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A Fox News host attacked Kyle Rittenhouse for this insane reason



17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for his life.

The corporate-controlled media coverage of the trial is some of the most dishonest reporting Americans have ever seen.

And now a Fox News host attacked Kyle Rittenhouse for this insane reason.

Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense and described the terror he felt when Black Lives Matter rioters threatened him during the insurrection in Kenosha, Wisconsin last summer.

Rittenhouse shot three rioters – killing two of them – after the rioters chased Rittenhouse down.

During the trial, Rittenhouse testified that the rioters threatened to kill him, hit him with a skateboard, and pulled a gun on him.

To most observers it looked like a slam dunk case of self-defense.

On Fox News, Judge Jeanine Pirro took pity on Rittenhouse after the judge stopped the trial for ten minutes after Rittenhouse broke down on the stand claiming that Rittenhouse was a good kid who only went to Kensoha to protect property from rioters.

Pirro also praised Rittenhouse’s presence on the witness stand.

“He was a good kid,” Pirro stated. “He went there to clean up the graffiti on the buildings. He has exemplified on that witness stand what every defendant should learn to do. And that is to speak clearly, directly. He stops exactly where he should stop. He doesn’t add any further information. He listens exquisitely to the questions. And you know, there isn’t even a need on the part of the defense attorney to object to this prosecutor, who is so desperate, so out of control that he’s even got the judge going through the roof in that courtroom.”

That angered co-host Geraldo Rivera who smeared Rittenhouse as “dopey” but even Rivera had to admit the prosecution had no case on the murder charges.

“It seems to me that the kid, I mean, he’s a dopey kid with a hero complex. He shouldn’t have been there. He shouldn’t have had the AR-15 on the street and all rest of it, but I think he walks to tell you the truth. I don’t see how they touch him on the murder case, on the most serious charges,” Rivera acknowledged.

Pirro shot back demanding to know why Rivera called Rittenhouse “dopey.”

Pirro wondered if Rivera mocked Rittenhouse because he wasn’t a left-wing hipster from New York City and was instead from the Midwest.

The former judge also pointed out that Rittenhouse was a police explorer, a fire cadet, and learned CPR.

Rivera responded by attacking Rittenhouse over the fact that he brought a firearm to Kenosha for self-protection.

“He’s a 17-year-old guy, a kid that takes an AR-15 to a neighboring state,” Rivera shot back.

The majority of the corporate-controlled media clearly wants to see Kyle Rittenhouse convicted.

But as the trial progresses, it’s obvious to anyone that justice demands the jury acquit Rittenhouse.

And that reality is causing unhinged meltdowns across the corporate-controlled media.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Fox News

Unhinged former Fox News reporter wants to do something insane to Tucker Carlson



The Democrats continue to escalate their attacks on Tucker Carlson.

He’s the most popular host on cable news, so the Left have to take him out.

Now an unhinged former Fox News reporter wants to do something insane to Carlson.

The horrific Buffalo mass shooting has given Democrats an excuse to go after Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The rationale is that Carlson’s questioning of the Democrats’ immigration policy is somehow connected to a deranged white supremacist shooter who targeted black Americans, not migrants.

It’s a despicable tactic by the Left, but they have no shame.

And former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron has openly talked about throwing Carlson in jail.

Cameron, a liberal who dispels the myth that Fox News only has staunch conservatives at the network, said during an MSNBC interview, “We got to watch out because the Republicans have become the purveyors of misinformation…the president acknowledged that it’s time to actually start doing things and maybe taking some names and putting people in jail.”

The Democrats believe that in order to save democracy, they must destroy it by violating the First Amendment and throwing journalists in jail.

Cameron doubled down on his fascism.

In an interview with CNN, Cameron argued, “There’s a point when it becomes difficult for an executive to put up with the help…In this particular case, Tucker has been screaming fire in a crowded movie house for years, and that cliche really comes to the matter of what is free speech, and the fact of the matter is, if you disturb the peace by starting a riot in a movie theater, cops are going to arrest you and you might end up in jail or you might end up in something worse.”

It’s unclear what the “worse” Cameron is alluding to; perhaps he’s moved straight to summary executions.

Cameron seems as though he has an ax to grind with Fox News after he left the network.

He blasted Fox News on his way out the door, and a company spokesman said in a statement, “Carl Cameron left the network because he was no longer able to show up to work each day – he has a very short memory for our endless compassion, patience and graciousness in dealing with his multitude of personal struggles.”

Whatever Cameron’s personal struggles may be, he clearly is unable to see things clearly if he’s calling for the arrest of journalists for having differing opinions.

