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A host of The View just smeared Ron DeSantis with one ugly line



The Democrats are going after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

They know he presents a serious problem if he runs for President in 2024.

That’s why a host of The View smeared DeSantis with one ugly line.

Sunny Hostin of The View has joined the corporate-controlled media’s assault campaign against Ron DeSantis.

The Democrats and their Fake News Media allies recognize him as a serious threat in 2024.

That’s why Hostin used the leftist smear of Ron “DeathSantis” to cut him off at the pass before the 2024 race heats up.

Hostin said:

“[F]or those people that think Governor DeSantis, DeathSantis, is doing such a great job in Florida, well, he’s not doing such a great job because there are allegations that he hid the death numbers. There are allegations — and now he doesn’t want mask mandates. He’s coming after Joe Biden which is absolutely ridiculous. We know this is all political. He wants to run for president. I don’t want a president who directly led to the deaths of people, and may be hiding death numbers. That’s not what makes a great president. It’s definitely not Ron DeSantis.”

First, the allegations that DeSantis hid COVID deaths is absurd – they come from a former state employee who has been thoroughly discredited.

Second, a Governor who did cover up COVID deaths, and his name was Andrew Cuomo.

The View and other leftist programs don’t want to talk about that because they spent the past year billing Cuomo as “America’s Governor.”

Now the Democrat establishment wants to paper over Cuomo’s COVID malfeasance by forcing him out of office with sexual misconduct claims.

Cuomo is stubbornly denying calls to resign, which means that his failures on COVID can’t be sent down the memory hole.

As for DeSantis, people are voting with their feet – Florida has seen an influx of new residents fleeing blue states with terrible governance.

And there’s zero science that suggests mask mandates do anything at all to prevent the spread of COVID.

The attacks on DeSantis have been lackluster thus far, but they will only intensify.

Joe Biden’s mental faculties are already declining.

There’s no chance he runs again in 2024, and Kamala Harris is woefully unpopular.

If Donald Trump chooses not to run, DeSantis will have a great chance at the nomination, and the Democrats are worried sick he will be the next President.

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The View

Whoopi Goldberg said one thing about Republicans that left her radical co-hosts on The View stunned



The women of The View constantly spew nothing but Democrat Party talking points.

The show is openly hostile toward anyone even close to the Right.

But Whoopi Goldberg said one thing about Republicans that left her radical co-hosts on The View stunned.

The Biden administration has been an utter failure.

It’s gotten so bad that there are calls for President Joe Biden not to run for re-election in 2024.

During an interview on CNN, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was pressed on if she would endorse Biden for 2024, and she couldn’t help but reply with awkward laughter.

“We should endorse when we get to it, but I believe that the President’s been doing a very good job so far, and, you know, should he run again, I think that I, you know, I think—we’ll take a look at it,” Rep. Ocasio-Cortez bumbled.

Ocasio-Cortez isn’t the only Democrat who’s bearish on Joe Biden running again in 2024.

Recently, the women of The View were already theorizing about who may potentially run in the next Presidential election.

And Whoopi Goldberg opened eyes when she suggested she would be willing to vote Republican.

“You know, I don’t know if we need Obama energy,” Goldberg said. “We need somebody who can get the country back in line . . . Because if you can name me a Republican who has a shot—” which is when the other women stepped in and saved Goldberg from herself.

Noted radical Marxist Sunny Hostin began chirping about Governor Ron DeSantis, repeatedly referring to him as “Death-Santis,” as if it were actually a clever moniker.

“I hope it’s not ‘Death-Santis’,” Hostin shrieked. “I think it will be ‘Death-Santis. I hope it’s not ‘Death-Santis’ over in Florida because I think he’s a fascist, ‘Death-Santis.’ I think he handled COVID miserably. I think he’s a fascist and a bigot.”

As always, Hostin had her inane talking points ready to go.

Like a wind-up doll, she began spouting the phrase “Death-Santis” nonstop.

President Biden has so mangled the economy that Whoopi Goldberg even hinted she was willing to vote for a Republican to get the country “back on line.”

Nobody likes record-high inflation coupled with supply chain issues and other crises that have been exacerbated because of President Biden’s ridiculous socialist agenda.

The radical Left’s eagerness to dump Biden by the side of the road is not only driven by his sinking approval rating, but also by the Democrats’ grim chances in November’s Midterm elections.

