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CNN could shut Fox News down for good after making one outrageous claim



Fox News’ viewership is declining at a rapid pace they’ve never experienced. 

It all began when they turned on former President Donald Trump. 

And CNN could shut down Fox News for good after making one outrageous claim.

Fox News caved under pressure from the radical Left, and the Republican establishment. 

After the media reported Joe Biden’s win, they jumped completely on board with the narrative, even calling some states for Biden before networks like CNN did. 

Fox News refused to allow hosts to bring up the very real evidence of voter fraud.

And in some cases, they outright mocked those questioning the election results. 

In turn, Fox News has seen a huge decline in viewership, with CNN even having more average viewers than they do. 

And CNN sees this, and is trying to put the final stake through the heart of their competitor. 

CNN’s Chris Cuomo brought New York Times columnist Tom Friedman on air to talk about how they can take down Fox News for good. 

Friedman has a long record of outrageous statements, like when he called Republicans “un-American whores putting a bullet in the country,” and the “biggest threat to our democracy since the Civil War.”

Now he is targeting Fox News, insisting that they gave Trump supporters “permission” to be terrorists, similar to radical Islamist suicide bombers. 

He compared Fox News’ pro-Trump coverage as similar to those promoting terrorist ideas to Muslim extremists, saying, “I really draw on the experience now these days of the whole war against Muslim extremism after 9/11. And I tell you the biggest thing I learned from that. That you need a war of ideas and it’s got to come from within.”

He went on to insist that Fox News needs to lose the ability to give “permission” to so-called terrorists. 

“We need to take that permission away,” Friedman said. “Just Trump leaving will be at the beginning of that. But the ecosystem, the Fox News permission givers, the whole ecosystem has to say this is off. This is wrong. You are not proud boys, you’re dumb boys. It has to come from within the right and that is what we all have to be calling for as journalists, as politicians, and, Chris, as business leaders.”

To do that, he calls on the business community to defund the network, saying, “The American business community has got to tell every one of these shows if you are promoting a big lie, we are taking the money away. That’s what a war of ideas is all about.”

CNN sees that Fox News is in a weak position now.

And they may be able to succeed in taking them down at this point.

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Fox News

Rush Limbaugh’s closest friend went on Fox News and admitted something surprising




The effects of Rush Limbaugh’s passing this February are still being felt in conservative media.

Rush’s friends are beginning to speak out.

And Rush Limbaugh’s closest friend went on Fox News and admitted something surprising.

James Golden – aka Bo Snerdley – served as the producer of Rush’s show from the beginning.

After Rush’s passing, Golden has begun to do more media appearances to communicate the conservative message and attack left-wing hypocrisy.

In an interview with Fox News Primetime host Mark Steyn, Golden ripped Democrats’ attacks on the new election integrity law in Georgia.

Golden said that as a black man, it offended him the way Democrats would talk about black voters being incapable of obtaining a drivers license to present as identification when they cast a ballot.

“It’s depraved. Let’s look back: How long have Democrats and liberals been talking about I.D. as a problem for black people? It’s been over a decade.”

Golden compared how Democrat run states go out of their way to get drivers licenses in the hands of illegal aliens, but then turn around and say it is impossible for black residents of their states to obtain any form of picture identification.

“So please, every African American in America ask yourself one question: How is it that the Democratic Party can make sure that illegal immigrants to America can get I.D. – so they can have legal drivers licenses, but you can’t have a legal I.D. so you can partake in American society fully?” Golden added.

Golden also noted that the long voting lines that the media and Democrats complain about always occur in minority precincts that are run by Democrats.

“So African-Americans ask yourselves one question. Why is it that Black neighborhoods that Democrats run have long lines that require you to stand in line for hours and hours and hours when white folks and others in Americans don’t have the long lines? Republicans are not running those districts. Who runs your town? It’s not the evil Republicans. It’s your friends, the Democrats,” Golden added.

