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Media Bias

Big Media doesn’t want you to watch this gut-wrenching movie



Trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low.

Endless fake news stories about Donald Trump and Republicans continue to damage the press’ credibility.

And Big Media certainly doesn’t want you to watch this new gut-wrenching movie.

Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood treasure.

Not only is he a prolific actor and director, he’s also one of the rare openly-conservative people in Hollywood who’re still allowed operate at the highest levels of the film industry.

Most have been driven entirely underground by an industry dominated by Leftists who have no problem blackballing anyone who leans Right.

Eastwood’s latest film “Richard Jewell” covers the story of the bombing during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

And the movie takes direct aim at the negligent news media.

News Busters reports:

Eastwood may have topped himself with Richard Jewell. The film, out Dec. 13, recalls how the FBI and media unfairly painted the portly security guard as the main suspect in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing. The blast killed one and injured 111 people.

The far-left Hollywood Reporter praised Richard Jewell, but it did something else with its glowing review. It confirmed what many suspected from the film’s trailer. The movie savages the mainstream press.

Yes, the events in the film took place more than 20 years ago, but once again Eastwood gets the zeitgeist better than his peers. While they stumble over repeated Fox News films and fawning media portraits, he’s showcasing what’s happening in the media today.

Eastwood provides a breath of fresh air amid the unrelenting stories with clear Left-wing bias.

The News Busters report referenced the two separate hit pieces on Fox News and deceased network architect Roger Ailes.

One project was a Showtime limited series starring Russell Crowe, and the other is a star-studded feature film.

The Left can’t stand the fact that there’s one dissident voice in the news surrounded by a sea of Left-wing sources.

Eastwood’s film should offer a counterweight to the self-aggrandizing media narrative of partisan CNN reporters metaphorically running into burning buildings to humbly bring you the news.

There’s a reason why only 41% of Americans trust mass media, and “Richard Jewell” examines that.

Is it too late for the mainstream media to rebuild its reputation?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    November 29, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    The mainstream media can regain our trust but it will take a long time. They must stop faking the news and they must verify news stories not just running with a non-verified rumor. Their reporters and writers will have to learn how to be journalists again and be neutral. Like I said, it will take a long time.

    • ssilv48

      November 30, 2019 at 2:05 am

      Actually, they are controlled by the old man soros and it will not stop. Talk about taking out the seed, really means something here.

      • Mark Mastrogiovanni

        November 30, 2019 at 4:58 pm

        George and his two sons are only the tip of the globalist iceberg. Americans have gotten to lazy to search out the truth and take appropriate action. I used to think an EMP or CME was the worst thing that could happen to America. Now I’m not so sure. If God is merciful to us he’ll give us a wakeup call. If not we’re about to experience hell on earth the likes of which we haven’t seen since the bubonic plague in the 1300s followed by the mini-ice age.


    November 29, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    Its way too late and it just gets worse because they are still trying to do it. Even as many of the main stream media outlets are getting sued, ratings in the toilet, massive layoffs and being exposed for outright lying to the public, main stream media just keeps on printing lies.What is amazing is they act like they actually think most Americans still believe what the say and print even while their ratings show almost nobody watches them anymore.

  3. Aussieann

    November 29, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    I don’t think it’s possible for them to get our trust back, I notice so many untruths that it’s hard to believe anything they say. They are so biased in their reporting that it makes it very difficult to take anything they say as truthful. It’s such a shame that they twist the news to suit their narrative.

    • Becky

      November 30, 2019 at 5:07 am

      They Could win back our trust just by reporting the truth in news & not reporting lies. But will they? I doubt it. No honor there, they have sold their souls to liberal fake news.

      • The Iceman

        November 30, 2019 at 7:28 pm

        Show them all…..Vote in Trump for 2020 and make the cry.

  4. Had enough

    November 29, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    What is really a shame is that all of these Trump-haters are repeating what they hear on mainstream media, as if it were the absolute truth. The media is who have caused this division in our country by creating the lies and turning half of the population against the other half. The propaganda is causing issues of its own by feeding the hate.

  5. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    November 29, 2019 at 7:59 pm

    Mainstream media is in deep trouble. A lot of smaller liberal networks are going out of business, or consolidating under the big liberal banners. Gannett news papers are consolidating under USA Today and buying most of the paper media companies. This is a last-ditch effort to stem the destruction of the print media. The only problem with that is that you’ll have one or two large conglomerates, like the Soviet Union’s Pravda and another paper which escapes me at this time, who will control the content of what’s reported.

  6. Spike

    November 29, 2019 at 9:32 pm

    The only way – we will have to wait for the next generation of journalists. They will have to be very strong, independent thinkers and risk takers because they will be educated for the most part by a predominantly liberal cadre of professors and there are not many (any?) heroes for them to model themselves after in the news/media today!!! Go Clint! Everything he does is quality!

  7. nick bustamante

    November 29, 2019 at 11:59 pm

    If Fox fires Tucker or Hannity they will lose all their audience…..

  8. Ralph Pidgeon

    November 30, 2019 at 4:38 pm

    Clint Eastwood is truly an American Patriot.

  9. Bruce

    November 30, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    Thank god for Clint Eastwood.

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The sick thing this former Trump ally said on CNN crossed a line you won’t believe



There’s nothing CNN loves more than trotting out any former Trump ally they find.

They use them to try to prove President Trump is losing support.

And the sick thing this former Trump ally said on CNN crossed a line you won’t believe.

For a very brief period, Anthony Scaramucci served as White House Director of Communications.

He had to be fired after he was caught in a series of profanity-laced rants with reporters.

Scaramucci tried to remain a Trump ally but soon began attacking the President because it’s likely the only way he can get on TV nowadays.

