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A New York Times reporter said two words about America that will make your stomach turn



Every day members of the corporate-controlled media show their true colors.

It’s not a pretty picture.

And this New York Times reporter said two words about America that will make your stomach turn.

New York Times “reporter” Taylor Lorenz is one of the paper’s stars.

Lorenz covers the online beat and is best known for trolling teenagers’ Tik Tok accounts and getting former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway’s 15-year-old daughter to spill family secrets.

Now Lorenz is the one under the social media microscope thanks to a post on her Instagram story.

Washington Free Beacon reporter Matthew Foldi screenshoted a post Lorenz made slamming America as a “trash country” because America doesn’t have socialized medicine.

Lorenz also falsely claimed that “long COVID” is real, even though research shows it is really a psychological condition.

“I am only interested in dealing with people who take this deadly and disabling virus seriously, understand that long covid is very real, and care about protecting others, especially our most vulnerable,” Lorenz also wrote.

Earlier this year, Lorenz engaged Tucker Carlson in a feud because Carlson showed her picture on his show and mentioned her name.

Even though both are a matter of public record, Lorenz outrageously claimed Carlson tried to direct his followers to threaten her on social media.

Lorenz is one of the faces of a new generation of corporate-controlled media “reporters” who view themselves as left-wing activists first and foremost.

Social media allows Americans a window into the true thoughts and feelings of members of the corporate-controlled media.

And now everyone knows Lorenz does not think very much of the United States of America.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

The New York Times

The New York Times took their propaganda game to the next level with one insane command




It’s obvious the so-called “mainstream” media has zero respect for their readers.

They dropped any façade of impartiality the day Donald Trump was elected.

Now The New York Times is taking their propaganda game up a notch with one insane command.

There’s no doubt leftist reporters have been trying to tell us how to think for decades.

But now their propaganda pushing is so obvious, you’d think The New York Times is part of a state-owned media in some repressive regime.

That was illustrated recently when subscribers received an email with this dictatorial headline: “Here’s how to think about COVID data right now.”

If that wasn’t clear enough, the inside of the email reads: “Here’s how to think about the data in the coming days and weeks.”

Naturally, it linked to an article entitled with the email subject line.

They really want to tell us how to think.

It’s bad enough when so-called “journalists” forget they’re in the news business and start creating stories rather than doing the work of figuring out what’s actually going on in the world.

But this is beyond the pale.

Of course, it’s delivered in a cute chatty style reminiscent of that rare non-combative leftist in college who wanted to lure you over to the dark side.

And have no doubt, a dark and ugly place is exactly where we’ll end up if Americans continue to let the mainstream media do our thinking for us.

If you don’t think that’s what’s happening, consider the purpose of these cute little “how to” articles in the context of all the nonsense we’ve heard about whether democracy can survive with Trump supporters loose in the world.

The idea that anyone who isn’t on the Left shouldn’t be treated like an adult responsible enough to make decisions in this country is deeply embedded in the news media culture.

The venerated leftist journalist Walter Cronkite put it this way.

“We’re an ignorant nation right now,” Cronkite said. “We’re not really capable, I do not think, the majority of our people, of making the decisions that have to be made at election time and particularly in the selection of their legislatures and their Congress and the presidency, of course. I don’t think we’re bright enough to do the job that would preserve our democracy, our republic. I think we’re in serious danger.”

No doubt those who worshiped Cronkite as young idealistic college students are convinced at least half the voters in America aren’t capable of selecting our next President.

They can only hope telling us exactly how to think will ensure we elect their candidate.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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The New York Times

The New York Times just demanded Chuck Schumer do one thing that will destroy America



Democrats in Washington are under the gun.

Polls show the American people turning against Joe Biden and the leftwing base is furious.

And The New York Times just demanded Chuck Schumer do one thing that will destroy America.

The New York Times published an absurd op-ed outrageously claiming every day is now January 6.

Corporate-controlled media outlets and members of the press obsess over a riot that lasted for a couple of hours and did not prevent Congress from certifying the Electoral College vote count.

Members of the press falsely claim the short melee on January 6 was the equivalent on 9/11 or Pearl Harbor.

Journalists believed focusing on January 6 will benefit Democrats politically.

The purpose of The Times op-ed was to pressure Senate Democrats into nuking the legislative filibuster so Democrats can pass a massive federal power grab to seize control of elections and introduce widespread fraud into the system.

In the op-ed, The Times claimed Republicans presented a massive threat to the republic because some states passed voter ID laws and other legislation to roll back some of the pandemic “emergency” measures that loosened the rules surrounding mail-in voting.

“In short, the Republic faces an existential threat from a movement that is openly contemptuous of democracy and has shown that it is willing to use violence to achieve its ends. No self-governing society can survive such a threat by denying that it exists. Rather, survival depends on looking back and forward at the same time,” The Times wrote.

The Times called on Democrat Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin to drop their opposition to changing the Senate rules to allow Democrats to pass legislation that will effectively prevent Republicans from ever winning another election.

“Democrats aren’t helpless, either. They hold unified power in Washington, for the last time in what may be a long time. Yet they have so far failed to confront the urgency of this moment — unwilling or unable to take action to protect elections from subversion and sabotage. Blame Senator Joe Manchin or Senator Kyrsten Sinema, but the only thing that matters in the end is whether you get it done. For that reason, Mr. Biden and other leading Democrats should make use of what remaining power they have to end the filibuster for voting rights legislation, even if nothing else,” The Times added.

There are no laws anywhere that actually restrict anyone’s right to vote.

Corporate-controlled media outlets like The Times are using the false claim of voter suppression to pressure Democrats into changing the Senate rules so leftists can seize total power in America.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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The New York Times

A New York Times columnist went on TV and made this jaw-droppingly stupid statement



Members of the Fake News Media cannot help themselves.

Left-wing activists in the press cannot process Democrats losing.

And a New York Times columnist went on TV and made this jaw-droppingly stupid statement.

The New York Times’ Nikole Hannah-Jones created the controversial “1619 Project.”

Hannah-Jones’ “1619 Project” pushed the Big Lie that America’s true founding was 1619 when Europeans brought the first slaves to the continent.

Historians ripped apart the historically inaccurate and revisionist “1619 Project” but leftists in the press still treat Hannah-Jones like a hero.

Hannah-Jones appeared on an episode of Meet the Press focused on teaching on race in American schools.

Left-wing host Chuck Todd asked Hannah-Jones about the Virginia Gubernatorial election, which turned on Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s gaffe in response to Republican attacks on Critical Race Theory that parents had no say in what gets taught in their children’s school.

Hannah-Jones falsely claimed that Republicans making an issue out of Marxist Critical Race Theory taught in schools was a figment of the conservative movement’s imagination.

“Well, I would say the Governor’s race in Virginia was decided based on the success of a right-wing propaganda campaign that told white parents that they needed to fight against their children being indoctrinated as race – as being called racists. But that was a propaganda campaign,” Hannah-Jones stated.

Hannah-Jones agreed with McAuliffe that parents should have no say in their child’s education.

“I don’t really understand this idea that parents should decide what’s being taught,” Hannah-Jones added.

The Virginia Gubernatorial election sent a shock through the Democrat Party’s system.

That’s because leftists depended on parents not noticing that left-wing activists infiltrated their children’s schools and brainwashed kids with communist lies like Critical Race Theory.

Now that parents blew up that scheme, leftists are doubling down on politically toxic attacks.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments to this ongoing story.

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