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CNN got shut down by one reality check from the last place they ever expected



Donald Trump branded CNN as fake news in the minds of millions of Americans.

But CNN’s credibility crisis didn’t end there, and, in fact, it just took a turn for the worse.

And that’s because CNN got shut down by one reality check from the last place they ever expected.

CNN televised the most recent Democrat presidential debate.

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard appeared on stage and the moderators asked military veteran Gabbard her thoughts on Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

After offering a few words condemning the President’s decision, Gabbard took aim at CNN and the New York Times for acting like fake news by supporting Barack Obama’s disastrous war in Syria in the first place.

Gabbard also shredded the Times and CNN for publishing and airing commentary accusing her of being a “Russian puppet” for supporting ending America’s involvement in the Middle East.

Mediaite reports:

Gabbard then blasted both news organizations sponsoring the debate:

“The New York Times and CNN have also smeared veterans like myself for calling for an end to this regime change war. Just two days ago, the New York Times put out an article saying that I’m a Russian asset and an Assad apologist and all these different smears. This morning, a CNN commentator said on national television that I’m an asset of Russia. Completely despicable…

…As for CNN, Gabbard referenced comments made by Bakari Sellers on New Day this morning. He said Gabbard represents the “antithesis” of what the other Democrats stand for, adding, “There is no question that Tulsi Gabbard, of all the 12, is a puppet for the Russian government.”

It’s not just Donald Trump that the media smears as a Russian traitor.

The Fake News Media and the D.C. Swamp unleashes character assassination on anyone that questions the failed globalist foreign policy of Barack Obama.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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  1. JoeyP

    October 16, 2019 at 10:26 pm

    Coming from a Democrat!. . . the TRUTH exposed about the NEWS (?) networks. I don’t TRUST that MARXIST TROLL but I Do respect her for telling the TRUTH. Finally, a DEMOCRAT who actually was telling it LIKE IT IS (MIRACLE!). Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  2. Michael G Warren

    October 16, 2019 at 10:42 pm

    CNN is pure trash here in Chile, SA.

  3. Shuttle Guy

    October 16, 2019 at 10:53 pm

    She far and away the best of the bunch. That being said I’m a Trump.

  4. Ron P

    October 16, 2019 at 11:07 pm



    October 16, 2019 at 11:34 pm

    just like all communists, when the trash-talk ends, THEY WILL START EATING EACH OTHER.. it happens every time , they try to OUT-DO THE REST. bigger lies more taxes bigger useless ideas more loss of rights of the citizens. bigger checks for the UPPER-CLASS COMRADES…..

  6. catherine

    October 16, 2019 at 11:48 pm

    JoeyP I’m waiting for her to change partys! She is NOT appreciated by the democraps.

  7. catherine

    October 16, 2019 at 11:50 pm

    Michael Down here in Costa Rica too!

  8. Fred Amirault

    October 17, 2019 at 2:10 am

    Trump needs you to take His problems, with the Ukraine, and Syria and put our focus away, and instead to enemy CNN. Can I come, and put your pants on Fire. I know a little bit about fiure, being burned 26 years ago

  9. Steve Scoutaris

    October 17, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    CNN needs to change their name to “CON”
    “Communist Opinion Network”

  10. Mike

    October 17, 2019 at 1:01 pm

    Please, you dems, go back and get your GED.

  11. ABC

    October 17, 2019 at 3:54 pm

    Since you logo is about “pants on fire” there is no one who is a compulsive liar more than the Liar in Chief
    10-15-19. Trump doubled his false claims from the week before, reaching 129 false claims. On 10/15 he told a crowd rally that “there are no American troops in Syria, but there are a 1000 USA troops in Syria. He retold a story about a “General” who said “we didn’t have any ammunition,” which was untrue. Trump made the false claim 24 times that the whistle blowers claim was “highly inaccurate” but all the evidence shows it to be highly accurate. Trump falsely claimed that Speaker Pelosi, after the whistle blowers complaint was saying “We have to impeach, I want to impeach.” Not true. And Trump also said that Pelosi said that not even seeing the transcript, but it was clear she not only saw the transcript of the phone call, but commented on it.
    Trump said: “And the whistleblower who works now for Biden, did you hear this one? Came out yesterday.” — October 11 campaign rally in Lake Charles, Louisiana. But there is no evidence the whistleblower works for Joe Biden. The whistleblower’s lawyers said in a statement that “our client has never worked for or advised a political candidate,”