Republicans’ current lead in generic Congressional ballot polls suggests Democrats could be in store for a historic defeat, and yapping about “Death-Santis” like a chihuahua will not save them.

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The View

Whoopi Goldberg revealed how she really feels about Justice Brett Kavanaugh and it’s horrifying



The View provides perpetually terrifying insight into the minds of leftist influencers. 

But sometimes what falls out of the host’s mouths is especially horrific. 

And that’s what happened recently when Whoopi Goldberg revealed how she really feels about Justice Brett Kavanaugh and it’s horrifying.

Apparently, taking away the blanket right to conveniently kill unborn babies is like taking a bat to a hornets’ nest.

Ever since a draft opinion leaked showing Roe v. Wade could be on the cusp of being overturned, conservative members of the United States’ Supreme Court have been under fire with rowdy protestors flocking to protest in front of their private homes. 

Recently, that situation went from disturbing to downright sinister when a mentally unstable fringe leftist (is there any other kind?) was caught planning to take out Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

Shockingly, the ladies on The View responded by all but admitting that they wouldn’t mind seeing a few members of the United States’ Supreme Court drop dead. 

Since Washington, D.C. is not an independent state, governance issues fall to members of the House and Senate. 

But the ladies of The View are appalled that Republicans on Capitol Hill have been calling for heightened security for SCOTUS. 

Instead of protecting the top members of an entire branch of the government—who are forced to work in a mostly gun-free zone where they are essentially sitting ducks—they want lawmakers to focus on ramming through unconstitutional gun control measures. 

 Even so-called Republican Ana Navarro quickly fell down the leftist rabbit hole trying to put gun control over common sense security measures in Washington, D.C. complaining that Republicans were instantly demanding heightened security for SCOTUS while school children like those in Uvalde, Texas only get “thoughts and prayers for protection.”

Actually, real Republicans would like to up the fire power to protect them as well. 

Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie has already unveiled the Safe Schools Act, legislation that would repeal the federal gun-free schools zone laws freeing up law-abiding teachers and parents to be armed as both a deterrent against school shootings as well as a method of protection against a lawless madman on a murderous rampage. 

But according to Goldberg, Supreme Court Justices already have “protections.”

Only a month earlier host Joy Behar seemed delighted by news Justice Samuel Alito’s home was surrounded by rabid leftists. 

 “He cannot leave the house easily. So maybe that’s a good lesson for them,” Behar said.

You’d better believe they’d be singing a different tune if new leftist Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson had been the target of an unhinged would-be assassin. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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The View

Joy Behar of The View just made the most ignorant gun control argument ever heard



Democrats are making a hard push to chip away at the Second Amendment.

And their minions in corporate media are rolling out the propaganda talking points.

But Joy Behar of The View just made the most ignorant gun control argument ever heard.

The co-hosts of The View are in a never-ending battle to see who can come up with the dumbest take on a number of subjects.

Joy Behar is currently in front by a nose after making a brain-dead argument about guns.

Lindsey Granger, a black Republican commentator, appeared on the show and recounted the story of a man who built an AR-15 after an attack on his neighbor.

Granger explained, “Let me give you a story. There is a man in Connecticut that watched his neighbor have a home invasion and watched their whole family get killed. He built his own AR-15 because Connecticut won’t let you buy them but you can abide by rules that allow you to build them. He has one in his house to protect his family because he never wants to see that happen again. He is a black man.”

Granger’s harrowing story also shows why gun control does not work.

Guns can be 3D-printed and custom-built.

That’s when Behar responded, “Once black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change. Trust me.”

That is an asinine argument.

Blacks have always had guns, and black ownership is steadily on the rise.

According to a Pew Research poll, 36% of whites own guns, and 24% of blacks own guns.

Last year, guest Sherri Shepherd, a black woman, revealed that she had become a gun owner, and the chief reason why was because she and her son were scared during the 2020 riots.

Shepherd explained, “During the quarantine I felt really helpless, Joy, we’re talking about depression. I felt like [my son] Jeffrey would look at me like he was so scared and I’d get these alerts in my neighborhood app about it’s going to be a march through the neighborhood and I started feeling like ‘how am I going to protect my son if something happens?’ and I went to — I got some of my girlfriends who are actresses and we all went to a gun shop in California.”

The hosts of The View show their ignorance on a daily basis.

There is zero quality control for their stupidity and nonsensical arguments.

Granger deserves a medal for sitting patiently and keeping her cool.

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