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A Never Trump traitor used two words on TV that will put your jaw on the ground



The entirety of the American left continues to lose their collective minds.

That was never more apparent than after Joe Biden imposed a new federal vaccine mandate.

And this Never Trump traitor used two words on TV that will put your jaw on the ground.

Steve Schmidt is the Never Trumper still associated with the disgraced Lincoln Project.

There is evidence Schmidt knew about Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver sexually harassing teenage boys on social media.

But even with scandal hanging over his head, MSNBC still puts Schmidt on the air.

Schmidt predictably praised Joe Biden’s unconstitutional federal vaccine mandate and even claimed Joe Biden took it too easy on Americans who chose not to take the vaccine.

“You used the word ‘irritated,’ which is evidence of magnanimity,” Schmidt told conspiracy theorist host Joy Reid . “I think the majority in this country is enraged over this, about being held hostage by an extremist intransigent junk science-believing minority that is endangering America’s children. We’re in the opening months of what will be the children’s phase of this pandemic, and we will see the death of America’s children.”

Schmidt claimed forcing Americans to take a vaccine they may not want, or need was “American as apple pie.”

“And I think it’s important to understand that imposing mandates around vaccines and quarantines, around diseases, this is as American as apple pie and has gone on since the beginning of the country. We live in an age of misinformation and an age of insanity. And enough is enough is enough. Reality is reality, and it’s time to end the B.S.,” Schmidt added.

Schmidt then declared that Biden should deploy an “iron fist” to punish the vaccine holdouts.

“And so I think that he should approach this with an iron fist. And I think that the overwhelming majority of the country is going to be deeply appreciative of somebody standing up at long last and saying to the small minority of nuts in this country, enough,” Schmidt concluded.

Joe Biden’s presidency is in crisis and Biden wants to arrest his polling slide by appealing to his base which consists of hysterical COVID lunatics like Schmidt and Joy Reid who falsely think only Trump supporters refuse to take the vaccine and must be punished as a result.

Pants on Fire Media will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Fake News Media

Joy Reid proved she wouldn’t know what violence is if she got knocked on the head with it



Leftist members of the Fake News Media are stuck on repeat. 

They can’t stop obsessing over so-called “violent” members of the media.

But Joy Reid just proved she wouldn’t know what violence is if she got knocked on the head with it.

Radical woke leftists like those regularly featured on MSNBC’s The Reidout are obsessively fixated on the one time Republican supporters seemed to get out of control. 

The events of January 6, 2021 – more than a year and a half ago – is literally the only thing Democrats have to hold onto as they attempt to fend off a Republican takeover of the House and Senate in November.

Ironically, the riot on Capitol Hill has been built up into some sort of modern myth with murderous undertones. 

The reality is that only one was actually killed during the event—and she was a Trump supporter at the event. 

And while plenty of people did stampede into the Capitol — it only happened after Capitol Police opened the doors. 

Somehow, Reid and friends have decided that one moment in time justifies their painting all Republican Trump supporters as violent “MAGA Republicans.”

Recently, she spent most of an entire show attempting to connect the rise in political violence in the country as an “attack on democracy.”

Problem is, most of the real violence plotted and committed has been coming from the Left. 

Since news that the Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade broke, more than 50 pro-life organizations, individuals, events, pregancy centers, and churches have been attacked. 

On top of that, leftist national media elites and other so-called “influencers” have been whipping up the base and encouraging aggressive protests outside the private homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices. 

Recently, that involved one chilling close call when police arrested a man armed to the hilt and ready to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

But Joy Reid would never let something like facts interfere with a good whine fest. 

During a recent segment with RINO strategist Matthew Dowd, Reid laughably complained that Republicans are getting all kinds of help from corporate-controlled media. 

She went as far as claiming the media “doesn’t want to be in a war with the Republican Party. Let’s just be clear. In general, the media does not want to be at war with the Republicans.”

For his part, Dowd played along, pretending Reid’s blatant lie had some sort of bearing on reality. 

He argued that the corporate-controlled media needs to abandon neutrality and that “we” can’t sit by and say “the Republicans stand for autocracy and Democrats stand for democracy and let’s see how this game plays out.”

Reid then upped the ante by claiming that RINO turncoat Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) “is as conservative as it gets.”

Apparently, Joy Reid wants to believe that if she lies convincingly enough the very definition of “violent” and “conservative” will morph into meaning exactly what will benefit the Left’s radical fringe political agenda the most. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Fake News Media

Leftists you love to hate hilariously find a pinch of self-awareness — on live television



Leftists live in their own foggy alternate reality where right and wrong is almost always reversed.

And they’re usually the most confident people you’ll ever meet. 

But recently some leftists you love to hate hilariously found a pinch of self-awareness — on live television no less.

Typically, watching MSNBC’s Morning Joe is enough to give any rational person a raging migraine.

But recently, the gaggle of left-wing talking heads experienced a wake-up call that was downright entertaining. 

Axios’ Jonathan Swan started the conversation that ultimately led to a brief flicker of truth airing on America’s most biased left-wing network. 

“What we’re seeing now, is increasing numbers of working-class Hispanics, and working-class African-Americans, particularly men, supporting the Republican party,” Swan admitted. ”And for whatever reason, what Democrats are saying isn’t actually getting through to voters.”

At that point, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough pointed out that former President Barack Obama’s pollster, David Shor, has already sounded that alarm — only to be mocked by other leftists. 