The mask has slipped.

Everyone can see that the Democrats deep down are a band of authoritarians.

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Howard Dean went on MSNBC and proposed an insane attack on Fox News



The Fake News Media has gone absolute bonkers.

Left-leaning press outlets have substituted arguments for rage-filled rants.

And Howard Dean just went on MSNBC and proposed an insane attack on Fox News.

The Democrats have the same list of targets, and whenever there’s a crisis, they twist their talking points to attack that predetermined target.

Such is the case with Fox News, which has again drawn a new round of ire from the Left.

This time, Democrats are blaming Fox News, particularly Tucker Carlson, for the horrific mass shooting in Buffalo, New York.

It doesn’t matter that the shooter described himself as an authoritarian leftist who hated Fox News; Fox must be deemed responsible.

But former Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean took it a step further and said that Fox News is responsible for “murder” and the Murdochs should be stripped of their American citizenship and deported from the country.

Dean appeared on MSNBC with Ari Melber and said, “I see the brand of Fox being hate, anger, dishonesty and now murder…That is the brand. That is the brand the Murdochs have chosen to be their flagship communication. I agree with Biden. Murdoch has harmed this country more than any other human being in my lifetime, and he should never have been given citizenship. The one thing I would change about our immigration policy is to send Murdoch back to Australia and keep them there, the whole family…If you cause that much trouble, you spread lies and hate and anger and tear the United States apart with your crappy TV shows, simply to make money, you do not belong, you do not deserve American citizenship, period.”

That is an insane statement to make.

Not even the most hardcore immigration-hawk Republicans would ever advocate for stripping people of their American citizenship and booting them from the U.S.

Dean is channeling his inner-Idi Amin, the Ugandan dictator who expropriated hotels and other businesses from Indian and Asian immigrants, and expelled them.

Dean and other deranged Democrats are showing their true colors.

MSNBC contributor Donnie Deutsch appeared with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzyzenski and admitted, “[M]ake it the Republican replacement theory, mainstream it. Because this is the way – you have to scare. We don’t have the economy on our side as Democrats, so you have to scare the bejesus out of people.” 

Deutsch let the cat out of the bag that the Democrats don’t have anything but fear-mongering about abortion and  “white supremacy.”

The Democrats are running on fumes, and their rhetoric has gotten more over-the-top and ridiculous.

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Tucker Carlson is calling out the Democrats for refusing to acknowledge these shocking crimes



Democrats are still screaming like banshees over the Supreme Court leak.

They believe their rage justifies all sorts of despicable actions.

And Tucker Carlson is calling out the Democrats for refusing to acknowledge these shocking crimes.

The riots of 2020 were an eye-opening experience for many Americans.

They watched multiple cities set ablaze as the so-called mainstream media declared the riots “fiery but mostly peaceful” as buildings burned in the background.

The same type of left-wing media whitewashing is happening again, this time over the abortion issue.

Democrats are hopping mad over the Supreme Court leak of a draft opinion from Samuel Alito that portends the overturning of Roe V. Wade.

Mobs of pro-abortion zealots have illegally protested outside the homes of conservative justices, but the Left’s shock troops are going even further.

Lunatics in Wisconsin firebombed a pro-life center called Wisconsin Family Action.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Wisconsin Family Action leader Juliane Appling to give her a fair hearing after the story was largely ignored by the corporate press.

Some outlets even downplayed the incident as a “fire broke out.”

Appling said during the interview with Carlson, “You know, we’re an advocacy group, an educational group. We do come out the issues of the day from a Christian perspective. And to be honest with you, I wasn’t sure what would happen after I found out that we had had this, you know, Molotov cocktails thrown into our office, fires ignited, and, you know, graffiti written on the outside walls of our building. So the coverage has been mixed. I’ve talked to some media outlets where, you know, basically they said that ‘Hey, you guys did this. It’s an inside job.’ Yeah, right. We’re going to destroy our own office. That’s certainly patently false.”

The idea that Wisconsin Family Action would firebomb their own facility is absurd.

Similarly, the Left have half-heartedly argued that the Supreme Court leaker was a conservative law clerk.

They don’t believe it for a second.

If they did, they wouldn’t be praising the leaker as a hero.

Democrats know a far-left abortion zealot bombed the facility, just as another one did in Portland.

There is no line that the Left are not willing to cross in pursuit of their revolutionary aims.

They believe that killing babies is a fundamental right, and if blowing up pro-life centers must be done to protect that “right,” then so be it.

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