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Big Media doesn’t want you to watch this gut-wrenching movie



Trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low.

Endless fake news stories about Donald Trump and Republicans continue to damage the press’ credibility.

And Big Media certainly doesn’t want you to watch this new gut-wrenching movie.

Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood treasure.

Not only is he a prolific actor and director, he’s also one of the rare openly-conservative people in Hollywood who’re still allowed operate at the highest levels of the film industry.

Most have been driven entirely underground by an industry dominated by Leftists who have no problem blackballing anyone who leans Right.

Eastwood’s latest film “Richard Jewell” covers the story of the bombing during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

And the movie takes direct aim at the negligent news media.

News Busters reports:

Eastwood may have topped himself with Richard Jewell. The film, out Dec. 13, recalls how the FBI and media unfairly painted the portly security guard as the main suspect in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing. The blast killed one and injured 111 people.

The far-left Hollywood Reporter praised Richard Jewell, but it did something else with its glowing review. It confirmed what many suspected from the film’s trailer. The movie savages the mainstream press.

Yes, the events in the film took place more than 20 years ago, but once again Eastwood gets the zeitgeist better than his peers. While they stumble over repeated Fox News films and fawning media portraits, he’s showcasing what’s happening in the media today.

Eastwood provides a breath of fresh air amid the unrelenting stories with clear Left-wing bias.

The News Busters report referenced the two separate hit pieces on Fox News and deceased network architect Roger Ailes.

One project was a Showtime limited series starring Russell Crowe, and the other is a star-studded feature film.

The Left can’t stand the fact that there’s one dissident voice in the news surrounded by a sea of Left-wing sources.

Eastwood’s film should offer a counterweight to the self-aggrandizing media narrative of partisan CNN reporters metaphorically running into burning buildings to humbly bring you the news.

There’s a reason why only 41% of Americans trust mass media, and “Richard Jewell” examines that.

Is it too late for the mainstream media to rebuild its reputation?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    November 29, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    The mainstream media can regain our trust but it will take a long time. They must stop faking the news and they must verify news stories not just running with a non-verified rumor. Their reporters and writers will have to learn how to be journalists again and be neutral. Like I said, it will take a long time.


    November 29, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    Its way too late and it just gets worse because they are still trying to do it. Even as many of the main stream media outlets are getting sued, ratings in the toilet, massive layoffs and being exposed for outright lying to the public, main stream media just keeps on printing lies.What is amazing is they act like they actually think most Americans still believe what the say and print even while their ratings show almost nobody watches them anymore.

  3. Aussieann

    November 29, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    I don’t think it’s possible for them to get our trust back, I notice so many untruths that it’s hard to believe anything they say. They are so biased in their reporting that it makes it very difficult to take anything they say as truthful. It’s such a shame that they twist the news to suit their narrative.

  4. Had enough

    November 29, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    What is really a shame is that all of these Trump-haters are repeating what they hear on mainstream media, as if it were the absolute truth. The media is who have caused this division in our country by creating the lies and turning half of the population against the other half. The propaganda is causing issues of its own by feeding the hate.

  5. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    November 29, 2019 at 7:59 pm

    Mainstream media is in deep trouble. A lot of smaller liberal networks are going out of business, or consolidating under the big liberal banners. Gannett news papers are consolidating under USA Today and buying most of the paper media companies. This is a last-ditch effort to stem the destruction of the print media. The only problem with that is that you’ll have one or two large conglomerates, like the Soviet Union’s Pravda and another paper which escapes me at this time, who will control the content of what’s reported.

  6. Spike

    November 29, 2019 at 9:32 pm

    The only way – we will have to wait for the next generation of journalists. They will have to be very strong, independent thinkers and risk takers because they will be educated for the most part by a predominantly liberal cadre of professors and there are not many (any?) heroes for them to model themselves after in the news/media today!!! Go Clint! Everything he does is quality!

  7. nick bustamante

    November 29, 2019 at 11:59 pm

    If Fox fires Tucker or Hannity they will lose all their audience…..

  8. ssilv48

    November 30, 2019 at 2:05 am

    Actually, they are controlled by the old man soros and it will not stop. Talk about taking out the seed, really means something here.

  9. Becky

    November 30, 2019 at 5:07 am

    They Could win back our trust just by reporting the truth in news & not reporting lies. But will they? I doubt it. No honor there, they have sold their souls to liberal fake news.

  10. Ralph Pidgeon

    November 30, 2019 at 4:38 pm

    Clint Eastwood is truly an American Patriot.

  11. Mark Mastrogiovanni

    November 30, 2019 at 4:58 pm

    George and his two sons are only the tip of the globalist iceberg. Americans have gotten to lazy to search out the truth and take appropriate action. I used to think an EMP or CME was the worst thing that could happen to America. Now I’m not so sure. If God is merciful to us he’ll give us a wakeup call. If not we’re about to experience hell on earth the likes of which we haven’t seen since the bubonic plague in the 1300s followed by the mini-ice age.

  12. Bruce

    November 30, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    Thank god for Clint Eastwood.

  13. The Iceman

    November 30, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    Show them all…..Vote in Trump for 2020 and make the cry.

  14. Peter

    December 16, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    Nothing will change the “media.” It is as incestuous as academia and is totally owned by the Left.

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CNN’s Jake Tapper flat-out refused to correct AOC when she was caught in this outrageous lie



Members of Congress used to be known for only lying to their constituents back home.

And the media was once known as “the arbiter of truth” and an institution of trust and respect.

But that has all changed and now CNN’s Jake Tapper flat-out refused to correct AOC when she was caught in this outrageous lie.

