is worried about cases not being reported such as those who test at home or those infected who don’t even know it, they want their editors to avoid emphasizing case counts.

It’s an interesting tactic, but not one that is likely to work.

The Left can’t have it both ways.

One day they’re screaming that everyone must get vaccinated and you’re not fully vaccinated if you haven’t received your eighty-seventh booster.

However, the very next day they’re downplaying the number of actual cases.

Nope, sorry, can’t do both.

The AP even went as far as to say that the usefulness of hospitalization numbers and death rates are being called into question.

Are they hearing this for the first time?

People have been questioning these numbers for over a year now.

In many cases, hospitalizations are incidental: there are people being admitted for other reasons and are surprised to find they test positive for COVID, said Tanya Lewis, senior editor for health and medicine at Scientific American.

Don’t buy into the media’s newfound skepticism about COVID cases and hospitalization rates.

This is just another ploy by the Left to get the public to buy into its plan and hand over more control.

They are desperate and desperate people do really desperate things.

This has fraud written all over it.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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One anchor’s on-air meltdown turned heads across the country



COVID caused some of the worst and most misleading media coverage Americans have ever seen.

Reporters turned into activists for the public health tyranny.

And one anchor’s on-air meltdown turned heads across the country.

Members of the press spent 18 months cheerleading for lockdowns and mask mandates.

One of the most damaging policies was school closures, which stunted children’s educational and social developments.

After 18 months of teachers unions keeping schools closed and kids masked, CNBC anchor Becky Quick finally reached her breaking point.

As New York State’s vaccine and mask mandates proved to be failures in slowing the spread of COVID there is renewed concern about school closures.

During a recent broadcast of Squawk Box, Quick noted that her kids’ schools were staying open but that kids would eat lunch outside as long as the weather remained above 32 degrees.

That policy in and of itself is insane as there is no evidence children face severe outcomes from COVID.

But that wasn’t even the craziest part of the school’s COVID policies.

Quick said the school informed parents that children should wear a mask while eating lunch and only briefly take the mask down in between bites of their food or sips from their drinks.

That – Quick stated – was the dumbest thing she said she ever heard and mockingly wondered if the school would outlaw breathing.

“They made us feel better yesterday by saying, ‘Don’t worry. Any day that it’s above 32 degrees, we’re going to let the kids eat outside,’ until I looked at the weather and saw every day this week it’s 20 degrees. They actually said, one of my kids’ schools, said, ‘We would appreciate it if students would wear masks at all times, including in between bites, which is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” she added. “Maybe we can ask them to stop breathing in the buildings, too. There’s so much confusion and so much unknown about what to do at this point.”

Members of the corporate-controlled media mindlessly supported all of the illegal and unscientific mandates and restrictions the government handed down during the pandemic.

But – at least for one member of the media – there is a breaking point for when COVID hysteria goes too far.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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One TV doctor just exposed the biggest lie Democrats tell Americans



Leftists always hide their true intentions from the American people.

But a rare moment of truth just appeared on MSNBC.

And that’s because one TV doctor just exposed the biggest lie Democrats tell Americans.

Democrats always claim health care is a right when trying to impose socialized medicine on America.

Conservatives countered that if leftists got their way and put the government in charge of the medical system it would lead to rationing care.

Dr. Vin Gupta admitted on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show that the U.S. healthcare system should indeed move to a death panel system and that health care is not the right of every citizen.

Reid asked Gupta what to do about the 40 to 50 million Americans who still believe this is a free country and they can choose not to take the coronavirus vaccines.

Gupta responded that the unvaccinated deserve to die and that hospitals should allow them to perish in hallways by refusing medical treatment to the unvaccinated.

“This is where it’s controversial, but we need to talk about this, the bioethics of it broadly because this is not the last respiratory pandemic we’re going to face, Joy. What do we do with somebody who is unvaccinated who is taking advanced ICU therapies from somebody who is vaccinated in the hospital? How do we rank order that priority? We do it for organs, kidneys, livers, lungs. We say, ‘Did you smoke, did you drink recently?’ If you did, you’re lower on the list, even if you need it. We need to start thinking of that model. Have bioethics around it,” Gupta told Reid.

Americans already figured the Democrat Party was a death cult based on its support for abortion-on-demand even after the babies are born in some cases.

Now leftists no longer even pretend to stand by their stated principles of health care being a right that now Americans can be denied.

Instead, Dr. Gupta freely admitted leftists now want a two-tiered society where the punishment for remaining unvaccinated is death.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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