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A journalist just threatened one man’s life with this despicable move



The so-called “mainstream” media have become irresponsible and dangerous.

They’ve exposed themselves as activists, and their antics are escalating.

Now a journalist just threatened one man’s life with this despicable move.

Mob rule is becoming dangerously prevalent in American society.

One of the reasons for that is because Democrats and their media allies are providing cover to the rioters and looters.

Teenager Kyle Rittenhouse shot two rioters in self-defense during mass carnage and looting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and he’s been charged with murder.

Some crowdsourcing companies have blocked donations to his legal defense fund, and worse yet, private citizens who donated to his defense are being doxxed.

Jason Nguyen, a reporter for ABC 4 in Utah, revealed the identity and location of a local paramedic who donated a mere $10 to Rittenhouse’s defense fund.

The paramedic’s life and livelihood was put in jeopardy after a data breach at a crowdfunding site.

The tweet exposes Twitter’s absurd double standard – the New York Post was locked out of its account for tweeting a story that allegedly contained “hacked materials” regarding Hunter Biden’s salacious laptop.

In this case, Twitter had no problem with the information being posted, nor did they care when Donald Trump’s stolen tax returns were disseminated on the platform.

Nguyen confronted the paramedic outside his home to get “his side of the story,” as if he did something controversial.

Nguyen was excoriated online, and ultimately deleted his Tweet.

He then smugly replied, “Thank you all for your opinions. We hear you and appreciate each and everyone [sic] of you for reaching out.”

Nguyen intentionally tried to intimidate the Rittenhouse donor.

It’s understood that radical Antifa and Black Lives Matter loons will show up to people’s homes to harass them.

And if they’re charged, leftist District Attorneys will simply cut them loose.

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Fake News Media

The corporate-controlled media definitely does not want you to see the results of his jaw-dropping poll



The corporate-controlled media believes it should control the entire flow of information to the American people.

Many Americans are worried about this media censorship.

And the corporate-controlled media definitely does not want you to see the results of his jaw-dropping poll.

Joe Biden’s crisis as the southern border took center stage as thousands of Haitian illegal aliens marched across the border and set up a shanty town under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

Americans were appalled that Joe Biden allowed this to happen.

But the American people were equally appalled at the corporate-controlled media’s coverage.

A new Rasmussen poll found that just 23 percent of Americans rated the corporate-controlled media’s coverage of the border crisis as “good” or “excellent,” whereas 73 percent reported the corporate-controlled media’s border coverage was either “poor” or “fair.”

Breitbart reports:

The September 19-20 poll asked 1,000 likely voters: “How do you rate the media coverage of the nation’s current immigration problems?”

Eight percentage gave the media an “excellent” rating, and 15 percent offered a “good” rating.”

This 23 percent positive rating was overwhelmed by the “poor” rating assigned by 53 percent of respondents.

Twenty percent provided an ambivalent “fair” rating.

It’s not hard to see why.

Once the situation in Del Rio became a political embarrassment for Joe Biden the corporate-controlled media spread fake news about border patrol agents on horseback beating illegal aliens with whips.

That was a total lie.

The border patrol agents held split reins in their hands, but reporters whose only outdoor experience is the weekend farmer’s market in Washington, D.C. could not tell the difference.

This episode encapsulated why so many Americans do not trust the media – and it’s because reporters run with narratives that tell their preferred political story instead of reporting the facts.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Fake News Media

Don Lemon made one insane comment about voter ID that will make your blood boil



Don Lemon is a radical left-wing activist who just happens to host a primetime show on CNN.

Even still, Lemon claims he is a “journalist.”

And now Don Lemon made one insane comment about voter ID that will make your blood boil.

Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo attacked Texas Senator Ted Cruz for criticizing left-wing academics who testified before Congress that voter IDs are racist.

Lemon agreed with Cuomo that voter ID laws are racist because a welfare card is not an acceptable form of voter ID.

“I try to explain that to people all the time, what is accepted as ID. I’m glad he said that. If you have license to carry that card, you can do it, but if you’re a student, your ID doesn’t work, or you know, an EBT card,” Lemon began.

“You know who has public assistance cards, poor people,” Lemon continued.

Lemon droned on calling voter ID laws “racist.”

“I think you have to look as you said into the intent, and you have to do your research. People say that all the time. Why shouldn’t you have to show an ID? I say do the research and figure out what kinds of people historically don’t have IDs or who tend not to have IDs as to the rest of the population. So you got to look at all of those things and not just at the surface, as you said. Ask a question, you know, some summary question like oh, my gosh, yeah, of course, everyone’s going to say yes until you actually get down to the nitty-gritty. They know exactly what they’re doing. Yes, is it racist? It is racist,” Lemon concluded.

But Don Lemon also supports vaccine passports.

And New York City – where Don Lemon broadcasts his show – imposed vaccine passports that ban around 70 percent of black residents from entering bars, restaurants, gyms, and other entertainment venues.

Lemon fully supports those racially discriminatory mandates, even going so far as to say it’s time for society to leave the unvaccinated behind.

So to Don Lemon, showing ID for voting is racist, but showing ID for proof of vaccination in order to live your life as a human being in the 21st century is perfectly fine.

That’s the “logic” of a media liberal.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Fake News Media

What Whoopi Goldberg claimed about abortion on The View will make your head hurt



Leftists believe that abortion should be fully available, at all times, with no real regulations.

Yet, they constantly lie about that fact.

And what Whoopi Goldberg claimed about abortion on The View will make your head hurt.

Democrats are furious at Texas’ new abortion law, which bans abortion after six weeks.

What they are most furious about is that the law actually has an enforcement mechanism attached to it.

That was again the top of Tuesday’s episode of The View, which featured former Republican Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

After Fiorina made a number of pro-life comments, Goldberg became furious, claiming that “we’re all pro-life,” while at the same time making a pro-abortion argument.

“I also am a fan of life,” Goldberg said. “I don’t think anyone who has an abortion is not a fan of life . . . the abortion laws do not force any woman to get an abortion. No one is forced to get an abortion. It is a difficult thing to decide to do . . . I like the idea that if my family or if I need it, it is there for me.”

Fiorina hit back, stating that she is “the only pro-life person at this table.”

That’s when Goldberg claimed, “we’re all pro-life at this table.”

Liberal co-host Sunny Hostin added, “I would fall under the rubric of what’s traditionally called pro-life.”

Fiorina again fired back, pointing out how pro-abortion the Democrat Party is, despite her claiming that the Texas abortion law is “extreme.”

“The Republican Party, the Texas law is extreme, but the Democrat Party’s policy position is abortion at any time in a pregnancy for any reason right up until the bitter end. That is also extreme,” said Fiorina. Co-host Sara Haines expressed shock, “I don’t know anyone who thinks that.”

In response, Hostin tried to deflect, by claiming that vaccine hesitance among Republicans is not pro-life.

They further got away from the conversation by instead focusing on the legal precedent of Roe v. Wade.

In reality, nobody on the show was actually pro-life.

While Fiorina claimed to be, and made some pro-life arguments, she also went after Texas’ law over the fact that it actually has an enforcement mechanism to go after doctors, and others, who help assist in the procurement of abortions after six weeks.

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