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Big Tech censored one conservative journalist for this chilling reason



The Democrat Media Complex is increasing its attacks on Republicans.

Anyone who speaks out against the establishment monolith must be crushed.

Now Big Tech censored one conservative journalist for a chilling reason.

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe has been a gadfly for the Left for years.

His organization Project Veritas has broken several scandals including exposing the now defunct left-wing activist organization ACORN, and highlighting voter fraud in Minnesota, New Hampshire, Texas, and other jurisdictions.

But the official Project Veritas Twitter page was nuked for posting an exposé about a Facebook executive.

However, O’Keefe explains that he did nothing wrong, and it should be noted that he’s never lost a lawsuit.

The Democrats and their pals in media and Big Tech never apply standards both ways.

People who are counter-narrative get banned for arbitrary reasons, but reports about Donald Trump’s tax returns were not censored.

Stories that included leaked phone conversations of Melania Trump were not banned.

Meanwhile, the New York Post’s Hunter Biden scoop was suppressed by Facebook and Twitter.

The corporate press did not report on the story, dismissing it as possible Russian disinformation even though former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said there was zero evidence from the intel agencies that the Hunter Biden’s laptop story was a foreign op.

It wasn’t until after the election that the press admitted that the story was legitimate.

Big Tech already threw Donald Trump in digital prison by banning him from every single major social media platform.

Project Veritas and other conservative outlets could be next.

There have already been calls in the press to take Fox News off the air.

The push from the Left for total conformity won’t stop, especially with Joe Biden in the White House.

Twitter competitor Parler showed that it’s not enough to build an alternative platform; it’s imperative to build entire infrastructure separate from the “woke” mob.

O’Keefe has pledged to keep doing what he’s doing in exposing corruption, and other conservatives need to be just as persistent.

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Big Tech

Ted Cruz proposed one change that is going to set the media’s hair on fire



Republicans are starting to acknowledge the fact that the corporate-controlled media consists of Democrat Party activists.

That’s bad news for the Left.

And Ted Cruz proposed one change that is going to set the media’s hair on fire.

Senator Cruz – a likely 2024 Presidential contender – appeared on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show and wholeheartedly endorsed the idea of having center right journalists serve as debate moderators in the 2024 GOP Presidential primary debates.

“Absolutely,” Cruz told Hewitt. “Emphatically agree. This is something I’ve been calling for, for years. And there’s a very simple rule that makes a lot of sense and would dramatically change these debates, which is that I think anybody moderating a Republican primary debate in the presidential race should be somebody who intends to vote in the Republican primary. That is a mild, simple step. Right now, the status quo, let’s take the last election, 100% of the people asking questions of the Democrats in their primaries, 100% of those people voted in the Democratic primary. They’re all liberal Democrats. You had liberal Democrats asking Democrats questions. That’s actually quite helpful.”

Every cycle left-wing journalists pepper Republican candidates with questions from a liberal perspective to create lines of attack for their Democrat opponents in the fall campaign.

The Republican National Committee recently stated they will advise candidates to skip debates unless reforms to the moderator selection process are made.

Ted Cruz explained this was a good idea because every single one of the corporate-controlled media moderators selected for past debates were liberal Democrats.

“I don’t know that for sure, but I know that they’re all wildly Left,” Cruz declared. “I know George Stephanopoulos was a senior aide in the Clinton White House, and has been a Democrat since he was in short shorts. So, did I pull their voting records? No. But I know the people, and they’re all liberal Democrats. Here’s the maddening thing. On the Republican side, that was very close to the case as well.”

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Big Tech

Big Tech is helping Democrats suppress one story to push their gun control agenda



The 2020 election showed just how much the Democrat Media Complex can put its thumb on the scale.

The corporate-controlled press and social media giants colluded to weaken Donald Trump’s chances of being re-elected.

Now Big Tech is helping Democrats suppress one story to push their gun control agenda.

Democrats are always looking for a reason to chip away at gun rights.

Their latest pretense involves a horrific shooting in Boulder, Colorado that left ten people dead.

When the news of the incident first broke, the Fake News Media and Democrats were quick to blame white supremacy.

But when it was later revealed that the shooter was a Syrian immigrant who supported ISIS, the narrative quickly changed to gun control.

Worse yet, Facebook quickly scrubbed his account to hide the fact he was virulently anti-Trump and pro-Islamic extremism.

There were even reports that he was targeting Trump rallies, Republican headquarters, and Christian churches.

The Democrats have a narrative and they will stick to it regardless of the facts.

After the despicable shooting at Asian massage parlors in Atlanta, white supremacy was to blame, even though the shooter told police he was motivated by sex addiction.

In the case of the Boulder shooter, Democrats simply pivoted to gun control.

The Left won’t stop until they’ve confiscated every gun in America.

Whether they want to admit it or not, that is the ultimate goal for Democrats.

They hate the concept of the Second Amendment and they would do away with it if they could.

Colorado already has in place gun laws that the Left clamors for, and the shooter was allegedly known to the FBI.

Adding more gun laws isn’t going to solve the problem of violent crime.

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