    October 18, 2019 at 2:50 am

    Thank God for CNN they don’t only keep us updated with Trump’s lies they go overseas and help countries out when there’s devastations

  13. Bonnie

    October 21, 2019 at 2:07 am

    C. N. N. = Corrupt News Network or Clinton News Network


    October 21, 2019 at 4:09 pm

    CNN…what’s that???

  15. Beach

    October 21, 2019 at 5:58 pm

    TERM LIMITS CONVENTION PETITION……click on the take action now and sign, please ask everyone you know to sign. These career do nothing politicians will not even consider term limits. They are all in favor of protecting the boarders of countries and its citizens all over the world, but when it comes to protecting the US Boards and US Citizens they are dead set against it. It is time to put the USA back into the hands of US Citizens and Legal Immigrants,,the only way to do this is through a term limits convention..hundred of thousands of signatures are required–Please sign and help take our country back.

  16. Albert Grossich

    October 22, 2019 at 12:52 am

    Trump has already said he will try and get that on the 2020 ballot. He even mentioned that before he was elected. We all need to push hard for staggered term limits on the 2020 ballot.

  17. Perry F

    October 22, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    NEWS first meant North,East,West, South.

    Now I believe it means Never Ending Witch hunt Services.

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What CNN did to My Pillow’s CEO will leave you fuming with anger



My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is one of the few corporate executives unafraid of standing with President Donald Trump.

For that reason, the mainstream media has done everything they can to try to destroy him.

And what CNN just did to him will leave you fuming with anger.

Mike Lindell takes his role as the founder of an American company seriously.

His products are all made in America, and he is known for treating his employees with respect, unlike so many other major companies.

He is also unafraid of expressing his Christian views and support for President Donald Trump.

That is enough for the Left to despise him, and viciously attack him.

During a recent White House coronavirus task force press briefing, President Donald Trump invited Lindell to speak about what his company is doing to help with supplying doctors’ offices and hospitals with medical face masks.

He took the stand to announce his factory is now producing and shipping between 10,000 and 50,000 of those masks a day going forward to help combat the Chinese coronavirus.

This should be a celebratory moment, as it is an American company going out of their way to help American citizens during a crisis.

But the fake news mongers at CNN couldn’t care less, and immediately cut the feed to the press briefing when Lindell walked up to the podium.

After announcing his company’s steps towards helping slow the spread of the virus, he also encouraged Americans to read the Bible in these difficult times.

“God gave us grace on Nov. 8, 2016, to change the course we were on,” Lindell said. “God had been taken out of our schools and lives. A nation had turned its back on God. And I encourage you to use this time at home to get back in the word. Read our Bible and spend time with our families.”

Following the briefing, CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta directly attacked Lindell, claiming that Trump bringing him up to speak was simply a “plug for his company.”

Speaking to Lou Dobbs on Fox News, Lindell laid into CNN for the way they treated him.

“I heard Jim Acosta attack me too, and he was 10 feet from me, in the Rose Garden. This is just evil, Lou. This is evil,” Lindell stated.

“This president has been the best man in charge for such a time as this; it’s just those newscasters, those journalists, we know who they are . . . CNN, what they did to me, I’m sorry, I put on a message of hope to the country that God had given us grace in November of 2016, a nation that turned its back on God, and right now we’re part of this big revival. I am appalled by the journalists that I see there. I used to think that, they are not that evil, yes, they are.” Lindell concluded.

Do you think CNN should apologize to Mike Lindell?

Share your thoughts with Pants on Fire News in the comments below.