CNN’s Jake Tapper has gone from being considered by some as a respected, impartial journalist to just another left-wing hack who can lie and promote the Left’s with the best of them.

Tapper recently admitted that he allowed Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to blatantly lie about President Trump during a recent interview.

AOC said during the interview, “The beds and the capacity that we need in this country. And we’re hearing it every step of the way from this administration. First, we were hearing that it’s a hoax, then we were hearing that everything was fine.”

This all stemmed from earlier false press reports claiming the President called coronavirus a hoax. The claims were quickly disproven and even corrected by most news outlets.

But clearly not by CNN.

Tapper later even admitted he knew it was a lie from AOC, but chose not to say anything.

“I thought about it, because the president did not call the virus a hoax.” Tapper said.

Tapper went further in trying to deflect from the Congresswoman’s lie by simply accusing the president of being a liar.

“I guess that’s the problem with a politician who lies so often. While I agree that Democrats are mischaracterizing what he said, what he did say was also false so it’s tough to justify taking the time for a fact check when it’s not taking a stand defining the truth,” Jake added.

So, in other words, because Tapper doesn’t like the president and personally believes Donald Trump lies often, he decided not to correct a blatant lie on his show.

This disregard for the truth is so widespread by the media now, Tapper’s decision didn’t receive much coverage.

There was a time not so long ago when ploys like this would have cost a reporter his job.

But we have moved far past that time in history.

The Trump era may go down in history as the time that journalism died its last death.

Share your thoughts about this story with Pants on Fire News in the comments below.

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Donald Trump

The New York Times is using the current crisis to attack Christians for this outrageous reason



Most Americans are coming together to battle both the Chinese coronavirus and the economic fallout from forced business closings.

But the media has decided this crisis is a great time to attack the very country that first protected their freedom of the press.

And now The New York Times is using the current crisis to attack Christians for this outrageous reason.

The liberal mainstream media has been out of control for decades.

They have gone from reporting the news and providing vital information to being nothing more than a public relations company for the far Left.

Now the liberal mainstream media’s blatant disregard for truth, accuracy, and basic decency has reached new lows in the last four or five years.

It’s no wonder journalists have become among the least trusted segments of American society, joining lawyers, politicians, and infomercial spokesmen.

From CBS using fake video footage to promote an anti-Trump story on the coronavirus, to the Washington Post gleefully predicting Trump supporters would suffer the highest number of deaths from the virus, the media has reached new lows.

Now The New York Times has taken it even lower with a shocking claim that Christians are to blame for the Chinese coronavirus.

Last week, The Times published an op-ed placing the blame on the so-called “religious right” for President Trump’s supposedly delayed response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

In the editorial, self-described “journalist” and author Katherine Stewart attempted to argue that the President’s “anti-science” evangelical voter base is influencing him too heavily, causing him to ignore scientists on issues like vaccines and, of course, climate change.

The op-ed was originally released with the title “The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals” but after massive backlash the liberal rag toned down the title to “The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Coronavirus Response.”

Of course, both titles are vile and show the author’s (and the newspaper’s) violent bias against Christians.

Not to mention the author completely ignoring the fact that it is the Left’s anti-science views on life that have caused the slaughter of millions of children over the past few decades.

And it is the liberal anti-science views on gender that have led to the destruction of women’s sports and left thousands of scared, confused children facing mutilating surgeries.

What is most interesting about Stewart’s anti-Christian hit piece is that she focuses most of her vitriol on Christians who oppose the “Green New Deal” and other socialist attempts to take control by promoting fears of climate change.

Once again, the author ignores the fact that the same people claiming the earth will end in ten years have made those claims before.

In fact, some of these “scientists” have been predicting the end of the world since the 1970s.

And, the author conveniently leaves out the fact that as Donald Trump was first warning of the Chinese coronavirus in January, many “scientists” were claiming it couldn’t even be spread by human contact.

And when Trump placed a ban on travel from China to try and stop the spread, it was “scientists” who called him a racist and claimed a travel ban wasn’t needed.

Share your thoughts about this story with Pants on Fire News in the comments below.

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Donald Trump

The New York Times admitted one coronavirus error that had Trump grinning from ear to ear



During the coronavirus outbreak the Fake News Media is not trying to inform the American people.

Instead, so-called “reporters” are seizing on the pandemic to launch another front in their war to destroy Donald Trump.

But now The New York Times admitted one coronavirus error that had Trump grinning from ear to ear.

During a March White House press briefing the President expressed his hope that the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine would prove to be a game-changer as it showed promise in limited use in treating coronavirus patients.

While the evidence was anecdotal and more tests were clearly required, the President was offering the American people a ray of hope as the outbreak spread.

The New York Times – instead of reporting facts – attacked the President for falsely touting “unproven drugs.”

“At a long-winded White House briefing on Friday, President Trump enthusiastically and repeatedly promoted the promise of two long-used malaria drugs that are still unproven against the coronavirus, but being tested in clinical trials,” The Times wrote on March 20.

By April 1, The Times was singing a different tune reporting that “The malaria drug hydroxychloroquine helped to speed the recovery of a small number of patients who were mildly ill from the coronavirus, doctors in China reported this week.”

The Times also noted that the drug helped those with mild cases avoid a severe infection that could result in an ICU stay or having to go on a ventilator.

“Cough, fever and pneumonia went away faster, and the disease seemed less likely to turn severe in people who received hydroxychloroquine than in a comparison group not given the drug. The authors of the report said that the medication was promising, but that more research was needed to clarify how it might work in treating coronavirus disease and to determine the best way to use it,” The Times added.

While the study was limited there are extensive tests going on in New York with drugs and many Americans are hoping that there is more good news to be found.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story

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