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Chris Hayes said something about Tucker Carlson and Fox News that was insane even by MSNBC standards



Chris Hayes is attempting to raise his profile at MSDNC.

Some of the more outrageous hosts have lapped him in over-the-top rhetoric.

But Hayes said something about Tucker Carlson and Fox News that was insane even by MSNBC standards.

The Left have been attempting to destroy Fox News for over 20 years.

They cannot stand that there is a right-of-center alternative to ceaseless left-wing propaganda.

And MSNBC host Chris Hayes had the gall to say that Fox News was the “single-most destructive institution in all of American politics.”

Hayes and other Democrats have always believed this because they cannot handle dissenting opinions, but they’re doubling down based on a lawsuit filed in the wake of the 2020 elections.

“I missed a shocking story that just broke,” Hayes , apparently fresh off a vacation, stated on a recent show regarding the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News.

“We got a whole host of damning new details on what may be the single-most destructive institution in all of American politics,” Hayes continued. “Of course, I am talking about Fox News. This Fox story is the rare kind of story where the truth turns out to be even more cartoonish, really terrible, than anything you could have possibly imagined from watching from the outside. As new information comes from two recent filings in the defamation case against the network demonstrates in black and white what Fox is, 100% a propaganda outlet. They are engaged in bad faith, are at war with the truth that they know to be the truth. The final part is important.”

MSNBC calling anyone a “propaganda outlet” is rich, especially when they put disgraced intelligence community bigwigs like John Brennan and James Clapper on the air.

Clapper lied under oath to Congress, and Brennan spied on Congress, but they were sufficiently anti-Donald Trump and anti-Republican.

Hayes went on to insist the company’s court filings “proves” it was the subject of a conspiracy with Donald Trump “that Fox knew that was all a lie.” but said they went along because “they also knew that Donald Trump wanted to say it…in order to remain in Trump’s base good graces and keep making money.”

The lawsuit is ongoing and all of the details have not come out.

It’s up to the legal process to decide whether the filings actually prove anything, not Chris Hayes.

But Hayes’s message about staying “in Trump’s good graces” is certainly undercut by the fact that Trump was furious at Fox News and told people to watch Newsmax.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Media Bias

Howard Stern used three words to obliterate MSNBC over Donald Trump




Few media figures do “inappropriate” with as much regularity as Howard Stern. 

So, when the talk radio host decided to call out MSNBC over Donald Trump, it was bound to get plenty of attention. 

But Howard Stern needed just three words to obliterate MSNBC over Donald Trump. 

And his critique of MSNBC for over-the-top coverage was spot on. 

For years Democrats have been fantasizing about handcuffs snapping shut around Donald Trump’s wrist.

Nobody has been clinging to that dream more tightly than leftists at MSNBC. 

So, when the man himself revealed leaked information indicating his arrest at the behest of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was pending, the crowd went wild over at MSNBC. 

Even as Bragg started to get cold feet and began backing away from his ill-advised and likely illegal attack on the former President, the so-called journalists over at MSNBC became increasingly jittery, anticipating the realization of their political hopes and dreams. 

According to Stern the talent over at MSNBC has been “going f—–g berserk.”

“I was watching MSNBC, they were going f—— berserk with, you know, Trump potentially being arrested Stern,” complained to co-host Robin Quivers during an episode of The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM.

Stern pointed out that when it comes to indictment rumors the main-stream media sounds like a recording stuck on a loop. 

“’Oh, my God.’ It’s the same discussion over and over again,” Stern declared. “They go, ‘It’s very possible that President Trump will be indicted according to…'”

Stern added that there’s a sure-proof way to find out what will happen. 

“And then they all come on the air and they’re all discussing whether or not Trump’s gonna be indicted. I go, ‘You know, why don’t you sit tight and wait and see, instead of, like, speculating?'” he pointed out. 

Quivers then jumped in to point out a big problem with how politics are covered in this country. 

“That’s right, you don’t have to speculate,” she said. “See, this is what my problem is with those news shows. They treat politics like sports. When something like the Super Bowl is coming up, you have two weeks to discuss what’s gonna happen in the Super Bowl.”

Stern then pointed out the most ironic aspect of the whole situation. 

“You know, it’s crazy, the thing I love is that everyone is talking about Trump, Trump, Trump,” Stern said. “And yesterday was the day he was going to be arrested, but Trump is the one who said he was going to be arrested and they all believe him that he was going to be arrested.”

Quivers agreed, pointing out that the former President is controlling the situation more than anyone in the corporate-controlled media wants to admit. 

“He drummed up the news again. I said, ‘I guess people are happy because he’s back and he’s telling them what stories to cover,’” she concluded. 

