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A Fox News host attacked Kyle Rittenhouse for this insane reason



17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for his life.

The corporate-controlled media coverage of the trial is some of the most dishonest reporting Americans have ever seen.

And now a Fox News host attacked Kyle Rittenhouse for this insane reason.

Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense and described the terror he felt when Black Lives Matter rioters threatened him during the insurrection in Kenosha, Wisconsin last summer.

Rittenhouse shot three rioters – killing two of them – after the rioters chased Rittenhouse down.

During the trial, Rittenhouse testified that the rioters threatened to kill him, hit him with a skateboard, and pulled a gun on him.

To most observers it looked like a slam dunk case of self-defense.

On Fox News, Judge Jeanine Pirro took pity on Rittenhouse after the judge stopped the trial for ten minutes after Rittenhouse broke down on the stand claiming that Rittenhouse was a good kid who only went to Kensoha to protect property from rioters.

Pirro also praised Rittenhouse’s presence on the witness stand.

“He was a good kid,” Pirro stated. “He went there to clean up the graffiti on the buildings. He has exemplified on that witness stand what every defendant should learn to do. And that is to speak clearly, directly. He stops exactly where he should stop. He doesn’t add any further information. He listens exquisitely to the questions. And you know, there isn’t even a need on the part of the defense attorney to object to this prosecutor, who is so desperate, so out of control that he’s even got the judge going through the roof in that courtroom.”

That angered co-host Geraldo Rivera who smeared Rittenhouse as “dopey” but even Rivera had to admit the prosecution had no case on the murder charges.

“It seems to me that the kid, I mean, he’s a dopey kid with a hero complex. He shouldn’t have been there. He shouldn’t have had the AR-15 on the street and all rest of it, but I think he walks to tell you the truth. I don’t see how they touch him on the murder case, on the most serious charges,” Rivera acknowledged.

Pirro shot back demanding to know why Rivera called Rittenhouse “dopey.”

Pirro wondered if Rivera mocked Rittenhouse because he wasn’t a left-wing hipster from New York City and was instead from the Midwest.

The former judge also pointed out that Rittenhouse was a police explorer, a fire cadet, and learned CPR.

Rivera responded by attacking Rittenhouse over the fact that he brought a firearm to Kenosha for self-protection.

“He’s a 17-year-old guy, a kid that takes an AR-15 to a neighboring state,” Rivera shot back.

The majority of the corporate-controlled media clearly wants to see Kyle Rittenhouse convicted.

But as the trial progresses, it’s obvious to anyone that justice demands the jury acquit Rittenhouse.

And that reality is causing unhinged meltdowns across the corporate-controlled media.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Fox News

This former top Fox News host called out the network for abandoning conservatives



Fox News is supposed to be the network for conservatives.

Unfortunately, the network has given into pressure and shifted to the Left in recent years.

Now one former top Fox News host is calling the network out for abandoning their conservative viewers.

Eric Bolling, a former Fox News host who now works for Newsmax, slammed his former employer in a recent segment.

Bolling said that Fox News says what they really believe during the day when everyone is at work, while their evening hosts say just the opposite.

One example he gave was that while Fox’s evening hosts stand up against vaccine mandates, the network itself hypocritically requires their own employees to get vaccinated or tested.

Bolling pointed out that Fox News was the first network to call Arizona for Joe Biden, even before it was called by leftist outlets CNN and MSNBC.

He noted that Fox caved to the woke pressure to move the MLB All Star game out of Georgia because of the Election Integrity Act of 2021.

As Bolling says, “They want to say they’re conservative until their wallets are targeted.”

Bolling also called Fox’s Chris Wallace a “leftist excuse for bipartisanship”, showing how Wallace admonished President Trump for interrupting Biden during a debate, while giving Biden a pass for interrupting Trump.

He also pointed out that Wallace actually called Jen “circle back” Psaki “one of the best Press Secretaries ever.”

Fox News could learn much from Bolling.

These attempts at appeasement will earn the network no favor with the Left, and only serve to alienate Fox’s base of conservative viewers.

Viewers tune into Fox to get a hard-hitting conservative perspective from hosts like Tucker Carlson, not some squish like Chris Wallace who is going to gush over Biden’s Press Secretary.

