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Media Bias

Brian Williams launched an attack on Ron DeSantis that will backfire big time



Brian Williams is so disgraced, he has been relegated to hosting an 11pm MSNBC show nobody watches.

On his show, he constantly attacks Trump and his allies.

And Brian Williams’ latest attack on Ron DeSantis will backfire big time.

When most Americans are asleep, Brian Williams is rambling on as host of MSNBC’s The 11th Hour.

This is quite the downgrade from his former position as prime-time anchor of NBC Nightly News.

But after he lied about being inside a military helicopter that was forced down after being hit by an RPG during the Iraq War, he became a laughing stock.

Now he spreads lies and conspiracy theories about Republicans on his new show slot at MSNBC, where spreading falsehoods are actively encouraged.

And on a recent airing of his show, he launched an attack on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis showing exactly how DeSantis could become President in 2024.

At the end of his show, he spoke about both DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

“Last thing before we go tonight,” Williams began. “If you’re a Trumper Republican, there’s really no limit to what you can say to fire up the base. You can gaslight with the best of them, you can lie with impunity. Generally the rule is: Say or do the most shocking thing imaginable, and that’s how you stay on brand.”

In reality, what Williams considers a lie is anything he disagrees with, and the “shocking things” he refers to are truths that offend him and his left-wing allies.

He then goes after Abbott with a series of fake attacks:

“Which brings us somehow back to the rootin’-tootin’ Trumper governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. His state doesn’t have a dependable power grid, and yet he’s going to build his own wall on the border. And he’s being richly rewarded by a visit from his guy, Trump, next week.”

Williams concludes with a statement that shows exactly why DeSantis is the number one pick among Republicans, besides President Trump himself, when it comes to the 2024 election.

The disgraced news host said, “If Abbott wants to, say, run for President, he must be more further ensconced in a particular area of Trump’s anatomy than even Ron DeSantis of Florida. And that won’t be easy.”

DeSantis truly has proven himself as a possible heir to the America First movement Trump started with his 2016 campaign.

In fact, he has done that so well that the Florida Governor beat out even Trump in a recent straw poll at the Western Conservative Summit, scoring a 74.1% approval among attendees compared to Trump’s 71.4% approval.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date with this ongoing story.

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Media Bias

Leftists went into meltdown mode after one story about a gun rights advocate



Donald Trump exposed the dishonesty of the corporate-controlled press.

He woke up millions of Americans to the fact the so-called “mainstream” media has a clear and extreme left-wing bias.

And leftists just went into meltdown mode after one story about a gun rights advocate.

There’s an expectation on the Left that legacy media institutions have a left-wing bias.

While the Left likes to pretend that corporate-controlled press outlets are nonpartisan, they also don’t want to see any stories even remotely favorable to the Right.

That’s why the Left blew a gasket when The Washington Post ran a fair piece on gun rights advocate and radio host Dana Loesch.

The Post author worked in his usual left-wing slant, but restrained himself from writing an outright hit piece.

The Post wrote:

“She connects with listeners by deploying a polished delivery, citing a blizzard of data, then pivoting for effect to the cadence of her backwoods youth. It’s an approach that has driven her ascendance: She recently was named the sixth most important person in talk radio by the industry bible, Talkers magazine, with a roughly estimated audience of 6.5 million a day . . .”

Naturally, blue-checkmark journalists lost their minds on Twitter because Loesch wasn’t made to look like a ghoul.

Perhaps Loesch’s most famous moment came when she was ambushed at a CNN town hall after the Parkland shooting.

Loesch was subjected to a 1984-esque two minutes hate, replete with booing and hissing.

She had to sit there and listen to know-nothing 17-year-olds who said they cared more about her kids than she did because they were in favor of gun control.

Leftists don’t want to have to contend with Loesch’s arguments on the Second Amendment, so they would rather pretend she doesn’t exist.

Countering left-wing narratives can have serious ramifications at publications like The Post.

New York Times op-ed editor James Bennett was fired for simply running an op-ed from Senator Tom Cotton.

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Media Bias

A CNN host’s reaction to a Supreme Court decision showed everything wrong with the media



CNN – like all corporate media outlets – are hopelessly biased.

But there is one issue where their bias shines through above all others.

And a CNN host’s reaction to a Supreme Court decision showed everything wrong with the media.

Abortion is one issue where the media will only act like there is one side.

Every reporter, anchor, and analyst outlets like CNN put on the air is a down the line abortion fanatic.

Kate Bolduan is now exception.

On her show Wednesday, Bolduan reacted angrily to the news that the Supreme Court let a Texas law stand that essentially bans abortion after six weeks by allowing individuals to file civil lawsuits against abortion mills.

Bolduan claimed it was hypocritical for Americans who opposed mask and vaccine mandates to support laws banning abortion.

Bolduan ranted:

Let’s just be real. The very same people in the very same state who say, ‘Don’t you dare tell me to wear a mask.’ The same people who say that is government overreach because it violates individual freedoms.

Those very same people clearly are saying now, never mind when it comes to my body and the medical decisions that I make with the advice of my doctor.

Now that choice is totally fair game apparently to be taken out of my hand and dictated now by a bunch of politicians. That is hypocrisy. This is hypocrisy, the definition of it.

Pro-abortion zealots like Bolduan always miss the point.

Vaccine and mask mandates are individual decisions.

An abortion ends the life of another human being.

Not wearing a mask or refusing the coronavirus vaccine is not an automatic death sentence for other people the way an abortion is for a baby.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Media Bias

Jen Psaki got asked one question about Donald Trump that left the press room stunned



White House press secretary Jen Psaki thought she had heard it all.

Psaki was dead wrong.

And Jen Psaki got asked one question about Donald Trump that left the press room stunned.

During a recent White House press briefing, reporter Andrew Feinberg asked Psaki about an upcoming Donald Trump rally in Ohio.

Feinberg fed into the corporate-controlled media narrative that Donald Trump led an attack on American democracy by wondering if Psaki had spoken to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine about concerns that Trump rallies would lead to mobs of Trump supporters murdering people.

“President [Joe] Biden’s predecessor is going to return to his campaign-style rallies in Ohio this coming weekend. Has anyone from the administration reached out to Gov. DeWine or anyone in Ohio’s government about the possibility of violence resulting from his return to the trail? Is there any concern of him going out and continuing to insist that the election is fraudulent and that he actually won could result in anyone being hurt or killed?” Feinberg asked.

“Obviously we take the rhetoric of the former guy — as we like to say — quite seriously, as everyone should,” Psaki said trying to duck the question without conceding that Donald Trump was not leading a violent mob across America.

Feinberg’s question came out of the lies surrounding January 6 that Trump supporters staged a deadly insurrection where rioting Trump supporters murdered a police officer.

The only person who died as a direct result of the events of January 6 was Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt who was shot and killed by a still unnamed Capitol Hill Police Officer.

But the media and the Democrat Party is fully invested in the false narrative that Trump is the leader of a seditionist movement trying to overthrow American democracy.

Democrats believe convincing Americans that this lie is true is their best bet to hold on to power in next year’s midterm election.

And Andrew Feinberg tried to do his part with that question.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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