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A New York Times reporter just made a jaw-dropping claim about the coronavirus lab leak



The talk of the coronavirus’ origin story shifted to it escaping from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

But no one could believe what happened next.

And a New York Times reporter just made a jaw-dropping claim about the coronavirus lab leak.

The New York Times fired long time respected science reporter Don McNeil because of rebellion by woke newsroom staffers.

Aproova Mandavilli replaced McNeil on the coronavirus beat.

The Times putting “diversity” and “wokeness” at the top of the qualification list for the COVID-19 beat clearly led to a downgrade in coverage.

As the evidence mounted that the coronavirus likely escaped from a lab via an accident, Mandavilli posted on social media that everyone should stop talking about the lab leak theory because it was “racist.”

Mandavilli quickly deleted the tweet but the damage was done.

No one could understand how it was “racist” to report on the fact that the coronavirus escaped from a lab.

Others pointed out that Mandavilli’s preferred story – that the virus jumped to humans in a primitive wet market where humans ate bats – actually seemed more racist.

Many in the corporate-controlled media do not want to blame the Chinese government for this catastrophe for a number of reasons.

First, many do not want to see Donald Trump – who promoted the lab leak theory last spring – proven right.

Second, many want to suck up the Communist Chinese government for ideological or financial reasons.

It’s not clear why Mandavilli tried to suppress reporting on the lab leak theory because of false claims of racism.

But her tweet does show how woke identity politics have replaced the pursuit of truth in major American newsrooms.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

The New York Times

The New York Times came up with a ridiculous defense of Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies



Joe Biden has started several fires in his first 120 days in office.

One of Biden’s biggest blunders has been his handling of the economy.

But The New York Times came up with a ridiculous defense of Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies.

The Biden administration came up with the genius idea of paying people to stay home even though the pandemic was essentially over.

Now that people have become addicted to “free” money, they don’t want to go back to work.

The result has been a labor shortage and a record jump in price inflation.

But progressives believe the labor shortage is a good thing because it will force employers to pay more money.

Ezra Klein of The New York Times even believes this is an opportunity for America to end poverty.

Klein wrote in a Times opinion piece:

“As it happened, just as I was watching Republican governors try to immiserate low-wage workers who weren’t yet jumping at the chance to return to poorly ventilated kitchens for $9 an hour, I was sent ‘A Guaranteed Income for the 21st Century,’ a plan that seeks to make poverty a thing of the past. The proposal, developed by Naomi Zewde, Kyle Strickland, Kelly Capatosto, Ari Glogower and Darrick Hamilton for the New School’s Institute on Race and Political Economy, would guarantee a $12,500 annual income for every adult and a $4,500 allowance for every child. It’s what wonks call a ‘negative income tax’ plan – unlike a universal basic income, it phases out as households rise into the middle class.”

One of the big problems with leftists is they constantly repackage the same ideas and hope that nobody remembers their past failure.

The negative income tax was implemented as a pilot program in the 1970s, and to the dismay of its proponents, the negative income tax did not increase labor force participation.

Even though program participants knew their benefits wouldn’t be adversely affected by taking a job, they still didn’t want to work.

And Klein and other progressives only pay lip service to the problem of inflation.

When the government prints money irresponsibly, it actually transfers wealth from the working class to the Wall Street class.

The dollar has lost 84% of its value since America went off the gold standard in 1971, and 96% since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

People working for lower wages are hit the hardest by the rise in cost of goods and services, and they’re less likely to have their assets in high-return investment vehicles.

Progressives also refuse to acknowledge that innovation has slashed global poverty by half over the past 40 years, and the standard of living of poor people in America is well above the global standard.

The New York Times has stumbled onto the “new” idea of printing trillions of dollars to end poverty because they ignore all of the times it has failed.

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The New York Times

The New York Times backed down after getting smacked with this legal threat



The New York Times sets the agenda for the American Left.

But The Times just suffered a major defeat.

And The New York Times backed down after getting smacked with this legal threat.

Last March, The New York Times identified the conservative satire site the Babylon Bee as a purveyor of misinformation under the guise of satire.

The Babylon Bee is the Right’s equivalent of The Onion.

It’s a humor site.

But since the Babylon Bee produces conservative content, The Times tried to censor it by pushing social media platforms to de-platform the Bee.

In America in 2021, the unforgivable crime on social media is publishing views that contradict the Democrat Party’s narratives.

The Times smeared the Bee as a disinformation site in hopes Facebook and Twitter would ban the Bee from their platforms.

But the Bee fought back.

The Bee threatened to sue The Times unless it removed language from a March 21 article where The Times falsely accused the Bee of being a disinformation site.

On Monday, the Babylon Bee’s CEO Seth Dillon announced that The Times backed down and edited their article to remove any mention of the Bee serving as a disinformation website that only pretends to use satire.

This is a rare win for the political Right in the fight against online censorship.

Normally, the Big Tech oligarchs would just censor a conservative site like the Babylon Bee knowing all Republicans could do was whine for a day or two before the news cycle would move on.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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The New York Times

The New York Times is terrified Democrats will lose voters for one reason



The 2020 election did not quite go the way Democrats wanted.

They thought Donald Trump would lose in a landslide defeat, but it didn’t happen.

Now The New York Times is terrified Democrats will lose voters for one reason.

Democrats assumed they would always have rock steady support among minority voters, but the 2020 election and a recent report produced by Democrat PACs say otherwise.

Donald Trump received the largest Rupublican share of the nonwhite vote since 1960 – Joe Biden won mainly because of increased support from suburban, college-educated white voters.

The Democrats’ abandonment of working-class values is alienating minority voters.

The New York Times warned:

“A review of the 2020 election, conducted by several prominent Democratic advocacy groups, has concluded that the party is at risk of losing ground with Black, Hispanic and Asian American voters unless it does a better job presenting an economic agenda and countering Republican efforts to spread misinformation and tie all Democratic candidates to the far left.”

The problem for the Left is that Republicans don’t need “misinformation” to tie Democrats to the fringes.

The Democrats at the head of the party have all adopted radical ideas such as Medicare For All, the Green New Deal, wealth taxes, and other inane proposals.

Some of the most prominent Democrats in the country are either socialists or fellow travelers.

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls herself a Democratic Socialist, the Republicans can simply point to her words.

And another problem for the Democrats is that their economic agenda is insane.

Joe Biden wants to raise corporate taxes from 21% to 28%, and his solution for not triggering a massive corporate exodus is to beg other countries to raise their taxes as well.

This is a foolish gambit that won’t work, and will only lead to American job loss.

That whooshing sound you hear is American jobs draining away to China . . .

The same goes for Biden’s absurd energy policies, which already got thousands of jobs.

Former Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell – who lost her Florida seat in 2020 – recently said, “Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has in some ways lost touch with our electorate . . . There is this assumption that of course people of color, or the working class, are going to vote for Democrats. We can never assume anything.”

Democrats have assumed that nonwhites are on board with their relentless “woke” agenda, but that does not appeal to working class people of any color.

Only progressives with degrees in woke disciplines are in favor of fake terms like “latinx” or radical doctrines like critical race theory.

Working class people don’t want to hear about police departments being defunded as violent crime is surging.

The Democrats have a messaging problem: their message is radical and they’ve run out of ways to hide it.

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