The network has nothing to gain by trying to appease the Left.

Socialist activists and their left-wing media allies are going to continue to try to cancel Fox News no matter what.

The Left is never going to see Fox as a legitimate news outlet, they already have enough networks that will toe their party line, and they want to erase any opposition.

Fox News needs to ignore the leftists and stand up for the conservative base that built them up in the first place.

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Fox News

Biden’s Press Secretary made a huge fool of herself when Fox News asked this question



Joe Biden’s Press Secretary has a difficult job.

Whenever Biden says something dumb, she has to try to cover it up in the media.

And Biden’s Press Secretary made a huge fool of herself when Fox News asked her this question.

Democrats will do anything to get their way.

Even outright lying is fine, as long as it helps them get their way.

And when they lie, they go all-out, making the lie as big as possible, like Barack Obama did when he told Americans, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

But Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki is taking these lies to new heights.

During a recent press briefing, she attempted to convince Americans that Biden’s massive multi-trillion dollar budget proposal will actually cost nothing.

This insane statement came following a question from Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy.

Doocy asked, “You said the President’s gonna have a virtual meeting with House Progressives to talk about how this ‘Build Back Better’ package is now gonna be smaller than $3.5 trillion. You had been saying that it cost zero, so are you now admitting that the plan does not cost zero or is it less than zero?”

“Let’s not dumb this down for the American public here,” Psaki replied, before making her insane claim.

“What we’re talking about is how much the top-line investments are, which are all paid for, so therefore costs zero,” Psaki began. “No matter what the costs or size of the top-line investments are, we have ways to pay for it. So the point is that’s important to the American public – all of your viewers too – is that this is not going to cost the American public a dollar.”

She further explains, “We are going to pay for this by asking corporations, the highest incomes – so people under $400,000, I should say – we will ask corporations and the wealthy to cover the cost of these necessary investments.”

This level of insanity goes far beyond what even Barack Obama could pull off.

In order to sell this irresponsible spending proposal, chock full of left-wing pet projects, she is claiming that it actually costs nothing.

Psaki and the Biden Administration clearly don’t have a very high degree of confidence in the American people if they believe they will buy this claim.

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Fox News

Fox News just came under attack from this surprising source



CNN regularly blasts Fox News on a daily basis for contradicting the pro-Democrat Party narrative the corporate-controlled media always adopts.

Now Fox is under fire once again.

But this time Fox News just came under attack from this surprising source.

Former Trump administration press secretary Stephanie Grisham is out with a gossip book smearing Donald and Melania Trump.

Grisham hopes a book attacking the Trumps will rehabilitate her image in the corporate-controlled media and allow her to earn a lucrative living if she is no longer associated with Trump World.

As part of her book tour, Grisham made multiple appearances on CNN so she could show the corporate-controlled media she was willing to grovel for their approval and perform on command to attack the Trump family and their allies.

Appearing on CNN’s New Day, Grisham – much to the delight of CNN anchors – attacked Fox News as a propaganda network.

“You know, I looked forward to going and doing Lou Dobbs because Lou Dobbs would do all the talking about how great everything was, and I would just nod and say yes,” Grisham added that “by and large, didn’t get tough with us. They just took what we were saying and disseminated it.”

And just to make sure everyone at CNN and in the left-wing media knew Grisham was willing to play ball, Grisham falsely blamed Fox News for what happened on January 6.

“And I think they’re disseminating it to a lot of people who went . . . went to the Capitol for January 6 and I, you know, again, I’ve had a lot of time to grapple with this and I feel horribly guilty about — about my part in it because I was on Fox a lot,” Grisham added.

The only slight disagreement Grisham offered with CNN’s anti-Fox News talking points was refusing to label all of Fox News at state TV.

“You know, a bit,” Grisham began before stating “I think there are some legitimate journalists at Fox News who would ask some tough questions, so I don’t want to as a whole paint them. But I think, certainly in the evening, yes, it was.”

Grisham could not have provided CNN better talking points than if she read from a script that CNN wrote for her.

Since every major institution in America is controlled by the Left, Grisham believes her only chance to make money in the future is to turn into an anti-Trump zealot and hope that “polite” society welcomes her back.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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