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Al Gore

Al Gore nearly choked on-air when one ABC host took an interview off a cliff



Al Gore is the original climate nut case. 

No matter how broken his reasoning is, he’s helped create the radical climate thugs we have to contend with today. 

But even Al Gore nearly choked on-air when one ABC host took an interview off a cliff.

It doesn’t matter how crazy our politicians get, members of the corporate-controlled media are one step ahead of them. 

And during a recent appearance on ABC News, Mr. Inconvenient Truth himself got heckled by leftist news host Jonathan Karl. 

During Gore’s appearance on This Week, Karl started off by gushing over Gore’s dated — and mostly dead-wrong — documentary An Inconvenient Truth

According to Karl, the film is “credited with raising global awareness about the dangers of climate change and increasing extreme weather patterns.” 

In reality, it’s a propaganda piece that’s done no actual good for the planet, but can be accused of needlessly terrifying an entire generation and forcing us all to contemplate Greta Thunberg’s angry little face. 

After his initial hero-worship session was out of the way, Karl quickly started insinuating that the most radical left-wing administration in American history isn’t doing enough by wondering why President Joe Biden hasn’t declared a national “climate change emergency.”

Based on his answer, Gore seemed to think that Karl is off his rocker. 

 “I’ll leave it to others to parse the pros and cons of what an emergency declaration would lead to,” Gore said as he tactfully sidestepped that question. 

Karl then took another shot at getting Gore to trash talk Biden, complaining that the President’s efforts to beg the Saudis to increase oil production abroad and supposedly kickstart domestic energy are “counterproductive in terms of the climate agenda.”

But Gore still refused to take the bait and go after Sleepy Joe. 

“We need to avoid confusing the short term with the long term,” Gore said. “That’s different from investing billions in new fossil fuel infrastructure and new oil and gas drilling.” 

At this point ABC News should probably get some sort of award for hiring a leftist even further “out there” than the man who once “accidentally” claimed he invented the Internet. 

In spite of refusing to go as far off the cliff as Karl, Gore still managed to spew some of his old worn-out lines, claiming that “the survival of our civilization” is threatened if we don’t let leftists crash our economy with their “green” plans. 

Of course, things are looking pretty good considering the fact that 16 years ago, Gore predicted the world would end in 10 years due to the use of fossil fuels.

Somehow, it never occurred to Jonathan Karl to ask his guest why civilization is still chugging along. 

Apparently, we now have lobbyists instead of journalists shaping the “news.”

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