“White progressives have pulled the Party to a position — and, Rev, I need to go to you on this — where we’re too progressive, not only for working-class whites, we’re becoming too progressive for working-class Hispanics,” Scarborough bemoaned. “We’re becoming too progressive for working-class black voters. We’re becoming too progressive for our very base!”

Al Sharpton quickly responded, thankful to finally have someone willing to listen to what he’s been preaching the past two years. 

At what point does your defining yourself as progressive become regressive when you are, in effect, setting the stage for people that are right-wing on all of the issues we may believe in are getting elected?” Sharpton asked. “You don’t speak for us, you don’t even speak to us. You’re too busy ordering your next latte and having your intellectual, high-brow, conversations.”

Scarborough’s co-host and wife Mika Brzezinski was already cracking up when Scarborough added to the punch line noting that it’s not just a “latte,” but a “soy latte.”

No matter how satisfying it is to see members of the corporate-controlled leftist press indulge in a bit of overdue self-deprecating humor, it should also set off alarm bells for Republicans.

Nearly every “spontaneous” conversation on MSNBC is carefully planned in advance, and anytime a leftist laughs it’s with the full intention of getting the last laugh in the end. 

It’s possible Democrats are realizing the 2022 Midterm elections are a near total loss at this point, but if they pivot quickly, there’s every chance they can minimize the damage in November and plot a major comeback in 2024 when the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Republicans will have their work cut out to ensure newcomers to the Party are welcomed into the fold, and have their eyes opened so wide they can’t stomach returning to the donkeys. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Fake News Media

There’s a war on pro-lifers the Fake News Media “forgot” to tell you about



The moment some crooked leftist inside the Supreme Court leaked a draft of a pending decision on Roe v. Wade, it was like a dam broke. 

Left-wing radicals grabbed their pitchforks ready to do damage to anyone who would dare threaten to take away their ability to kill unborn babies on demand. 

Of course, the Fake News Media is there to back them up every step of the way—and there’s a war on pro-lifers the Fake News Media “forgot” to tell you about.

Major news networks have been studiously ignoring the terrorist-like tactics used by left-wing groups to intimidate conservatives into backing off a battle 30 years in the making. 

And it turns out there’s a full-on war against pro-lifers that’s getting completely ignored by the so-called “mainstream” media.

Now, the situation is so far out of control Senator Tom Cotton (R-OK) is demanding Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland resign for his failure to investigate radical leftist group Jane’s Revenge. 

As you may recall, Garland previously directed the FBI to probe parents across the country who dared to speak out at school board meetings about inappropriate Critical Race Theory curriculum, and transgender policies being forced down their children’s throats, as if they were “domestic terrorists.”

One father was so upset by what was happening in his child’s taxpayer-funded classroom, he had the nerve to — gasp — yell.

Of course, the Attorney General and his left-wing friends failed to mention that man’s daughter was sexually assaulted in her school’s girl’s bathroom by a male student who claimed to be a transgender female.

The father was rightly furious because instead of facing any consequences for his actions, the student was simply transferred to a second school — where he promptly attacked a second girl in that school’s girls’ bathroom. 

Yep, those angry parents at school board meetings are clearly potential “domestic terrorists” – a bunch of real Timothy McVeigh’s.

But Jane’s Revenge? Well, those sharks are from the leftist end of the pool. 

There’s no way Merrick Garland has any interest in tangling with them no matter what they may blow up. 

Incredibly, the group has already been implicated in many of the 50 different recent attacks on pro-life groups, pregnancy centers, and churches. 

“Houses of worship and pro-life pregnancy centers are under attack,” Senator Cotton wrote to Garland in a a letter exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital. “The Family Research Council has compiled a list of more than 50 attacks against churches, pro-life pregnancy centers, and other pro-life groups in the past few weeks.

“A left-wing extremist group called ‘Jane’s Revenge’ has taken credit for many of these attacks, including firebombings and grotesque acts of vandalism,” Cotton continued.

And they’re just getting warmed up. 

The Senator also noted that the group has now “issued a letter declaring ‘open season’ on all so-called ‘anti-choice’ groups, and calls for terrorist attacks against these groups by anyone ‘with the urge to paint, to burn, to cut, [or] to jam.”

Cotton provided a long list of attacks the group has openly taken credit for since the Supreme Court leak. 

And shockingly, many of those attacks didn’t involve any arrests. 

Even more jaw-dropping, the Fake News Media couldn’t even bother to cover what is obviously a massive story. 

Instead of covering breaking news about the pro-choice group’s unhinged, threatening letter on Thursday night, ABC, CBS, and NBC were all inordinately fascinated with the weather forecast. 

Fox News was the only major player that bothered to mention the letter, reporting that email subscribers from an “Abolition Media” blog post were informed “from here forward, any anti-choice group who closes their doors, and stops operating will no longer be a target. But until you do, it’s open season, and we know where your operations are.” 

Considering the times we’re living in, that direct threat from Jane’s Revenge should have been the lead story in every single network newscast. 

It certainly would have consumed the 24/7 news cycle had a pro-life group issued a statement that sounded even the least bit threatening towards organizations that openly advocate killing unborn babies. 

But the corporate-controlled media stopped pretending to even care about reporting actual news years ago.

Instead, they’re laser-focused on helping the Left stay in power and gain as much control over our lives as possible. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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