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A Fox News host defended Joe Biden with one surprising response



During Donald Trump’s time in office, liberal critics falsely attacked Fox News as “state media.”

The Left braced for a major shift now that Joe Biden is in the White House.

But a Fox News host defended Joe Biden with one surprising response.

On Monday’s episode of Fox & Friends, co-host Steve Doocy applauded Joe Biden’s early approval ratings and boasted about the strength of the economy under Biden.

Doocy – citing a Fox poll showing Biden with a 54 percent approval ratings – as evidence that “ultimately right now Joe Biden has pretty doggone high approval ratings. His economy is working. His advisers feel that at this point in time, he has the opening to raise taxes. They boiled the Biden formula down to this: talk like a rosey bipartisan, but act like a ruthless partisan.”

Co-host Brian Kilmeade said Biden’s approval ratings were higher than Donald Trump because the media hounded Trump with the Russian collusion hoax.

But Doocy shot back calling back to another poll that showed 80 percent of Americans said the nation was more divided than ever as proof that Biden’s approval rating was strong.

“I suggest that he has got pretty good poll numbers because when you look at the number that Ainsley gave about the number of people in this country who are polarized and not united . . . If it’s 80 percent says we are a divided nation, and have you got anything in a majority, given the climate, that’s pretty good I think,” Doocy stated.

One reason Biden’s approval ratings are above water is the media’s fawning coverage.

The nonpartisan Media Research Center produced a report showing the broadcast networks showed Biden with 59 percent positive coverage whereas the press bombarded Donald Trump with 89 percent negative stories throughout his administration.

Corporate-controlled media is presenting the American public with an image of a successful and transformative President, and as a result the public is giving Biden decent marks.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Fox News

Tucker Carlson exposed the Left’s efforts to silence one of the last groups anyone expected



The Washington, D.C. establishment is cracking down on dissent in alarming ways.

Gatekeepers are not even offering explanations for their censorship.

And Tucker Carlson exposed the Left’s efforts to silence one of the last groups anyone expected.

Left-wing extremists have successfully taken over the Democrat Party.

Democrats are now not only advocating for radical transgender surgeries, they are silencing anyone who disagrees.

The group Gays Against Groomers, an LGBT organization that fights against the Left’s radical gender campaign against children, has effectively been de-banked.

Payment processors, like PayPal and Venmo, have shut down their accounts without any warning, while Google, one of the most powerful companies in the world, also banned the group.

The group’s founder, Jaimee Mitchell, recently appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the unbelievable tech censorship.

“We’ve never gotten a violation before,” Mitchell told host Tucker Carlson. “They said that we violated, though, their user agreements, which, we’re not sure what in the agreement we violated. There was no really detailed message to that. Just the notification that we have been banned.”

This is how Big Tech companies have been operating for years, banning anyone who goes against the Left’s “approved narrative.”

But once the sitting President of the United States was banned from all the major platforms, it was open season on anyone who challenged the left-wing establishment regime.

Mitchell added that Gays Against Groomers is “comprised completely of gay people. We even have a few trans people in our organization. Just trying to fight this evil that is happening in the name of LGBTQIA, you know, the whole alphabet mafia now.”

PayPal responded with a useless boilerplate response that read, “PayPal has a long-standing and consistent Acceptable Use Policy. We take action when we deem that individuals or organizations have violated this policy. Per company policy, PayPal does not disclose specific account information for current or former customers.”

“They say that they took our account down for discriminatory behavior,” Mitchell continued. “But I think that’s exactly what they did to us. I mean, no other LGBT organization would ever be banned from their platform, if they fell in line with this agenda. But we don’t, and we’re not scared by this. We’re not intimidated. We’re not going to stop. It only makes us stronger.”

Anyone who stands up to left-wing extremists runs the risk of being canceled, and not just on social media, but with payment processors.

If a person expresses opinions that differ with the Left, they’ll ensure they’re exiled from society altogether.

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Fox News

Democrats are furious after Tucker Carlson blew up this major left-wing talking point



Democrats are desperate to yank Tucker Carlson off the air.

They can’t stand the fact that he’s effective at dismantling their lies.

And Democrats are furious after Tucker Carlson blew up this major left-wing talking point.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis exposed Democrats’ fraudulent virtue signaling when he flew 50 illegal aliens into the left-wing elitist paradise of Martha’s Vineyard.

Governor DeSantis and fellow Republican Governors, like Texas’ Greg Abbott and Arizona’s Doug Ducey, have expertly shown that Democrats are frauds on the issue of illegal immigration.

They do not care about the border crisis – they don’t even care about illegal aliens themselves – and they certainly do not want anyone to talk about it.

But these Republican Governors have forced Democrats to defend their open border policies and the humanitarian crisis it created, which they cannot.

