Barack Obama threw Democrat-controlled media under the bus with one shocking statement

Barack Obama was treated with kid gloves by the press.

He was nearly untouchable during his two terms.

But Obama threw the Democrat-controlled media under the bus with one shocking statement.

It is the height of irony that Barack Obama is frustrated with the corporate-controlled press.

Obama was a construction of the media apparatus.

He was the first celebrity President, but now Obama is taking shots at the same machine that turned him into a rock star.

Obama tired of the media

During a Los Angeles fundraiser for Joe Biden among social media influencers, Obama admitted that mostly watches sports because he’s been beat down by the “political discourse.”

Obama told the crowd, “We live in a cynical time. . .Let’s face it: I think a lot of the people who watch you, listen to you, who are fans of you — a lot of times they feel turned off by the political discourse.”

Polls show that trust in the media is at an all-time low.

Obama continued, “I get it. . .You know, I frankly watch sports, mostly. Because it feels like everything is slash and burn.”

Sadly, even sports media has been infused with political nonsense.

For example, “woke” reporters have turned star basketball player Caitlin Clark’s nascent WNBA career as a commentary about race and sexuality in America.

Boston Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla, who just led the organization to its 18th championship, was taken to task by a columnist for deflecting a question about race and expressing his Christian faith.

Obama added, “Joe Biden, you may not agree with everything he does. . .By the way, you didn’t agree with everything I did. And that’s okay. Because in a big, messy, complicated country like this, there are going to be disagreements.”

Soft endorsement of Biden

It’s quite sad that that was the best endorsement Obama could give of his former Vice President.

You might not agree with Joe Biden, but that’s okay because the country is messy.

Someone should put that on a bumper sticker.

Obama concluded, “But Joe Biden’s basic trajectory — what he believes in his core. . .Nine times out of ten, he’s going to make decisions that accord with your core beliefs.”

In other words, it doesn’t matter that Biden is senile and decrepit, his cabinet will forward the “progressive” agenda.

Obama told the young crowd, “I need you guys to use your influence, and it doesn’t have to be boring. I don’t expect you to have a bunch of charts and graphs. . .I understand folks are swiping or scrolling, and you’ve got to use humor and you’ve got to use other things that are engaging people.”

Democrats had to recruit Obama to tell a bunch of young TikTokers to make good propaganda on behalf of Joe Biden.

The party chose to run Biden again for 2024 and now Democrats are paying for that decision.

It’s going to take the entire Democrat Media Complex to burnish Biden’s image.

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