In a recent CNN appearance, Scaramucci took his anti-Trump rhetoric to new levels, insinuating that Trump’s allies in the House are “Vichy Republicans,” referring to the Nazis’ collaborators in France.

Scaramucci then went on to compare Trump to OJ Simpson, and called him a “traitor” to the Constitution.

NewBusters reports:

“Scaramucci was back on CNN this morning for one of his regular Trump-bashing fests with Alisyn Camerota. Who calls this show New Day? It feels more like Groundhog Day.

The Mooch is of course President Trump’s quondam communications director, who, having been defenestrated after a tenure record-breaking for its brevity, has turned into one of the president’s most bitter antagonists. 

Scaramucci vilified the congressional Republicans supporting President Trump as “Vichy Republicans,” thus analogizing them to the French collaborators with the Nazis. Camerota suggested “that’s a really strong charge.” Mooch claimed he wasn’t comparing anybody to Hitler. Right. Just to the people who collaborated with Hitler.

Scaramucci also compared President Trump to OJ, saying Simpson wasn’t caught for the murders, but for another offense. The Trump-OJ analogy has become something of an MSM trope, Chuck Todd having used it two weeks ago.

For good measure, The Mooch accused President Trump of being a “traitor” to the Constitution.”

Based on his behavior, Scaramucci seems to be in the midst of a breakdown.

Of course, that doesn’t stop CNN from bringing him on to shout erratic attacks at his one-time boss.

Do you think CNN is fake news?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Media Bias

Tucker Carlson left a fake news host red with rage by pointing out one brutal truth



There’s nobody in the media the Left hates more than Tucker Carlson.

He is unafraid of speaking his mind, even when they try to force him off the air over it.

And Carlson just left a fake news host red with rage by pointing out one brutal truth.

In a recent episode of his Fox News show, Carlson did something nobody else in the media would dare.

He questioned the mass amounts of hatred directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin, asking why he is the ultimate boogeyman, when the U.S. has allies, like the King of Saudi Arabia, who could be considered much worse.

After playing a clip from NBC’s Chuck Todd, he went on to state that Putin, “does not hate America as much as many of these people do.”

Transcript from Tucker Carlson Tonight:

“TUCKER CARLSON: If you excluded debunked conspiracy theories, could any of these people actually tell you why Vladimir Putin is so bad? Why is he so bad? He’s bad, Chuck Todd says. Okay, speak slowly so I can understand. What makes Vladimir Putin worse than, I don’t know, a whole long list of American allies? Let’s try the King of Saudi Arabia, for example, or the people who run the Emirates – the people on whose payroll so many in Washington are right now. Why is he worse than them? They couldn’t answer that. For Chuck Todd and the rest of the dummies, Vladimir Putin isn’t a real person with actual ideas and priorities and a country and beliefs. No, he stopped being that long ago. He’s a metaphor, a living metaphor, he’s the Boogeyman. Step out of line and you’re a traitor in league with Vladimir Putin.

The irony, of course, is that Putin, for all his faults, does not hate America as much as many of these people do. They really dislike our country. And they call other people traitors? ‘Cause they’re mouthing the talking points of Putin. These are people who don’t know anything about Russia, who don’t speak Russian. Who couldn’t identify three cities in Russia.”

Needless to say, the mainstream media lost their minds over this claim.

The Daily Beast ran a headline with the title, “Tucker Carlson: ‘For All His Faults’ Putin Doesn’t Hate America as Much as Chuck Todd Does.”

And despite their biased take on his statements, the headline at least fairly covers the point he was making.

Do you agree with Tucker Carlson?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Trump’s campaign just sent one fake news outlet some news that changes everything for 2020



President Trump isn’t just at war against the Democrats.

He is in a battle against the Fake News Media, who are colluding with his enemies.

And Trump’s campaign sent one fake news outlet some news that changes everything for 2020.

Following the launch of billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s campaign for President, questions were raised about how his media company, Bloomberg News, will report on their boss’ campaign.

The outlet quickly answered, making it clear they will bar reporters from investigating the site’s founder, along with any other Democrat.

Instead, they will only investigate one campaign — President Trump’s.

That’s why Trump’s campaign announced it will not allow any Bloomberg reporter to get credentialed at any rally or campaign event until they reverse the decision.

NewsBusters reports:

“Early Monday afternoon, the Trump campaign announced in a statement they would not be credentialing anyone from “Bloomberg News for rallies or other campaign events” due to the news outlet’s policy of banning their journalists from investigating founder Michael Bloomberg and his 2020 Democratic opponents but insisting they continue digging into President Donald Trump.

Campaign manager Brad Parscale began by calling Bloomberg News’s decision “troubling and wrong” to “formalize” their biases toward Democrats and against the President even though Parascale and his team “are accustomed to unfair reporting practices” except for the fact that “most news organizations don’t announce their biases so publicly.”

Parscale then leveled the blow that the campaign had carried out against numerous news organizations for large stretches of its successful 2016 operation:

‘Since they have declared their bias openly, the Trump campaign will no longer credential representatives of Bloomberg News for rallies or other campaign events. We will determine whether to engage with individual reporters or answer inquires from Bloomberg News on a case-by-case basis. This will remain the policy of the Trump campaign until Bloomberg News publicly rescinds its decision.’”

Mike Bloomberg is already leveraging his position in the news outlet he owns to ensure he doesn’t get negative coverage.

He is hoping he can force other media to fall in line and regurgitate only what he wants the American people to hear in order to defeat Trump in 2020.

Trump is fighting back against this blatant ploy.

Do you think Bloomberg News being “in the tank” for their boss will help Mike Bloomberg defeat Trump?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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