Democrats denounced talk of the so-called “Great Replacement Theory,” yet more than 4 million illegal aliens have been encountered at the southern border since Joe Biden took office – and that doesn’t include those who slipped through the Gulf of Mexico-sized cracks in the system.

And Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained how waves of migrants coming into the country appears to be a Democrat strategy.

“They are being rewarded by the Biden administration in exchange for breaking our laws, for mocking our Constitution,” Carlson said. “They’re being rewarded with public benefits. So why wouldn’t they come? But the volume of this is without precedent in American history, and you have to ask yourself, what does this mean for the country? It’s obviously destabilizing, but what does it mean long-term for the country?”

“Well, just to give you some perspective on the numbers here,” Carlson continued. “As Neil Munro at Breitbart has reported, in a given year, roughly three migrants arriving for every four Americans who were born in this country. Three migrants for every four Americans born. Oh. Remember, the Great Replacement Theory was a conspiracy theory? It sounds more like a statistical fact, actually.”

What’s even more ridiculous about the Biden Border Crisis is that Democrats are offering zero solutions.

They simply talk about offering amnesty for the more than 30 million illegal aliens that are already in the country.

That does nothing to solve the Biden Border Crisis – it only ensures that even more people will come in hopes of getting amnesty under the wire.

“Was there a vote on this?” Carlson asked rhetorically. “Did we get to vote on this? Do people want this? Democracy, remember that? That’s where people vote and get to decide what kind of government they get and what sort of policies the government enacts.”

“No, no – no one voted on this,” he continued. “Nobody wants this. It’s happening anyway against the will of the entire country.”

Illegal immigration is not popular among any demographic of Americans, other than “woke” leftists.

And even they are not too keen on it when border crossers show up on their doorsteps.

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Fox News

Tucker Carlson’s hilarious response to this deranged Hollywood actress’ ridiculous “nightmares” will leave you in stitches



Tucker Carlson is one of the top names on Democrats’ hit list.

Hollywood left-wing extremists have campaigned to censor, silence, and ban him from TV airwaves.

And Tucker Carlson’s hilarious response to this deranged Hollywood actress’ ridiculous “nightmares” will leave you in stitches.

Democrats in the entertainment industry routinely target Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

For instance, Hollywood filmmaker Judd Apatow has routinely pushed for boycotts of any companies who run commercials on Fox News during Carlson’s show.

But perhaps the most insane distaste for Carlson came from The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, who once claimed former President Donald Trump was personally responsible for hurricanes.

In an obnoxious puff piece for Vogue, Lawrence revealed that she has recurring nightmares about Tucker Carlson.

“Much of her disappointment was directed at certain relatives back in Louisville, Kentucky, where she’d grown up, including her father,” Vogue reported. “The 2016 election had torn open a rift in her family. Repairing it was an ongoing process. Particularly since having a baby, she had been trying to heal. She even discussed with her therapist the recurring nightmares she has about Tucker Carlson.”

“Lawrence had a haunted look in her eyes,” the piece continued. “She would stop at times to apologize or make a self-deprecating joke, then get visibly overtaken by emotion again. I felt like I was watching a real-life version of whatever it is that happens when she acts.”

Upon hearing the news, Carlson had a hilarious reply.

“When you decide to work in television, you lose control of a lot of things,” Carlson explained. “Foremost, the way other people perceive you. So can it really be your fault, are you really responsible, if major Hollywood starlets dream about you?”

Carlson then pulled out a pair of spectacles and joked, “Maybe it’s the sexy glasses.”

Lawrence grew up in a conservative household in Indian Hills, Kentucky, and revealed she voted for John McCain in 2008, when she was 18 years old.

However, after spending a few more years in Harvey Weinstein’s Hollywood and suddenly becoming an “A-lister,” she’s been fully engulfed by left-wing extremism.

So much so, in fact, that like most left-wing extremists, she’s become estranged from family members who have a different point of view, and even has lost touch with reality to the point where she honestly believes anyone who isn’t a left-wing extremists is somehow killing Americans.

“I just worked so hard in the last five years to forgive my dad and my family and try to understand: It’s different,” Lawrence told Vogue. “The information they are getting is different. Their life is different.”

“I’ve tried to get over it and I really can’t,” she continued irrationally. “I can’t. I’m sorry I’m just unleashing, but I can’t f*ck with people who aren’t political anymore. You live in the United States of America. You have to be political. It’s too dire. Politics are killing people.”

Democrats in Washington, D.C., the corporate-controlled media, and Hollywood have conditioned millions of Americans to honestly believe that every issue is black and white – if you wholeheartedly support left-wing extremism you’re good, and everyone else is evil.

Left-wing extremists, like Jennifer Lawrence, have been brainwashed to the point where they believe they’re morally superior to every other American, especially those working class Americans in states like Kentucky.

But to literally have recurring nightmares about a news anchor is a whole other level of mental illness.

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