There’s plenty of truth to that last observation. 

As hard as leftists in the press have worked to kick him out of office, it was at their own peril. 

The day Joe Biden was inaugurated marked the start of a steep section in the long and painful decline of most television news outlets. 

Apparently, few people can tolerate the blatant pandering on networks like MSNBC. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Fox News

Never Trumper just went on MSNBC and embarrassed himself with one comment about Fox News




Warmongers continue to rage against Fox News.

They cannot stand that Tucker Carlson is arguably the biggest non-interventionist voice on television.

And this Never Trumper just went on MSNBC and embarrassed himself with one comment about Fox News.

The election of Donald Trump was a disaster for the warmongers.

Many of them tucked their tails and ran to the Democratic Party.

Among the most shameless warmongers was Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson, who can be found slumming it on MSNBC and CNN.

He appeared on MSNBC with Ari Melber to take shots at Fox News.

Wilson said, “I thought the pressure on Fox is continuing. I think that the revelations from Dominion so far in these filings have shown us that Fox is an entertainment and propaganda channel disguised as a news network. And that they were profoundly irresponsible, especially regarding the things that led up to January 6 and the big lie of Trump’s re-election.”

This is rich coming from Wilson; the Lincoln Project has been exposed as grifters simply siphoning donations from gullible Democrat voters.

Wilson continued, “There is a preponderance of evidence now that has hurt Fox in two ways, with normal people who didn’t process how mendacious they were, and also with the MAGA voters who used to look at Fox as gospel who now have seen that Fox holds them in great contempt. Regardless of the legal outcomes I think Fox has sustained a lot of radiation, a lot of damage that will continue on.”

Apparently Wilson did not see the latest ratings, which still have Fox News far and away number one in cable news rankings.

Wilson added, “I don’t think Fox gets back either the fanatic hardcore Trump supporters or the folks who were more in the center. The center-right folks have been very skeptical for a long time that the machine that Fox built is out of control and has produced a Republican base that is wildly out of control and endangering both the future of the party and the country.”

Of course, Wilson has zero evidence of this.

The Lincoln Project’s whole reason for being was to stop Donald Trump, but now they’ve switched to attacking Ron DeSantis even though he’s Trump’s chief rival for the 2024 GOP nomination.

The grift must continue, so the mission statement has changed.

Wilson and the warmongers will go wherever they must in order to have their endless wars.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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WATCH: Jen Psaki uttered five words in her MSNBC debut that had everyone spitting out their coffee




Jen Psaki has officially moved from paid Joe Biden spokeswoman to “objective” journalist.

This is standard operating procedure for the establishment press.

But Jen Psaki uttered five words in her MSNBC debut that had everyone spitting out their coffee.

Former White House Press Secretary has transitioned from getting paid by the taxpayers to lie for Joe Biden to getting paid by MSNBC to lie for Biden.

The relationship between Democratic politicians and the so-called mainstream media is truly incestuous.

At the last White House Correspondents’ Dinner, comedian Trevor Noah joked, “Congratulations to Jen on your big career change. But, you know, moving to MSNBC is going to be a big switch-up for you because right now your current job is to make the Biden administration look as good as possible, you know, at all costs. Now you’re gonna be at MSNBC and you’re gonna have to—you’ll be fine, actually.”

In the launch for her poorly named MSNBC show Inside with Jen Psaki, the former White House press secretary took a shot at Republicans fighting back in the culture war.

Psaki tweeted, “Let your woke flag fly” in an attempt to drum up interest in her monologue.

Psaki argued, “For Republicans, wokeness is Public Enemy number one…By the sound of it, there is simply no greater threat to American liberty; whether or not they believe it, they clearly think it’s a winning message ahead of 2024. And it makes you think, are they on to something? Should I be freaking out about how right-wing Republicans are co-opting woke and wokeism? My gut here is no; you don’t need to be too worried about their war on woke because the Republican crusade against wokeness may not be as potent of a campaign issue as they may hope.”

Psaki’s entire premise fell flat.

If voters weren’t concerned about wokeness, Glenn Youngkin would not have won the gubernatorial race in Virginia against former governor and Democrat Party boss Terry McAuliffe.

Parents have rallied to school boards across the country to protest neo-Marxist garbage like critical race theory and postmodernist garbage like radical gender theory.

The Democrats are clearly concerned about the war on “woke” because they are desperately attempting to reframe the argument.

But it’s too late.

Left-wing insanity now has an identifiable name, and that name is woke.

Leftists thrive off moving in silence and using nonsensical terms and concepts.

Now that their craziness has been exposed and given a name, the Democrats are scrambling to change the narrative.

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