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CNN is freaking out after Tucker Carlson played one video that could shut them down for good



Tucker Carlson isn’t afraid to speak the truth, especially when everybody else is afraid to.

That makes him a major enemy to fake news networks like CNN.

And now CNN is freaking out after Tucker Carlson played one video that could shut them down for good.

With coronavirus forcing most of America into quarantine in their homes, anti-Trump news networks are working overtime to pump out anti-Trump propaganda.

They are constantly spreading lies to allege that Trump has allowed the virus to spread, and that every coronavirus-related death is his fault.

But in making these claims the network is outright ignoring many inconvenient truths, as Tucker Carlson pointed out on a recent airing of his Fox News show.

Carlson played a number of video clips showing officials in New York City, where the virus has hit the hardest, downplaying the virus, and even encouraging people not to practice social distancing, which Trump has championed.

In a clip from February 2, New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot touts their preparedness for the virus, and encourages people to continue their lives like normal, even attending an upcoming parade.

“The risk to New Yorkers for Coronavirus is low and our preparedness as a city is very high,” Barbot begins. “There is no reason not to take the subway, not to take the bus, not to go out to your favorite restaurant, and certainly not to miss the parade next Sunday. I’m going to be there.”

Carlson also plays a clip featuring Democrat New York state Senator John Liu stating that “there’s really no need to panic and to avoid activities that we always do as New Yorkers” and that “diseases originate from anywhere or from particular places in the world.”

Along with Liu, Carlson also plays a clip from another Democrat New York State Representative Brian Kavanaugh, who insisted “it is very important that we ensure that we don’t have misinformation and many in the media have been covering this issue as if it’s, you know, a terrible plague that people have to avoid.”

Finally, Carlson details a number of Tweets from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio that he posted in earlier in March, encouraging New Yorkers to “go out on the town despite coronavirus.”

If CNN were an honest network, they would talk about facts like these.

But of course, they aren’t an honest network, and only care about smearing President Donald Trump, even when the claims they make aren’t actually true.

Do you approve of President Trump’s response to Coronavirus?

Share your thoughts with Pants on Fire News in the comments below.

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This prime time CNN host just made one outrageous claim amid the coronavirus crisis that will leave you speechless



Fake news CNN is peddling panic and hysteria in hopes of boosting their abysmal ratings.

At the same time, they are desperately trying to push a narrative they think will hurt President Trump in November.

And this prime time CNN host just made one outrageous claim amid the coronavirus that will leave you speechless.

CNN has been consistent in their messaging since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.

In their biased view, President Trump does not know what he is doing and is single-handedly responsible for all of the heartache, suffering, and death that has come with this pandemic.

CNN also makes sure to remind their audience that Trump acknowledging the origin of the virus – China – makes him a racist.

On Monday night, CNN prime time host Chris Cuomo responded to Trump’s daily coronavirus task force briefing, where Trump said, “Unfortunately, the enemy is death. It’s death. A lot of people are dying, so it’s very unpleasant. It’s a very unpleasant thing to go through.”

Cuomo responded, “He said the enemy is death. The enemy is not death. The enemy is disinformation, inaction, lies, division . . . These are all the things this virus is testing in our society as much as it’s testing our bodies.”

While Trump has been working to give daily updates and provide Americans with much needed facts and sobering information, Cuomo took the time to push the Fake News Media narrative forward and insinuate that Trump and his administration are the enemy of the United States.

Cuomo was partially right in one respect. The enemy is disinformation, inaction, lies, and division – but not coming from the Trump administration.

All of those things have come out of communist China’s propaganda machine amid the coronavirus and America’s Fake News Media is running with it because they hate President Trump and want to see him defeated in November.

The real enemy all along has been and still is the Fake News Media and people like Chris Cuomo who have sowed seeds of division in our country for years and worked directly to push the radical Left’s agenda on American people.

Now they’re pushing communist China’s agenda. And at what cost?

Share your thoughts with Pants on Fire News in the comments below.

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