Golden is just one of a number of conservatives – as well as fact-checkers in mainstream sources – that exposed how the Democrats lied about the Georgia election integrity law.

The media amplified many of these lies such as “Jim Crow 2.0” by reporting the bill as a bill to restrict voting rights when it actually expanded early voting.

But even with all the lies from the press and Democrats, the truth broke through.

Thanks to dedicated conservative messengers like Golden, a recent Morning Consult poll on the Georgia election integrity law found 42 percent of Americans supported the law with just 36 percent opposed.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Fox News had one surprising response to this top Republican wanting to join the network




Fox News has been on a hiring spree recently.

But no one expected this.

And Fox News had one surprising response to this top Republican wanting to join the network.

Florida Congressman and prominent Trump supporter Matt Gaetz is defending himself from allegations he carried on a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl.

Gaetz flatly denied the allegations as false and produced text messages and emails that alleged a former federal prosecutor and Air Force intelligence officer tried to blackmail him over the claims.

Prior to this story breaking, Gaetz leaked that he was considering retiring from Congress and joining Newsmax.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Gaetz confirmed those rumors.

“Yes. I’ve had many conversations with many people about life after Congress. These conversations have been very general in nature and have never included me soliciting or receiving an offer of employment,” Gaetz stated.

Gaetz added that every major conservative outlet including Fox News expressed interest in having him join their platform.

“There is not a single conservative television station I haven’t had a passing conversation with about life after Congress. I have neither received nor solicited offers from any of them. But yes, I’ve talked to either executives, producers or hosts at Newsmax, OAN, Fox, Fox Business, Real America’s Voice and probably others I’m forgetting in this moment as I focus intently on refuting false accusations against me,” Gaetz stated.

But a Fox News spokesperson rejected that claim.

“No one with any level of authority has had conversations with Matt Gaetz for any of our platforms and we have no interest in hiring him,” Fox News told the Daily Beast.

Right now, Matt Gaetz is radioactive.

Until these charges go away he will have few friends in Congress and media outlets will not want to hire him.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Fox News

Fox News turncoat was forced to admit a disturbing truth about Joe Biden




The corporate-controlled press is completely in the tank for Joe Biden.

That was clear as day during the entire general election.

But one Fox News turncoat was forced to admit a disturbing truth about Biden.

Fox News host Chris Wallace has long rankled Republicans for his contentious treatment of Donald Trump while lobbing softballs at Joe Biden during the campaign.

A low point for Wallace came during the first Presidential debate where he essentially tag-teamed with Biden to attack Trump.

But even Wallace was forced to come clean about Biden’s off-the-rails press conference, the first of his Presidency.

Biden went two full months without taking questions from the media, spurring doubts about his mental acuity to handle impromptu questions from White House correspondents.

Those doubts were exacerbated when Biden slogged through the presser by reading talking points from a script.

Wallace commented, “I was also struck by the fact that it seemed on every foreign policy question . . . he went to his briefing book like Jen Psaki does and was reading obviously White House guidance, White House talking points . . . Covering Ronald Reagan for six years I never saw that. Watching a lot of news conferences over a lot of years, I’ve never seen that . . . a President in a news conference reading talking points.”

Yet the corporate-controlled press wants the American people not to trust their lying eyes and ignore the fact the President of the United States was reading a script on basic questions.

Biden also refused to call on Peter Doocy of Fox News or any other right-of-center outlets.

Conversely, Trump never shied away from bulldog reporters.

Biden also closed the press conference with his troubling habit of losing his train of thought mid-sentence, then giving up on the statement.

Biden was also asked twice about whether or not he would run for re-election in 2024, which illustrates how even the press doesn’t believe he has what it takes.

The Democrat Media Complex doesn’t particularly care, though, because the establishment is in charge and Biden is rubber-stamping all of their policy priorities.

The American people are witnessing an empty suit Presidency, but they’re being told Biden is a transformational President.

He’s transformational in the sense that his handlers are pushing disturbing policies that threaten the long-term health of the country.

China has to be licking its chops.

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