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Joe Biden

Biden is restarting one Trump immigration policy and the media is dead silent



Joe Biden’s Presidency is already an abject failure.

But the corporate-controlled press has given Biden an unbelievable free pass.

Now Biden is restarting one Donald Trump immigration policy and the media is dead silent.

The corporate-controlled press hammered Donald Trump on many issues, but immigration policy was arguably their largest gripe.

They decried Trump as racist for advocating for a border wall, even though Trump got an increased share of the latino vote – it turns out latino Americans want border security, too.

Nevertheless, Joe Biden halted construction on the border wall as soon as he came into office, and reversed Trump’s border policies that had been effective.

The outcome was predictable: utter chaos.

And now the Biden administration is quietly resuming construction on the border wall.

The so-called “mainstream” media has tried so hard to ignore the crisis at the southern border, but it’s gotten too big to ignore.

Even Democrat politicians are calling out the administration for the calamity.

Illegal aliens and asylum seekers are being dropped off in border towns with literally nowhere to go.

Many are sleeping in local parks.

Meanwhile, videos have emerged of processions of illegal aliens marching into the country while border security is powerless to do anything.

The Democrats and their Fake News Media allies hated Trump and his tone, but they’re being faced with the reality that his realpolitik worked.

Democrats want unfettered illegal immigration because they get future voters down the road, and they get more Congressional apportionments.

But it’s the American people who end up suffering as a result of the bad policy.

Now that Biden is in charge, suddenly border walls and “overflow facilities” and “soft-sided nonpermanent structures” are necessary measures.

The American people can see the deception.

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Joe Biden

The corporate-controlled media is pressuring Biden to make one radical move



The Democrats want to move full speed ahead with their far-left agenda.

Unfortunately for them, they don’t have the votes in Congress.

But the corporate-controlled media is pressuring Biden to make one radical move.

Joe Biden wants to add $6 trillion to the federal budget.

He already crammed through an unnecessary $2 trillion stimulus package that has triggered an employment crisis.

It turns out that paying people not to work has serious consequences for the economy.

Now the so-called “mainstream” media want Biden to go even further and pass a massive infrastructure bill without any bipartisan support.

Tony Dokoupil of CBS’s This Morning said to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki:

“I do have a question about American politics and in particular the infrastructure bill. A lot of people have been watching the progress or lack thereof. There’s criticism from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party saying why is President Biden working with Republicans at all on this? It’s clearly a futile effort. So why continue to push for a bipartisan bill when you could just go it alone through reconciliation?”

Reconciliation allows the majority party to pass budget bills that are revenue-neutral over ten years (with the help of creative accounting) without meeting the 60-vote threshold in the Senate.

The Democrats can only use reconciliation two more times this year, and one will almost certainly be deployed for Biden’s corporate tax increase.

What the Democrats really want is to kill the filibuster so they can nationalize elections, but they’ll settle for a bloated “infrastructure” bill.

The corporate-controlled press and progressive Democrats are itching for ramming through an infrastructure bill through reconciliation, which would be nothing more than a massive payoff to special interest groups.

It turns out that America’s infrastructure is not a pressing need, but Democrats now believe that everything qualifies as “infrastructure.”

Mitch McConnell’s speech writer Andrew Quinn roasted New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for arguing that every single Democrat priority equates to infrastructure.

The media swore during the campaign that Biden was a moderate, but they’re prodding him to move to the hard Left.

Biden was always a Trojan Horse for the bigger Democrat agenda.

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Joe Biden

This video of Joe Biden will confirm every American’s worst fear



Joe Biden’s time in office is unfolding in predictable fashion.

That is bad news for much of the country.

And this video of Joe Biden will confirm every American’s worst fear.

Now that a Democrat is in office, the media has reverted to type where reporters gush over the President and act as his Praetorian Guard and personal P.R. agents.

The latest sad example of the media acting like Joe Biden’s Royal Court came at a stop in Ohio where Biden stopped for ice cream.

So-called “journalists” – who made shouting accusations at Donald Trump the barometer for how to act around the President – meekly asked Biden what flavor of ice cream he got.

When Biden answered “chocolate chocolate chip” the press began to ooh and ah.

The assembled journalists could have asked Joe Biden about his $6 TRILLION budget that calls for tax increases on every American in 2025 in violation of his pledge not to raise taxes on any American making less than $400,000 per year.

These so-called “reporters” also could have asked Biden about how emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop showing Joe Biden dined with Burisma executives and other Russian business associates of his son squared with Biden’s denial that he ever talked to Hunter Biden about his business ventures.

Or, they could have asked Biden why he shut down an investigation into the coronavirus lab leak theory only to reverse course once news broke showing the credibility of the theory.

Instead, the “brave firefighters” and “defenders of democracy” treated Biden like a five-year-old child they let win a game by pretending to be amazed that Biden ordered chocolate chocolate chip ice cream.

Pants on Fire will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden just threatened reporters and you won’t believe the reaction



For four years the corporate-controlled media hounded Donald Trump.

Now things are different.

Joe Biden just threatened reporters and you won’t believe the reaction.

For four years, the media treated every Donald Trump joke and tweet as it were a five alarm national emergency.

So-called “reporters” used lies, conspiracy theories, and hoaxes to try and drive Trump from office.

Since Joe Biden took office, the media has retreated back into soft and friendly coverage of a Democrat President that reporters are ideologically aligned with.

Joe Biden’s trip to Michigan to show off electric cars that Biden believes is the key to battling so-called “climate change” illustrated that point.

At a Ford plant, reporters tried to ask Biden about his thoughts on the conflict between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas launching attacks from Gaza.

Biden responded by refusing to answer questions and threatening to run reporters over with a Ford F150 pickup truck and then speeding away.

Reporters thought it was cute and then asked Biden about an Onion article satirizing Biden as a denim short wearing “car guy.”

Had Donald Trump joked about killing reporters by running them over with a massive truck it would have been a five days news cycle about Trump turning America into a dictatorship.

But with Joe Biden in office, the press treated it like a joke and moved on to present Biden in a “dear leader” fashion.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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